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New dress of the day:  Teresa's Ruffled Holiday Dress

July 6th, 2008

I'm sorry for the lack of updates lately, we were out of town performing for fourth of July and now we're back, so there is another new dress of the day.

Also, I think the site was down for a while, but hopefully it's back up again and you all can see it just fine. 

Since this website is getting so huge (almost 400 pages!!  Woohoo!!) I've decided to add a link to a "random page of the day" to highlight some of the pages that can get lost in the shuffle.
So check back every day to see the pages that we showcase right underneath the dress of the day.

Happy fourth of July!

June 26th, 2008

Elizabeth Cole likes getting into mischief.  She doesn't usually mean to, but she always tries things that are a little bit too dangerous for her.  So you can imagine that she sustains quite a few injuries.

We have a new addition to the
doll remedies section of the website.  Elizabeth Cole was recently treated at Josefina's house for a severe set of bruises which she gained from goofing around on some sports equipment.  Enjoy!

June 21st, 2008

There is a lot going on in the Montoya's rancho at the moment.  There was a sudden outbreak of remedies for Josefina to take care of all around the town.  She had to mend fractured bones, bruises, poison ivy and a stomachache.  (Photo stories of all of these are coming sometime soon!)  But while she was wrapped up in her remedy cupboard in the watch tower, there was a storm brewing in the household.  Mr. and Mrs. Montoya started blaming everything on each other and having little arguments. 

Finally it grew to be so bad that they were sitting at either ends of the room with their arms crossed and Josefina resolved that the only cure for THIS kind of illness was a vacation for each of them from the difficulties of life on the rancho.
So Mr. Montoya will be going to visit his sister Magdalena for two weeks, and Dolores will be staying with the Larson's for the same two weeks, although she is currently still refusing to budge from her kitchen, even with her daughters' patient insistence that it will do her some good to go stay with a friend.
We'll see how this rest does for both of them.

June 14th, 2008:

Happy Father's Day everyone!  I hope you all spend the day showing your fathers and uncles and grandfathers how much they mean to you.

I have added some hilarious new entries to the Montoya's bad book, as well as several funny pictures.

June 11th, 2008

I have updated the site with some new information on our newly released
Celtic CD.

It is called "Daughters of Erin" and features some original compositions by myself (Greta) and my sisters and I on fiddles, bodhran, guitar, dance taps and voice.  Check it out on the merchandise page.

I have also added it to the
Larson section on the Doll Music page, since this is exactly the type of music that Kirsten enjoys playing with her dad in their "jam sessions."

You can buy the CD through either
CD Baby or Paypal, and it should be available on iTunes in a few weeks. 
You can also listen to samples on the
merchandise page.


June 4th, 2008

Here are the dresses for Monday, Tuesday, today and tomorrow and Friday since I will not be here to post them.

Teresa's Plaid Christmas Dress
Tuesday:  Lara's Nightgown
Wednesday:  Nan's Exotic Garden Dress
Thursday:  Francisca's Ivory Blossom Church Dress
Friday:  Elizabeth's Blue Floral Nightgown

June 4th, 2008

We have our contest winner!  Once again, Ruth Stein sent in the correct answers to the 30 questions in the Website Treasure Hunt

Check back here on Saturday, July 5th for the next treasure hunt.

June 1st, 2008

Since I haven't been doing the doll dress of the day updates for so long, I'm going to give you all the ones I missed last week in one bunch.  Then hopefully I can start up again tomorrow.

Nancy's Sonata Dinner Dress

Francisca's Shawl Bordado

Rachel's Purple Work Dress

Clara's Red Chile Dress

Keep sending in your answers to the website treasure hunt!  I haven't picked a winner yet.  I'll keep the contest open until Wednesday, and then I'll decide who won. 

June 1st, 2008

Updates have been scarce to the website for the last week or so, and I'm hoping to get back on schedule with the doll dresses and letters soon. 

However, in the meantime I have added some cute new drawings to the letters between
Felicity Merriman and Samantha Parkington, as well as some funny pictures on the Merriman and Parkington family pages.

It's also the first day of a new month, so that means it's also time for another
website treasure hunt!  Head on over to the contests page and check out this month's 30 questions and send them in.

I'm off to do a show with my sisters, so I will check back to find all your answers this afternoon.  Remember, the first person to get all 30 questions right will get a hilarious episode of the doll radio station- Nafy and Elizabeth V news on CD.
Send in your answers to

May 21st, 2008

Another two longer correspondences have been added to the
doll letters page. 
This time we have:

Felicity Merriman and Samantha Parkington


Laura Windmill and Kirsten Larson.


May 20th, 2008

Even though she lives in a location far away from town, ("over the mountain, through the valley, over the stream and through the woods"), Kaya Atonmy also keeps up a few correspondences with her "cool" friends
Laura and Angelica.  You can check out their letters on the doll letters page.

May 19th, 2008

I'm sure you all remember the hubbub surrounding little Peder Larson's disappearance last month or so, since everyone in Pleasantville was quite "distraught."  I have compiled a funny new
photo story today of the method in which he was found, by the cleverness of Clara and Nancy's detective team.

You can read it here: 
Finding Peder Larson.

May 15th, 2008

I have three more correspondences for you today!

Britta Larson and Rebecca Parkington 
(discussing how Peder Larson being born is actually a good thing- because Britta doesn't think so.)

Angelica Romanakov and Alexandra Chen
(Angel and Alex gossip about stoves and recipes and Mrs. Wickon.)

Elinor Wilson and Britta Larson
(Elinor keeps up a steady stream of letters to Britta, who answers them occasionally.)

I have also added a new craft for you to try out.  These are instructions on how to make a skirt for your doll.  There are measurements for all different sizes of dolls, so even if you don't have an American Girl doll, you should try this pattern out! 

If you make one of the skirts, make sure to send us some pictures so we can see your handiwork!

May 14th, 2008

I have a surprise today- a new photo story!  This one tells about all the hubbub surrounding an auction that took place in town square around Valentine's day.  Everyone came to the opening of the Merriman's general store after a large shipment of new products and participated in bidding wars over furniture, paintings, bowls, cups and....soldiers.
Read on! 
The Pleasantville Auction .

