The Parkington Family

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The Parkington Family
The Parkington Family
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Rebecca Katharine Parkington

Rebecca Katherine Parkington, (17), is a very lovely young lady who grew up in an orphanage before finding her sister, Samantha, and coming to stay with her in her mansion.  Rebecca enjoys playing with her white poodle named Snowball, and playing Chopin piano sonatas and working on her harp etudes.  She attended art schools and deportment academies in New York before moving to Pleasantville.

Samantha Elizabeth Parkington

Samantha Elizabeth Parkington, (17), is the teacher at the Pleasantville Manners Academy in Pleasantville, having had a wonderful education when she was young at various schools all over Europe, learning French, German, and Italian, as well as studying ballet and etiquette for several years in England.  Samantha enjoys gardening and stitchery, taking care of her cat, Sunshine, and singing arias from famous operas.

Teresa Irene Berg

Teresa Irene Berg, (10), is the Parkington's young cousin from Ireland.  She moved here when the Parkingtons offered her room, and she has since become one of the sweetest and most loved little girls in Pleasantville.  Teresa likes to catch butterflies, write letters and novels, and helping Mrs. Hawkins bake things in the kitchen.  She attends the Pleasantville Manners Academy and is learning voice, flute and piano.

Elizabeth Rose Cole

Elizabeth Cole, (12), was originally the Parkington's next-door neighbor until her house burned down in a lightning storm and she was forced to live with her neighbors until it was rebuilt.  However, the Parkington's offered for her to stay at their house with them permanently, and she accepted.  Elizabeth is the captain of "the gang" (the kittie's secret club), plays the violin (very well!) and likes to take care of her pet cat, Zongo.

James Hawkins

Louisa Hawkins has been the Parkington twins' maid since they were very young, and has risen to housekeeper status, as well as being Teresa's private Nanny and tutor in math and reading.
She is prized for her cooking in many circles, and always has to turn down excellent offers from other rich families who also love her fine cooking.

James Hawkins

James Hawkins is the Parkington twins' butler and gardener.  He is in charge of the mansion's sprawling grounds and the stables as well as his duties inside the house.
He is an award-winning gardener and was recently honored with the first place prize in Pleasantville's "Most Beautiful Home Garden" contest.

Elsa Maud

Elsa Maud is Miss Samantha's personal maid, taking care of her toilette and wardrobe as well as cleaning her bedroom.  Elsa is very easily irritated and enjoys bossing the other maids around in the kitchen where the Parkington twins cannot hear her.  She is nobody's favorite person.


Sunny Smith

Sunny Smith is Rebecca Parkington's personal maid and takes care of her toilette and wardrobe, as well keeping her bedroom clean.  She used to work for the Merriman family, but has since joined the servants at the Parkington mansion.  She likes to help Mrs. Hawkins with the cooking, and enjoys a good nap every once in a while.

Allison McCann

Allison McCann is Elizabeth's personal maid and takes care of cleaning her room as well as picking up after her many messes.  Allison lives downtown in an apartment, but decided to work for the Parkingtons in order to earn some extra cash.  She is the lowest maid, the scullery maid, and is given all the least fun jobs like doing the dishes and scrubbing the floors.

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