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"This was the first time that I have been able to make it, and I LOVED it! I was very impressed with how athletic the dolls are! They must be in great shape! I would definitely come again. The Gothard Girls are so impressive! Why aren't they signed yet? Is there a fan club? Are they girls or Angels?"

Christina Reagan, 12-23-06
"This is a truly great interpretation of the Nutcracker- danced beautifully by a series of dolls (all members of the "Montoya Academy of Ballet.") The sets are a dream- nicely decorated and set up."

Peter Smith, 12-23-06
"Bravo to the Gothard Sisters! The 2006 production of the Nutcracker, is the best one yet. The sets were especially outstanding this year. If this won't get you in the Christmas spirit nothing will- Thank you, Gothard Sisters!"

Duke Reagan, 12-23-06
"Our family looks forward to seeing this performance every year. It is the highlight of our holiday season! Our girls are held transfixed by the exquisite dancing, colorful costumes and imaginative sets. The chance to see this production and interact with the dolls is a magical experience."

Patrick Marckx, 12-23-06

"I've heard for years how great the production is. I am so thankful for the chance to see it for the first time this year. The choreography and sets were amazing! Keep up the great work- I look forward to seeing it again."

Laurel Reagan, 12-23-06
"The show was lots of fun and the dolls didn't take themselves too seriously. The costumes and sets were wonderful and the expressions of the doll actors were great."

Anya, Aidan and Kellyn Toomre, 12-23-06
"The Montoya Academy never fails to amaze and inspire. My last attendannce was two years ago, and there have been so many great new additions. Bravo!"

Emily Cole, 12-23-06
"Once again the Montoya School of Ballet triumphed with this year's production of the Nutcracker. New sets and the additional dancers, the Wickons, added to an already polished and scintillating performance. Kudos to all! A wonderful evening!"

Alison Reagan, 12-23-06
"It was great! I loved the music and the dancing. I liked watching the flowers dance."

Charlotte Marckx, 12-23-06
"This is one of my favorite holiday traditions! I love that the production changes and improves each year- it never gets old!"

Rose Hashimoto, 12-23-06
"I love the intricate sets, especially the snow scene and the tree. This is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. The choreography is so impressive!"

Annika Donnen, 12-23-06
"This year's Nutcracker was more artistic than ever! A notable improvement on previous years was the choreographer's facial expressions. Also a logistical improvement was the fact that we got cardboard to write our reviews on. The snacks were better than ever; I loved the different choices that were available."

Hannah Pressley, 12-23-06
"Nothing better to see. I don't like it any less than the real ballet. SO good for the heart and soul. Actually it is better than the real one."

Olivia Marckx, 12-23-06
"I love the details that take that special spark of unlimited creativity to manifest. The Montoyas' Nutcracker production is an example of hard work and loving play fostered by a rich imagination. Keep up the good work- play, imagine and dream!"

Neesha Alahan, 12-21-06
"I loved how vibrant everything was! It was of the utmost pulchritude! I loved the acting of the dolls, but I also loved Solana, Greta and Willow's faces! This was so amazing! I love it and can't wait 'till next year. You've totally inspired me, Gothard Sisters. Woohoo!"

Simone Porter, 12-21-06
"It was great, I loved it. All the six years i've gone it's been great."

Jamie Kelley, 12-21-06
"The Montoya Production of the Nutcracker is not to be missed. From the first introduction to the last bow you will be invited along on Clara's magical journey! No detail has been overlooked in this one-of-a-kind production. I will not look at a doll or a production of the Nutcracker without thinking fondly of this evening."

Sara Raney, 12-21-06
"The Doll Nutcracker is a tribute to the beauty and exhileration of imagination. Every detail reflects the consummate joy put into the production. It is sheer magic! "

Debra Porter, 12-21-06
"The most astounding part of this year's performance was how well rehearsed it was for the limited amount of time the Gothard Sisters (and coincidentally the doll dancers) had to practice. Congratulations on yet another stunning, scintillating and shinking performance."

Sitara Alahan, 12-21-06
"I have attended the Nutcracker Performed by the Montoya Academy of Ballet for six years. Each year feels like a new present I have opened. The show gets better and better and yet it is always wonderful. I feel so priviledged to be invited. This is the highlight of my holiday season!"

Coleen Kelley, 12-21-06
"I always enjoy this production of the Nutcracker, but I found this year's to be the funniest. All the newly added dance routines and characters had very humorous aspects, which I found very entertaining. As usual, the costumes, sets, and props were beautiful, and the dancing was superb! I can't wait until next year!!"

Caitlin Kelley, 12-21-06
"My favorite part was definitely Polichinelle and Coffee because they were both so extravagent and I loved them. It was really entertaining to see the Gothard Sisters' facial expressions. You coiuld almost see them on the dolls and not notice them at all! The costumes were so beautiful and pretty to look at. If they were in human size I would wear them! Clara's outfit and Coffee were my favorite!"