Also new today:
Dress of the Day: 
Britta's Pink Dirndl
Letters: Anna Larson and Nancy Merriman, Josefina Montoya and Kirsten Larson.


May 13th, 2008

I have added two more sets of doll letters today!  We have
Angelica Romanakov and Felicity Merriman, who discuss their little sisters Rachel and Sonja and their strange, fashionable behaviors, and the arguments (you can't really call them letters) between Laura Windmill and Josefina Montoya.  Enjoy yourselves! 
There are more coming, of course.

May 12th, 2008

I have added new pictures to all of the doll family pages on the
A Tour of Pleasantville
Go and check them out!  There have been some funny things going on lately.

May 8th, 2008

Check out the new dress of the day,
Cristal's Asian Day Dress!  This is one of Cristal's favorite everyday outfits, and she especially likes the hat that goes along with it.

I also have a little treat for you today-  Willow has put together another
doll craft.  This time it has instructions on how to make doll-sized envelopes for your dolls to put their letters or bills inside of. 
Check it out

May 6th, 2008

Congratulations to everyone who entered the website treasure hunt this month! 

This time the winner is Sitara Lennard.  Be ready for next month's treasure hunt, which will begin on June 1st.

May 3rd, 2008

It's the beginning of a new month and time for the website treasure hunt!  Head over to the
Contests page where you will find thirty new questions that have answers hidden somewhere on this website. 

Send us your answers as soon as you can, and don't worry about sending them too late because I still grade them on how many questions you got right AS WELL as how fast you sent them in. 

Take some time to make sure you are getting the correct answers.  Good luck!
Remember, the winner will receive a copy of the latest Nafy and Elizabeth radio news episode on CD!

May 2nd, 2008

I have added three new video clips today from the Kitty Kapers DVD that we have for sale on this website.  They are pretty funny clips, so check them out!

The Kitty Kapers: Taking the Bus

The Kitty Kapers: Extra, Extra, Read All About it!

The Kitty Kapers: Chasing Sunny

Also, keep your eye out and make sure to remember that this Saturday, May 3rd, will be the next website treasure hunt.  Make sure you're here to compete for a new episode of Nafy and Elizabeth V News!

April 27th, 2008

Today is the day of the Easter Ball, after so much planning and preparation!  Cristal's hair salon is full of fashionable ladies dressed in their gowns and chatting in curlers while reading the newspaper. 

The Parkington maids are frantically fixing the large buffet that will be available next to the dance floor, and Francisca Montoya has only just started working on her newest elaborate hairstyle, which should take a few hours.

Stay tuned for pictures of this fashionable event!

April 24th, 2008

Quite a lot has been happening in Pleasantville in the last few days, thanks to the forces of nature on the Larson's farm.  Laura Windmill woke up one morning and headed sleepily down to work at the Post office, only to find that it had been completely flooded by the Larson's river, which had been forced offcourse over night and was now flowing right through her shop!
Laura ran next door to the general store to alert Governor Merriman, who called a state of emergency in town square and made a radio announcement that everyone should bring their salt, sugar, and flour bags into town square to stop the flooding and redirect the raging river past the buildings in town square and into a nearby field.

Samantha immediately grabbed her fur coat and hat, pinned up her hair and collected all their many flour bags from the kitchens and headed down to town square to help out.  As she was rounding the corner into town past the Wilson Printery, a large wave of water crashed up against the wall and splattered her from head to toe.

"Oh dear," she whimpered, shivering in her fur coat.

"Stand back!"  yelled a ferocious Suzanna Wilson, who was scurrying around the wall of her shop with hands full of bags and pillows and chairs and furniture, which she was piling up between the water and her shop.  "I've got to stop the water, it needs to go the other way!  My shop is RUINED if it gets wet!  I don't care if it goes into Cristal's hair salon, she can always restock!"

Meanwhile, the Montoya family screeched into town on their horse, Pimientos and wheeling a large pile of mattresses, pillows and woven blankets to pour into the growing pile meant to divert the stream of water now issueing from the Post Office's windows and doors.  "Aha!  I see we have single-handedly solved the whole problem!"  Said Mr. Montoya in a self-satisfied voice, standing with his hands on his hips and surveying the scene proudly.

Slowly the post office walls began to shake.  Everyone in town scurried away and hid behind walls and piles of flour bags and mattresses.
The door burst off its hinges and a wave of water poured into town square, heading straight for Suzanna's shop. 

"Duck!"  She yelled, pulling Samantha behind her barriers. 
They waited as the water got closer and closer.  It hit the wall and sprayed them with water, but the wall was strong enough, so the water swirled away, heading for the Larson's barn across town square.

The Montoyas and the Larsons braced themselves behind the mattresses and waited.  The water washed up against the barrier and gurgled into the waiting field where it started making a lake.

"Phew!  That was a close one!"  Said Mr. Montoya, shaking water out of his ears and wading into the fast-flowing river to cross town square and talk with Mr. Merriman and Mr. Wickon.
"Mr. Larson and I have decided that the way to get the river to stop is to make it change direction at the corner before it hits the post office.  But that means we will have to dig a ditch.  We have both decided to do that.  Is that alright Mr. Merriman?"  He asked, fingering his mustache.

"I will help too, gentleman!"  Said a voice around Mr. Montoya's knees.  John Wickon was standing up as tall as he could, flexing his muscles and carrying a tiny garden shovel.

"Very good, set off and try your hand at it," said Mr. Merriman, "and good luck to you."

April 13th, 2008

Everyone in town is preparing for the Easter ball, which will be held at the Parkington's house this year.  Even though we have passed Easter already, the Parkingtons are still determined to hold this party since the Merrimans were not able to hold their New Year's ball this year.  Felicity, Sonja, Rebecca and Samantha are all trying on their brand new satin ballgowns and Rebecca has started trying to plan the banquet that will be served as a bouffet to the side of the dancing.

I have added new pictures of all the dolls to their various family pages.  You can even get a peek at Samantha and Rebecca's new ball gowns!

