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1.  Ore 
First on Francisca's list is to pray in the prayer room.

She prays that she will stay beautiful, and that her family will prosper enough to buy a big house in Mexico City, where she will the the belle of every party.

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2.  Lave en el rio
(wash in the river)
Francisca's favorite chore is to wash in the river.  She heads downstream to the bridge and enjoys a wonderful sunny morning with her soap.

Mama always says that she takes far too long washing, but Francisca doesn't think so.  It takes a certain amount of time to make oneself beautiful, of course.

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3.  Vistase
(get dressed)

Francisca puts on a work shirt and skirt and pulls on her leather moccasins to get her through a long work day.

Before the room, she makes sure to check her reflection in the mirror in case some dashing young caballero rides by when she is least expecting it.

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4.  Cosa

Francisca is still working on the first part of her hope chest- the napkins.  She is carefully embroidering each one with different colors of thread to make them as beautiful and impressive as possible.

She can't wait until she is done though, because then she can start working on her next gown.  She has already ordered the fabric from Tia Magdalena in Mexico City.

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5.  Reuna ropa sucia
(return the laundry)

When her sisters have finished doing the laundry, Francisca gathers up the bundles, hitches Pimientos up to the cart, and goes all through Pleasantville returning the laundry and collecting the money for it.

Francisca likes her part of the laundry, because it means she gets to visit with the townspeople and get paid at the same time.

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6.  Conteste a cartas
(write back to letters)

Francisca still has not written back to Tia Magdalena's latest letter because it made her slightly angry.

Tia Magdalena kept telling her about her beautiful friends in Mexico City who were all getting so many things done- finishing their hope chest in 6 months with beautiful tablecloths and silver plates and cups, and it made Francisca feel very behind.

However, it's about time she wrote back, so she writes to tell Magdalena how hard she is working on her hope chest, leaving out the bit about how she is still only on her napkins.

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7. Limpie el espacio
(clean your room)

Francisca's room is very messy since it took her a long time to decide what to wear this morning.

She cleans up all the clothes, folds them neatly and puts them back in the cupboard before sweeping the floor, tidying the bedcovers and straightening the shoes near the bed.

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8.  Alimente pollos
(feed the chickens)

Francisca grabs one full bag of corn kernels and begins her walk out to the goat shed.  There she finds the chickens squawking their little feathery heads off, waiting for their morning meal.

Tipping over the food bowl with her toe, Francisca pours the full bag of corn kernels into it.  The chickens jump excitedly in and begin devouring the corn.

Francisca rubs her own stomach, hungrily.

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9.  Reuna los huevos
(collect the eggs)

While the chickens are busy eating their breakfast, Francisca climbs up to their nests and searches for the eggs.  If there are enough she can bring them back to the kitchen for Mama to make torrejas for breakfast.

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10.  Haga las tortillas
(make tortillas)
Luckily the chickens laid a lot of eggs last night, so Francisca brings them into la cocina and starts to make a batch of tortillas for the torrejas.

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11.  Ayude a mama con la cocina
(help Mama in the kitchen)

Francisca finishes her batch of tortillas, hands them to Mama and starts getting down the pimientos to make torrejas.  She spends the rest of the morning helping Mama make the rest of the meals for the day and cleaning up afterwards.

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12.  Obtenga agua
(get water)

Francisca's last chore is to fill up the water jug at the stream.  She carefully balances the black jug on her head using a circle of corn husks braided together. 

When she gets to the stream, she kneels down by the water, and collects the water, taking a little extra time to wash her face.

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