Noel Kennebeck, 12-21-06
"Two thumbs up- stunning presentation of traditional favorite. Cast aside your preconceptions, and go to be entertained. Great fun."

Mike Nagan, 12-19-06
"A very amazing production that gets better year after year."

Edward Crawford, 12-19-06
"I love how you were able to make the dolls perform actual dance moves. The sets and the lighting were very exciting. This show seemed to be even better than last year if even possible!"

Leah Kennebeck, 12-19-06
"Welcome to the enchanting magic of this wonderful original production of the Doll Nutcracker with all the mystery, drama, and humor. Alive! Full of surprises! Not to be missed. This truly one-of-a-kind ballet will transform you... add some color to your holiday."

Mary Grubb, 12-19-06
"The time and skill put into this showing of the Nutcracker is clearly shown. I particularly enjoyed the intricate level of detail on the characters' outfits. I look forward to enjoying many future performances."

Connor Nagan, 12-19-06
I thought it was great. I loved the dances."

Zhao Hui Grubb, 12-19-06
"Fabulous show!! Amazing costumes and sets, great performances by all of the dolls, and an entertaining evening for everyone! I had a great time!!"

Kelly Nagan, 12-19-06
"Great performance! Bravo! I really enjoyed the whole performance."

Lister Mak, 12-19-06
"Wonderful design, set, dance and costumes. We enjoyed the whole show."

Sandi Mak, 12-19-06
"I just loved it! It really was organized and great for all ages and families. The dolls are so fun to watch. I highly recommend it is wonderful! "

Elizabeth Grubb, 12-19-06
"All the dolls danced beautifully, the choreography was brilliant! It was fast-paced, lovely scenery, and the Gothard Sisters were very expressive."

Valerie Nishimura, 12-19-06
"Oce again I amm stunned and delighted by your production. It was everything I expected and more. I liked how the light came on when Drosselmeyer pointed...like magic! Thank you so much for such a wonderful tradition. Count me in for next year!"

Charlotte Crawford, 12-19-06
"This was an amazing production. The sets, costumes, and dances were all thought out and were very detailed. I was very entertained and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I'm so glad I came to watch the Gothard Sisters and all the work they put into this."

Siobhan Brugger, 12-17-06
"Very nice, I like all of the sets and costumes. But most of all I like the dancing and props. I am sure the next one will be great as well."

Chris Langston, 12-17-06
"This performance was so creative and fabulous and original. It outdid the Olympic Ballet show! The dolls come to life magically with the Gothard Sisters. A must for all ages to see!"

The Dailer Family, 12-17-06
"A memorable performance. It was only moments before the dolls and their handlers blended into a cascade of dance and emotion."

Bob Searle, 12-17-06
"A great interpretation and didn't miss a note of music! Lots of good props."

Doug Dailer, 12-17-06
"The Gothard Sisters made their dancers come alive in their production of the Nutcracker. Their precision, creativity and overwhelming artistry was a joy to behold. Bravo!!"

Eileen Brugger, 12-17-06
"The set, costumes and cast of the Montoya School's production of the Nutcracker entice you into the world of Clara and her story of her treasured Nutcracker. What fun, we got to participate by throwing bouquets of flowers to our favorite dancers. The enticing dance by Arabia stuns the viewer with her swaying movements, sumptious gingerbread and hot choclate delights add to the festive celebration."

Mary Ann Quinn, 12-17-06
"The ballet was splendiferous."

Sterling Quinn, 12-17-06
"A most creative magical event."

Joanie Searle, 12-17-06
"A must-see event during the holiday season. A lively and entertaining extravaganza!"

Dan Quinn, 12-17-06
"This is a unique, utterly delightful experience that anyone would be very lucky to be able to see. The imagination, artistry, and just plain fun are incredible."

Ruth, 12-10-06
"Before I came, I didn't believe I could forget that the dolls weren't real. But thanks to a wonderful set, and incredible choreography, I found myself swept away in the magic. The "Nutcracker" is a perfect piece for the dolls to perform: magic, illusion, and dreams coming true are as much a part of their world as in the ballet."

Gyan Davies, 12-10-06
"It was delightful! The movements were well thought out and it was very realistic. They have put so much work in the production, and it really shows. I enjoyed the faces of the girls and when they added their own bodies into it by coping with what the dolls were doing. The best kind of puppetry is doing a show that you love...these puppeteers love this show very much. I hope they never stop!"

Elly Leaverton, 12-10-06
"I am in a wondrous state of all your talent. I feel so amazed to be included. Who would have thought these dolls could act and dance so wonderfully. I am in total awe of your talent and enthusiasm!"

Marilyn Parker, 12-10-06
"Once again the Montoya Academy of Ballet has pulled off a Nutcracker show that had the audience enthralled. Spontaneous applause throughout for virtuoso dancing. Costumes, props, and sets that could hold their own on the SBT stage. Hats off and a truck load of flowers for Mrs. Montoya and the Gothard Sisters!"

Elizabeth Luce, 12-10-06

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