For those of you who are interested, the three of us just returned from Belfast, Ireland where we competed at the Irish dancing world championships.  I have put together a photo story of our experience there, which isn't about dolls but you might enjoy it anyway.  That can be viewed

April 7th, 2008

Congratulations to the winner of our April Website Treasure Hunt, Mariah Olson!  She will receive a free copy of the Nafy and Elizabeth V News Station on CD.  Make sure to tune in for the next website treasure hunt, which will be posted on Saturday, May 3rd on the contests page.

April 3rd, 2008

Well we're back from a very successful trip "across the pond" to Ireland and I have added today's new dress of the day, as well as the much-anticipated April Website Treasure Hunt to the
Contests page.

Send me your answers as soon as possible to win a free episode of Nafy and Elizabeth V news in the mail!

March 20th, 2008

Everyone can relax now -  Peder has been found!  The case was so hopeless that Mr. Larson called the two undercover detectives in town (Clara Montoya and Nancy Merriman) to try and discover what happened to the "wee baern."

They began their search by questioning everyone about where they were when Peder dissappeared.  No one seemed to have an adequate answer, so they went to talk to Mother Nature and Father Winter next.  These two were busy having an argument, so Nan and Clara proceeded to Mother Nature's storerooms and questioned the gnomes there.  They said that they hadn't seen a little baby, and as far as they knew, no little babies had drowned in the river.

So Nan and Clara went into town square and questioned all of the store owners about whether they had seen a baby crawling through town square.

After that proved unsuccessful, they returned to the Larson's waterfall, where Nan decided to brave the depths of the water and jump in to see if Peder was hiding behind fallls.  She came up clutching something soft and furry.  "I found him!"  She yelled, triumphantly, holding it up.  Everyone stuck their heads out the cabin windows hopefully.
"Oops, that's just my tail," Nan said, letting go and crawling out of the water.

Finally, the search returned to the cabin where they'd started.  "Everyone out!"  Nancy ordered, and all of the Larsons trooped out of their house, mumbling things.  "Or I will have you for deliberately blocking our search of the scene of the crime!"
Nearly two minutes later, Clara and Nan had found Peder.

He had quite simply crawled over to the yarn cupboard by the weaving loom, stepped up onto the second shelf, curled up and fallen asleep.  He hadn't heard anyone call him through the doors of the cupboard and his own heavy breathing.

"Another case solved!"  Yelled Nancy, happily, high-fiving Clara.  "Yippee!"

Updates:  There will not be any updates for the next two weeks or so.  Regular dress updates and news will return on April 3rd, and that is also when the April website treasure hunt will be posted, so make sure you get here first on that day to win another episode of Nafy and Elizabeth V News! 

March 9th, 2008

Peder has gone missing, and Lara Larson cannot find him anywhere.  Kaya is searching the woods, Anna is searching the barn, and Mr. Merriman has been alerted to inform the town of a missing child.

Mrs. Larson and Kirsten have all been at the sewing circle for the past month and only just returned home yesterday, to find Anna busily performing all of the family's chores by herself and filling up the food stand while Britta roamed around the woods trying to dig up her fairy houses out of the snow and muttering to herself about trolls.

"Where is Peder?"  Questioned Lara, absently putting her sewing supplies away and happily folding up the new dress she made at the circle.

"He's not in the house?"  Anna answered, poking her head in the door while heading up to the bridge to search for tomatoes for the food stand.

"Anna- where is Peder?  Where is your little brother?"  Mrs. Larson said, worriedly looking in every nook and cranny in the cabin.

"I don't know... he's not in there?"  Anna said, cringing and realizing she had no idea where her little brother went.

"Anna Larson, you were supposed to be looking out for baby Peder.  You are in very, very deep trouble!"  Mrs. Larson said, running down towards town square to alert Mr. Merriman and make a radio announcement.

And as of this morning, he still hasn't been found!  I will update you as soon as we figure out where he crawled off to when Anna wasn't looking.

Updates: two new correspondences on the doll letters page:
Alexandra Chen and Samantha Parkington and Heather Windmill and Megan Ryder.

March 7th, 2008

Two new correspondences and a doll dress seems to be the schedule for today.  New on the doll letters page are the correspondences of
Felicity Merriman and Kirsten Larson, in which they completely misunderstand each other, give advice to each other, and talk about stocking the food stand and baby names for Peder.  Also included are the letters of Rebecca Montoya and Anna Larson, which I have written exactly as they appear on the page, spelling mistakes and all.

March 6th, 2008

Two more correspondences have been added to the
Doll Letters page.  This time, we have the responsible yet fashion-minded letters of Samantha Parkington and Francisca Montoya, as well as the letters between cousins Teresa Berg and Britta Larson, who argue about Peder being cute, jumping in haystacks, and eating too much food.


March 5th, 2008

I've added two new correspondences to the
Doll Letters page, this time between Sonja Romanakov and Teresa Berg, in which they are incredibly polite to each other while really not being interested in being friends at all, and Lara Larson and Lily Merriman, where the two housewives discuss children and methods for raising them, holiday decorations and barn cleaning.

We have our Website Treasure Hunt winner for March!  Sarah Cooper will win a recording of the Pleasantville radio station, Nafy and Elizabeth V News. 

Check out the
Contests page also for a new poll, where you can vote for the next remedy you would like to see a photo story of.

March 4th, 2008

I have added another lengthy correspondence to the
Doll Letters page, this time between Teresa Berg and Rachel Merriman.  These two polite young ladies are the very best of friends, and in letters that are often over five pages long, they express their feelings and the latest gossip as they see it. 

They like to discuss the rude behavior of their siblings and to ask each other what they think about being fashionable and grown-up and whether or not they should speak to Sonja on certain days.

There are accounts of sewing circle meetings, banquets, balls and parties and what they thought of everyone.  They talk about their dolls, their latest dress projects and their favorite foods.
Enjoy these long, detailed letters!

March 1st, 2008

Since it is the first day of a new month, guess what that means?  We have a new Website Treasure Hunt on the
Contests page!  Answer all 30 questions quickly and correctly, email them to us, and the winner will receive a very special prize.  See the contests page for more information.

Enjoy the dress of the day, plus a new correspondence between
Rebecca Parkington and Josefina Montoya on the Doll Letters page.
Happy March, everyone!

February 28th, 2008

I have added another section to the website today.  This is the
Doll Letters section, with pages for each set of penpals in Pleasantville.  We have boxes and boxes of old letters, and we've decided to finally sort and organize them and put together pages for each correspondence on the page.  So on that page you can read Rebecca and Kirsten's discussions about Britta's fairy obsession, Nancy and Clara's poems and made-up holidays that they write each other, Britta and Rebecca Montoya's short letters about hay and llamas and proper school exam results, and Felicity and Kirsten's misunderstandings about instruments and jam.  Enjoy yourself! 

Also, the new dress of the day is
Lara's Good White Dress.  Check it out!

February 27th, 2008

Since things are thawing off and the snow is finally beginning to drift away in Pleasantville, I have changed the pictures on the
Doll Houses page back to their un-snowy-ness.

I will be changing the pictures for the Romanakovs, Purr's, Wickon's, Wilson's and Chen's apartments as soon as I can take them.

February 26th, 2008

I've added the last two sections to the
Doll Music page, this time with music for the Parkington family (including A Little Princess, The Secret Garden and Anne of Green Gables soundtracks and lots of violin works and chamber music for Elizabeth) as well as music for the Windmill family.

Enjoy the links and audio clips while you play with your dolls in those time periods!  Also, don't forget to tell us what you think of today's doll dress on the message board.  The password is nancymerriman.

February 22nd, 2008

Today I have added a new dress, Polly Wickon's
Blue Writing Dress, to the Doll Dresses page, and I have also added information and links on the Doll Music page about Kaya, the Larsons, and the Montoyas and the music that they listen to.

I recommend all of the music on that page very highly, everything is top-notch music and it always gets us in the mood for playing with each family.  Even if you can't buy the music, make sure to click the links and listen to audio clips so you can hear them for yourself.

Edited to add:  I don't think i'm going to keep making a news post every time I add a new dress, since there will be so many coming in the next few months.  Instead, I will update the section below the front page picture every day with a link to the new dress so you can check it out.  Make sure to check back every day for the newest dress!

February 21st, 2008

I've added a section to the
Doll Dresses page with Felicity Merriman's Dresses. 
Here you can see her plain
yellow dress, worn by Traveling Emma in her adventures

This dress is perfect for working around the house, while still being elegant.

February 20th, 2008

Kirsten made this dress in the last year as a "
Cow-Milking Dress," a name which has slightly confused her friend Felicity Merriman. 

"I suppose you'll be making a pig-feeding dress next?"  Felicity writes in her latest letter to Kirsten.

"Oh yes, and it'll be pink with brown spots and little floppy ears."  Kirsten responded, laughing.

Enjoy the new dress!

February 19th, 2008

Today I have added another of Cristal's gowns to the doll dresses page.  Here is her
Purple Silk Gown.


February 18th, 2008

The sewing circle began at the Parkingtons' house last weekend, and it is still in full session.  None of the ladies can seem to stop working on their various projects, Felicity's new green ballgown is almost completely finished, as are Sonja and Clara's new dresses that they began.  The rest of the ladies are so excited about their new projects that they can't force themselves to leave.

I have added an entirely new section to the website, which I hope to update daily for the next few months. 
This part of the site is called
Doll Dresses, and will hold pictures and information on every dress that we have ever made for Our Dolls.

To start us out today, I have posted Cristal's latest ballgown on her page.  You can check that out

February 14th, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day from all the dolls in Pleasantville!  Today I have a very special new story for you.

Josefina has cures for many things, from toothaches to fevers and some of the most common ailments she has to treat during this time of year are

I hope you enjoy the new remedy and have a great V-day.  All of the members of the ladies' sewing circle are currently gathered at the Parkington's mansion for their weekly meeting, which has ended up lasting longer than they expected because Felicity Merriman, Clara Montoya and Sonja Romanakov have all resolved to finish their respective ballgowns before sewing circle is even over!  So no one else has gotten a turn quite yet.

February 11th, 2008

John Wickon is a huge fan of his wife's Shepherd's Pie. 

In fact, he even voted for the Shepherd's Pie as the "most beautiful" in the Masked Ball costume competition.  Whenever Suzanne wants to get him in a good mood, this is what she makes.

Here is the recipe for your enjoyment:
Shepherd's Pie.

February 10th, 2008

In order to have a fully-stocked Italian kitchen, you must have a good tomato-sauce recipe. 

Mrs. Wickon has added her recipe for
Basic Tomato Sauce and hopes that you will enjoy it with your next meal!

February 6th, 2008

It's always good to have an easy recipe to pull out of thin air when you don't have any time or ingredients.  Here is Suzanne's "emergency" dish- a delightful recipe called:

Passato Di Verdure or Cream of Vegetable Soup.


February 4th, 2008

Rebecca Parkington was hard at work in her kitchen today, making a fine Minestrone soup for her and Teresa to enjoy while Samantha is away at the Hair Salon over night. 

You can enjoy the recipe here:

Minestrone Soup

February 3rd, 2008

Today Polly Wickon has decided to cook up something nice for her mother and father.  She looked in the cookbook and decided to make this recipe:

Antipasti di Gamboretti

In other Pleasantville news, Pierre le Fox and William Merriman have been spending a lot of time working on their Latin lessons together. 

It is not unusual for them to sometimes end small arguments in mock duels- swinging at each other with their quills and threatening to throw ink on each others' fine jackets.  But they are all in good spirits, and are soon reconciled after a hearty laugh. 

William and Pierre are determined to ace their entry exam to Oxford college, and for this they need excellent Latin skills.

February 2nd, 2008

Suzanne Wickon has been busy in her kitchen lately! 

Here is her recipe for the
Shrimp Cocktail that she so enjoys sharing with the ladies of the Pleasantville Sewing Circle.

January 24th, 2008

Some startling new events have happened in Pleasantville. 

Yesterday evening Nancy Merriman was working at her family's general store, organizing a new shipment of items and setting them up on display when she made a remark out the window into town square: "The Merriman's General Store is amazing and everyone should come and shop here when we are open, which we are not."

Suzanne Wickon, who heard Nan's remark, immediately grabbed her purse and ran to the General Store, thinking it was open.  She'd been eyeing a fine Italian painting in the window and she wanted to be the first one there so no one else could buy it before.  She found the door locked, so doing something that made sense to HER, she dived headfirst through the window into the General Store.

"Breaking and entering!"  Yelled Nancy, gleefully calling the police. 

A court trial ensued, ending with Suzanne sentenced to two days in prison and a ugly chore of some sort for community service.  Suzanne will be sharing the new jail cell with Kaya, who brought her dog Tatlo into town square without a leash.

Mr. Merriman did further punish Suzanne with an extra chore after finding many hidden snacks and sweets hidden in her nightcap in order to smuggle them into the jail.  He also had to confiscate a framed photograph of Crystal which was hidden in her coat.

January 23rd, 2008

Cristal's Hair Salon is improved and remodeled and now is back up for business in town square.  Cristal would also like to re-open her online hair salon, so she has given us these lovely instructions on how to do a simple french braid:

French Braid

January 21st, 2008

Sometimes one little object can cause a whirlwind of confusion and activity and adventure in Pleasantville. 

What you wouldn't expect though, is for a blonde, curly wig to be the source of so much attention.

However, the day that Polly Wickon decided to get rid of her wig started a serious of hilarious events that no one in Pleasantville will soon forget. 

Read all about it in this new photo story!

Polly Wickon's Wig

Updates:  Look around the family pages for new pictures of everybody.

January 10th, 2008

Happy New Year from OUR DOLLS! 

As January rolls around, Speaking Rain Atonmy is heading south away from Pleasantville, in search of her wyakin.  The time has come for her to leave her family and to go and search for herself in her coming-of-age ceremony.  When she has journeyed long enough and spent enough time by herself, the animal that contains her spirit will show itself to her and she will be able to return home to her sister Kaya.

Two years ago, Kaya was on the same search herself, and that was the reason that she came to Pleasantville in the first place.  She still remembers the day that she found her wyakin clearly- the quick chase through the forest, the voice in her head that said "Kaya, I am this way," and the clearing where skins and a fire were placed everywhere and her wyakin, a tiny mouse, was waiting for her.  Since then she has let her wyakin roam free around Pleasantville, it lives in a little tipi near the waterfall and constantly dives over the waterfall in a large shoe.  But she has found her spirit self, so that means she can settle down in one place.

After telling Speaking Rain all about how to find her wyakin and saying several blessings to Hun-Ya-Wat, Kaya sent her little sister off into the darkness and settled down moodily next to the fire, all alone again.  Now she will have to find something to do- maybe bead a dress or make some food... or even go visit Laura at the Post Office. 

Hmmm... that last one sounds the easiest.

Updates: New front page picture

December 24th, 2007

The last Nutcracker performance has finished, and all of the dolls have returned to their homes to get ready for Christmas with their families.  This morning was a flurry of last-minute shopping and trips to other people's houses to deliver presents and get groceries for large Christmas suppers. 

Nan immediately called up all of her friends to organize a Christmas concert extravaganza in Town Square complete with lights and special effects, featuring her own wacky arrangements of traditional Christmas carols.  She was so excited to head over to the Windmill's house to borrow Paul's delux keyboard that she almost was able to leave the house without her mother catching her and forcing her to don her heavy winter coat, but she was not quite fast enough.

Mrs. Montoya happily changed out of the silk ball gown that she's been wearing for the last month and exchanged it for her comfortable blue wool dress, Andres' poncho and a large sombrero and hurried around town delivering a batch of her special Agua de Jamaica to her friends Lara, Anders, Edward and Lily.

The Parkingtons are finishing up their decorating by putting up two more trees in the Music Room and the Green Parlour, and then they will have the Larsons over for a dinner party before heading downtown to see Nancy's concert.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

December 19th, 2007

Our first Nutcracker performance has come and gone, and now we are busy preparing for tonight's performance.  Programs are being busily printed by Suzanna at the printery, while the cakes and refreshments are sending mouthwatering scents into the streets of Pleasantville and all around Market Square from Clara's sweet shop where she is huddling around her horno, removing gingerbread and coffee cake and breathing them in, happily.

All the rest of the dolls are already backstage, running through a few things before the curtains close and Mr. and Mrs. Montoya join them.  KT Purr is trying to squeeze herself into her little space under the bottom step of the staircase set, but there isn't much room so she has to ask Nan to help her out.  How embarassing!

Even though they are busy with Nutcracker right now, the dolls were able to take some time off last week to enjoy the first snowfall of the year.  You can view pictures and stories from this in a new photo story right here:

The Snow Has Fallen!

Remember, there are only 5 more days in our Everything Nutcracker sale!  Make sure to get your Nutcracker DVDs while supplies last!

Enjoy the photo story. Thanks!

December 1st, 2007

Snow has fallen throughout Pleasantville, and so it is time for the pictures on the
Doll Houses page to change accordingly. 

If you go there, you will find that all of the pictures are now Christmas - themed and very cheery!  I've done the Merriman's house, and the Larson's cabin so far.  The Parkingtons and the Montoyas will be coming later.

I've also added pictures of ALL the apartments downtown, including the
Wilsons and Chens, the Purrs and Wickons, and the Romanakovs.

Happy December, everybody!

November 25th, 2007

A month until Christmas and the Nutcracker theater is up and full of the sounds of the Sugar Plum Fairy practicing and Mr. and Mrs. Montoya yelling out instructions.  One week until the ballet opens to the public, and the sets are still being brought in and props are still being made!  Now all of the dancers are starting to trickle into the theater doors backstage to rehearse their various dances in front of Mrs. Montoya's famous stick. 

Emotions running high, they are still very excited and happy to be back together performing this ballet for audiences for the seventh year in a row.

I have added the final round of food today!  Check out the instructions on how to make
Garlic, Green Beans, Ham, Horse Chestnuts, Limes and Lemons, Mushrooms, Onions, Oranges, Potatoes, Sausages, Shrimp, Strawberries, Tomatos and Turnips.

Also, we're having a big sale of all our Doll Nutcracker merchandise, so head on over and get your Christmas shopping done for yourself or for your friends and relatives who would enjoy the holiday magic and creativity of the Doll Nutcracker performance. 

November 23rd, 2007

Lots of new food for you today!  I've added
beef, blackberries, celery, cheese, chicken, chiles, and corn to our growing collection of doll food instructions. 

Enjoy yourselves!

November 22nd, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!  To celebrate Thanksgiving, most people eat a lot of food, so I have made several food-related updates to the website today.  I have added a page with pictures of all the food served at
the Masked Ball banquet, as well as new instructions on how to make doll apples.


November 21st, 2007

Music adds immensely to every story or adventure that happens in Pleasantville.  Whenever Mr. Larson is reading or singing Peder a story, there is most likely a real Irish ballad coming from our tape player.  If Nan is pounding away on her piano in the Merriman's living room, it is more than likely that we are also listening to one of Mozart's most famous piano concertos.
The Parkington twins sing real arias with piano accompaniment, and Elizabeth is constantly wailing away on her violin with one of the most famous and challenging violin concertos- Brahms or Tchaikovsky or Sibelius. 
The Montoyas sing in Spanish while they cook, while they clean the house, or do their many chores.  When no one is singing, there is always guitar or pipes music coming from Juan and Antonio in the goat shed.

I have created a new page where I list the music that we listen to while we play dolls:
Doll Music.  Most of the titles could probably be found at your local library, and it adds a whole new dimension of fun and excitement to your doll play!  Go and check the list out, and email us if you have any further suggestions for the lists.  I only have the Merriman's playlist up at the moment since I need to get back to decorating their house for Christmas, but I will put up the others very soon.  Enjoy!

November 20th, 2007

As the strains of the radio drift out of every apartment in Pleasantville, Cristal Purr's head pokes out of her new window to re-adjust her lights and garlands. 

Down on the street, Suzanne Wickon is shouting instructions to help make sure that they are on straight.  Sonja is standing next to her, but is slightly distracted by the racket coming from the hills where the Larson's cabin is lit by many lights.

"Someone must be trying to play some sort of music up there," Sonja told herself, covering her ears.  "The only problem is that it sounds more like a dead goose."

"HEY!"  Britta shouted from across the square.  "In case you didn't notice, that is my DADDY playing the bagpipes while my mommy puts up the star on the tree.  She is Scottish after all."

As Anders puffed away on his pipes, Kirsten, Anna, Peder and Lara helped each other to get the star on top of the tree.  Britta had stormed out of the house in anger since she was used to getting to put it up herself, but now as she argued with Sonja she felt a little bit left out and headed back up to the cabin to try and join the decorating party again.

Meanwhile, outside the snow is coming down in white swirls, the sky a dark mass of snow clouds.  Britta shivers and pulls her sweater up over her nose and her hat down over her eyes as she hurries up through the trees to the light spilling out from the cabin door where the sound of the pipes ends and general applause is heard.

Tomorrow morning the cabin and the surrounding woods will be buried deep in the season's first snowfall and winter will have officially begun.

Meanwhile, I have added instructions on how to make
Flat Eggs to the Doll Food page.  Enjoy!

November 13th, 2007

It's finally here!  The Masked Ball was such a huge event last month that it has taken me this long to finally get the photo story put together, but now you can finally read about the adventures of the citizens of Pleasantville as they rushed to put on one of the biggest events of the year. 

The Masked Ball 2007

Also, I have added November's winner of the website treasure hunt to the Contests page.  Congratulations to everyone who sent in their answers! 

And there are instructions now to make your own Eggplants on the Doll Food page. 

Look around the family pages as well- many of them have new pictures added to the bottom.

November 1st, 2007

It's a new month and that means a new Website Treasure Hunt!  Head on over to the
contests page and check out the tough new 30 questions compiled by Willow. 

The first one to email me all of the correct answers will be the winner!

October 18th, 2007

I have added a new poll to the contests page.  Which doll house is your favorite?  The Merriman's House, the Montoya's Rancho, the Larson's Farm or the Parkington's Mansion?  Go and vote for your favorite!

October 18th, 2007

I have added a new section to the website, called
doll food.  Here is where you can find all the instructions you need to make your dolls lots of vegetables, fruit, dairy and other ingredients for all of the doll recipes

Today we are starting out with some lovely

October 17th, 2007

The Masked Ball was once again a widely celebrated success of planning, cooking, and dancing.  Suzanne Wickon could positively sob about how well it all went.  (Well, at least until Speaking Rain accidentally knocked Laura Windmill on the head with her John Henry hammer and had to send for Josefina to revive her.  But that was when the ball was nearly OVER so it doesn't really count.  No, not really.)

And now she is happily looking forward to moving in next door to her best friend Cristal Purr in the new apartments that have just been installed across from the bank in town square.  Cristal will be in the left-hand apartment, living in the top half and working at her hair salon in the lower half, and Suzanne and her family will be living in the right-hand apartment with a beautiful windowsill and large ceilings and paintings on the walls and oooh... its all just too good to be true.
Why, now her and Cristal can practically talk all day just through the walls!  Who cares if John keeps saying "drag me off to the insane asylum, it would be better than THIS zoo." 
He is just a cranky old husband after all.  He'll decide that he likes this nice new home right in the middle of town square, so close to being able to bother Mr. Merriman about laws during every hour of the day, and charge Kirsten Larson $10 every time she tries to lead a horse across the street.  Yes, he will soon come to like it just as much as she does.
I have added a new craft today, this was submitted by Sarah from England, who was inspired by the Larson Block Quilt and decided to share her lovely instructions for a Grandmother's Postage Stamp Quilt.  Make sure to send in any ideas you have for crafts, any pictures of crafts that you have made for your dolls, or any comments, questions or suggestions at all to us either by email (ourdolls @ hotmail dot com) or by our Feedback form.

October 4th, 2007

Just one small update today to announce the winner of the Website Treasure Hunt for the month of October-  this month's winner is the lightning quick Sarah Wright from England, who not only sent her answers in the quickest, but also got the most correct answers. 

Check the
contests page for more.

October 3rd, 2007

I have quite a few updates for you today.  First, since the winter is coming and the dolls of Pleasantville are all getting their warm blankets and clothes ready for the cold months ahead, I thought I would share instructions on how to make a
Larson-style block quilt, so you too can prepare for the winter and make a pretty cover for your doll's bed.  If you make the quilt, make sure to send us pictures of it!

Also, I have added October's
website treasure hunt to the contests page.  The first person to send in the answers to all 30 questions will win this month's contest!

And on a further note, Cristal's apartments are coming along swimmingly.  She is still living with Suzanne, but there are some sneak peeks of her new apartments on the
message board.

(The password to the message board is nancymerriman, for those of you who would like to join the discussions.)

October 1st, 2007

As October enters Pleasantville, the town is busily preparing for the winter months and the busy season ahead.  Clara's sweet shop is happily decked out in all its Halloween finest, sporting pumpkin garlands, fake spiderwebs, yummy candy corn and jack-o-lantern cookies.  Clara is even dressed for the occasion in her favorite jack-o-lantern sweater over her camisa.

The rest of the town is just starting to realize how close Christmas is, and they are frantically putting together their lists of presents to make for each other, which are pinned to the walls next to their lists of things to do in preparation for winter's snowstorms.  

Mrs. Wickon is very worried and pacing back and forth in her kitchen.  She needs to start planning her highly successful masked ball, but she can't plan it unless she secures the funding for it from Mrs. Fox.  But although she can't admit it to anyone, she is terrified to ask the fine lady for her help!  

"I must write her a letter.  A very fine letter.  In my best curlique handwriting and signature.  On yellow- no pink-parchment, of course.  The writing shall be pink too.  No no then you couldn't read it!  No it must be done perfectly.  She is a fashion designer after all, she might look down on me if I don't make the color scheme perfect!  But what if she says no?  Then there will be no masked ball!  Oh I can't ask her, I just can't!"

Suzanne grabs her hair and runs for her bright pink phone, sitting next to the dining room table.  

"Operator?"  she squeels.

"Hey what's up Suzanne?"  Answers Paul Windmill's impertinent voice, clearly sleep-deprived or just lazy as usual.

"I would like to be connected to BEUT -1."  She says, as briskly as possible, to try and avoid a conversation with this hooligan.

"Oh calling Cristal again, huh?  Its not even your lunch break yet, silly.  Oh well I'll see if she's there.  By the way, there's pink smoke coming out your chimney, did you know?"

"What?!"  Suzanne screeched, but it was too late, she'd already been connected.

After a long conversation with Cristal about what to do, they decide to meet at Suzanne's lunch break to get special treatments and new hairstyles and to discuss it further over tea and cookies.  But they WILL decide upon what to do about Mrs. Fox then.  Absolutely.

September 29th, 2007

I have finally added
The Merriman's House to our Doll Houses page, with lots of pictures of each of their rooms and the various outbuildings in the front yard.


September 23rd, 2007
Pleasantville is already making changes in their town for the oncoming fall; The Larsons and Montoyas are planning to have trading day soon to help the Montoyas patch up their adobe walls, and to build the storm shelter stronger for the Larsons.

Over at the Wickons house there are complete opposite plans going on; Suzanne and Cristal (Cristal moved into Suzanne's house when her own got demolished for her new house) are busily writing and re-writing Suzanne's letter to Mrs. Fox asking for her to sponsor the masked ball again.

The Merrimans are sewing new ball gowns and making jam and apple butter to hold through the oncoming winter.
Kaya is stocking up her cave with deer, rabbits, wolves, and buffalo so that there will never be a day when her tummy is able to growl, and adding wood to make her firewood stack taller.

The Parkingtons are excited about the holidays coming up and they have even dug out their Christmas decorations so that "when the time comes we will be ready since the months are going by so fast!" said Samantha.

Everyone in downtown Pleasantville is calming down after last night's loud thunderstorm, and all the shops are noticing the leaves gradually falling down from the trees. Clara Montoya has already stocked up her shop with Halloween candies and is already for the autumn season to begin.

Pleasantville is full of falling leaves and crisp autumn air as the season begins.
Happy first day of Fall everyone! 

September 22nd, 2007

I've added a two new
doll house tours today, I hope you enjoy them!  The Larson's farm takes up an entire half of our rec room, with its barn, waterfall, forest, and cabin on a hill. 
The Parkington's mansion takes up a full quarter of the living room,is three stories high, and it isn't even finished yet!  Enjoy exploring!

The Larson's Farm

The Parkington's Mansion

September 21st, 2007

The doll houses of Pleasantville are all very unique and special, because they reflect the personalities of the families that live in them.  There are mansions, cabins, ranchos, manors, houses, apartments and even caves all over the town that the various characters live in, and now you have the opportunity to explore their houses further with the new section on the website:

Doll Houses

On this page you will be able to see every room in each dollhouse and read about different parts of it. 

Also, the winner of our website treasure hunt is: Ruth Stein!  Check out what she gets and who the runners up were on our
Contests page.

September 19th, 2007

I have added a new Website Treasure Hunt to the
contests page.  The answers to all thirty questions are hidden somewhere here on the website.  Do your best to find the most answers as you can! 

They may be buried in photo stories, doll recipes, the pleasantville gazette, or even just in character's biographies on the family pages.  Search high and low, because the winner (whoever gets the most write and sends it to us fastest) wins a brand new copy of the Doll Nutcracker storybook!

Email your answers to ourdolls@hotmail.com.

I have also added several new pictures to the Merriman Family Page, as well as a very cute picture of Nancy dressing up on the bottom of her poems page.

Enjoy yourselves!

September 16th, 2007

Lots of stuff has been happening throughout Pleasantville lately, so there are several new pictures on every family page in the Tour of Pleasantville.  Check them out to see what all the families have been up to!

September 15th, 2007

Well, the time has come and it is officially here!  The Doll Nutcracker DVD
 is here and available for purchase starting today.

Enjoy the production and we hope that you get a little of the holiday magic, creativity and beauty that our audiences experience in our live shows.

The DVD is available for sale in several different packages of items, or just by itself.  However, each one is a 2-disc set, with the entire ballet on the first disc, and the second disc full of exciting special features on behind-the-scenes during Nutcracker season.

September 8th, 2007

I am very pleased to announce the release date for the Doll Nutcracker DVD.  The DVD will be available for sale one week from now on September 15th.  I'm very very excited about this DVD- please see our
Movie News page for more information.

Also, i've added the Nutcracker reviews from last year. 
2006 Nutcracker Reviews.

September 3rd, 2007

Some people have been having trouble posting on the message board because I must have removed the password from the main guest book page.  So for those of you who would love to start chatting with other people on the message board, the password is:


Please, please be respectful and courteous on these message boards.  If you feel like ruining someone else's day, please choose to do it elsewhere.  Even better, don't do it at all.

There is also a new poll on the contests page.  Which do you like best?  Photo stories, recipes, remedies, hairstyles, fashions or something else?  Let us know what you think by clicking your choice in the new poll. 

August 30th, 2007

I have another new recipe from the Montoya's kitchen for you today.

Mrs. Montoya is whipping up a bowl of
Red Chile Sauce to put on Mr. Montoya's lunch for him to take with him to the fields.

August 29th, 2007

I've got another new recipe for you today- this time you get a Spanish staple, the ever-present

You can eat tortillas with almost any meal, and Francisca is constantly having to make another batch, in fact it is on her
chores to make them every day.

August 28th, 2007

Cristal's new hairstyle page on the website has caused a new wave of budding hairstylists in the town of Pleasantvile.  Everywhere, young girls are trying out curlers in their own hair, following her knowledgable instructions.  Even Mrs. Wickon has started handing out complimentary hair-curlings and butterly veils to anyone who wants them because "this is fun!" 

However, not everyone in the town is feeling as chipper, and some are feeling downright awful.  Take a look at Angelica's story in Josefina's latest remedy:


Angelica woke up with an awful cough and couldn't think of what to do to make it go away, until Samantha suggested she go and visit Josefina.  Josefina of course, was able to fix her right up.

August 27th, 2007

We got an email the other day from Abby, who requested some hairstyles for dolls with shorter hair.  This was such a good idea that I passed it along to Cristal at the hair salon, and this is the hairstyle that she has come up with first:

Butterfly Veil

Modeling this lovely hairstyle are Suzanna Wilson and Lisa de Vecamont, both with medium to short hair.

Let us know if there are any more requests for certain hairstyles.

August 26th, 2007
Josefina has wished to be a curandera since she was a small girl watching her Tia Magdalena cure her many family members.  She loved observing how nature's own plants could make people feel better and all you needed was the knowledge of how to cook or prepare them for the patients.

And now she is able to help out her friends and acquaintances in Pleasantville with these time-tested remedies. 

I've added a new page for all of Josefina's remedies kept in her large remedy book.  The first remedy story of over 35 remedies is:
Lost Voice.
Updates:  I added two new characters' profiles and pictures to The Town Residents page.  Welcome to Pleasantville, Lisa and Creme de Vecamont!

August 23rd, 2007

We would like to make an announcement about our own Francisca Isabel Rosa Montoya, who has claimed this year's title of "Miss Hostboard" in an online doll beauty pageant. To see the awards list, please go here.  

Congratulations, Francisca!  
Also, added to today by Miss Cristal Purr is another fabulous hairstyle for you to try out with your own dolls, modeled by the beautiful Lily Merriman.

Bun with curls .

August 17th, 2007

It's summertime and Angelica has decided to finally learn how to play her guitar.  It's been sitting around all year while she's been at working, taking complaints at the dress store counter day and night from Cristal and Suzanne, but now she finally has a weekend free and she plans to spend Saturday learning how to play the guitar, and Sunday putting on a concert and signing autographs.  It shouldn't be too hard to learn- so many people play the guitar!

She's even got chord charts and books full of little black dots that she'll understand as soon as she starts playing, of course.

However, as soon as she starts plucking and strumming, a horrible noise comes out of her beautiful instrument. 

"Oh well, that's just what it sounds like the first time I guess," she mumbles, and keeps trying.  But the sound keeps getting worse.  She looks at her books and tries to figure out what they mean.  The chord chart for an A Major chord is staring her in the face, looking just like the map of a stovetop with little pots of food bubbling away.... her stomach rumbles.

She carefully picks away at her strings, trying to make it sound like something.  But nothing good comes out, not even a good tasting egg soup!  Hang on, notes aren't soup.

Angelica turns to the next page of the book.  There confronting her is a large diagram of how to hold a guitar.  After fixing both her hand positions, she finds out that each of her fingers are in entirely the wrong place.  "What is that smell?"  Angelica wonders, as a wonderful odor drifts through town square and into her apartment window.  Her hand slips off the guitar and lands with a thunk on the rug.

"Oh I give up," she says, getting up and preheating her oven.  "It's no use trying to play the guitar on an empty stomach.  Every guitar player knows that.  I'll just have to get some practice time in tomorrow morning before my big show.  That'll work."

Into the oven goes the prepared pizza, and into it's case goes the poor old guitar.
Updates: Today Cristal has added yet another hairstyle to her page.  Check it out here.

August 15th, 2007

Cristal Purr is the richest person in Pleasantville.  She's not afraid to say it to anyone who wants to know, or anyone who doesn't want to know for that matter.

She has spent her life working very hard to become a professional hair stylist and beautician, and now it is finally paying off at her small salon in town square.

Every day she has customers pouring through her doors, requesting curlings and smoothenings and other luxuries.  Mrs. Wickon visits her several times a day- once in the morning to style her hair for work, once at her lunch break for a little chat and a special treatment, and then later for a delux bubble bath and shampoo.

By helping the ladies of Pleasantville look gorgeous every day, she has managed to amass a large fortune, which she sits on happily and refuses to spend.  It is quite a matter of pride to her.

If you're curious how to do some hairstyles that Cristal has mastered over years of training and practice, she has decided to share a little of her knowledge on this website.  (Only a little bit, mind you, until we can convince her that you won't be using it to avoid coming to her hair salon and paying her for it!)

Here today is the first, most basic hairstyle:
Simple Curls, as demonstrated by the lovely Teresa Berg.


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The dolls of Pleasantville have become known through the heartwarming videos they have starred in and the many funny, sad, and exciting adventures they have shared.

OUR DOLLS videos include "A day in Pleasantville," "Anna and the Barn Dance," "OUR DOLLS and the Great Outdoors," and "Pumpkins and Candy Canes: A Celebration."

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