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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Green Parlour

1. Couch
This beautiful green and gold couch was bought at an expensive furniture store in the city, and it perfectly matches the decor in the Parkington's green parlour. 
This is where guests are invited to sit while they are being announced to the Parkington twins.
2. Dresser
The dresser by the door holds checks and money so the Parkingtons can easily pay the Montoyas for laundry or anyone else who comes to the door needing money. 
It also holds quite a few vases of beautiful flowers from the garden.

3. Tea Service
In case their guests would like tea while they are waiting, or in case the Parkingtons would just love a cup of tea while reading a book during the day, the tea service is kept ready in the green parlour by the maids. 
It has tea scones, sugar, milk, and several different kinds of tea with hot water ready to pour at any time during the day.

4. Sarcaphogus
This miniature sarcaphogus was bought in Egypt on one of the Parkington's many trips around the world.  It is made of gold and painted brilliant colors.

5. Jade Screen
The beautiful jade screen in the green parlour is painted black with gold accents, and has jade sparrows flying around jade plants imposed on it. 
This screen was bought in asia when the Parkingtons were visiting there.

6. Snowball
Rebecca's pet dog, Snowball, is only good when he is around his owner. 
To everyone else in the house, he is an absolute nightmare to control, but whenever they take him to Rebecca to complain, he sweetly sits down and looks up at her with such cute puppy dog ees that she doesn't think he could ever be capable of what everyone says he's been doing.

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The Music Room

1. Piano
The large black grand piano is he main attraction in the Parkington's music room.  Everyone in the house knows a little bit of piano, but Rebecca and Samantha especially take a long time every day practicing their sonatas and waltzes, as well as accompanying themselves while they sing beautiful arias and songs.

2. Violin
Elizabeth just started playing the violin recently, but since she puts in so much practice time, she has gotten very good!  Now the Parkingtons get to listen to her playing brilliant renditions of all the most difficult violin pieces, including the Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Sibelius and Dvorak concertos.

3. Music Stand
Before they memorize their pieces, (which they like to do right away to increase expression) the Parkingtons need to look at the music.  Therefore, a music stand is always on hand to hold the piles of sheet music they intend to learn.

4. Bay Window
The bay window in the music room lets in a beautiful soft light during the day through the lace curtains carefully cleaned by Alison.  The pillows in the window make it the perfect place to sit and sew or to listen to whoever is playing the piano.

5. Telephone
The Parkingtons own a nice black telephone.  They are one of the first families in the neighborhood to own such a modern convenience! 
Although sometimes the connection is a little fuzzy, its very handy for communicating with people and for calling up friends.

6. Harp
Rebecca and Teresa both play the harp, so they own one large one, and a smaller celtic harp. 
Together, they play harp duets in the evenings while Samantha plays the piano or sings.

7. Rug
The rug in the music room covers the whole floor and matches the color scheme of the room and the wallpaper.  It is comfortable enough that the girls can relax on the floor while they read or sew or listen  to music.

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The Dining Room

1. Fireplace
The main fireplace in the dining room is a very nice white one, with an intricate grill in front of the fire.  It is a nice place to display the Parkington's favorite pictures and artifacts for guests to look at.
At the moment, the have a picture of Teresa with a street artist that gave her a copy of the Mona Lisa when they were in Paris, as well as a copy of Queen Hatshepsut's head that they got in Egypt.

2. Dining Table
The centerpiece of the dining room is the dining table, where meals are served throughout the day. 
It is a large, long table made of dark wood to match the rest of the wood in the room, and it can be decorated with many various beautiful tablecloths and napkins.

3. Pharoah
This pharoah head is also a souvenir from the Parkington's trip to Egypt, and is a model of King Tuthankamen. 
It helps add class to the room by adding exotic foreign artifacts in the room.

4. Photographs
Since the Parkingtons live in the age of photographs, they have several on their walls in large gold frames of their travels in Europe, including several from their visit to

5. Clock
The grandfather clock in the dining room really works, and is constantly ticking away the hours on its handsome face.  This clock was also the model for the clock used in the
The Nutcracker.

6. Cabinet
Stored in this cabinet is a large collection of beautiful fashion dolls that the Parkingtons bought in Europe. 
The dolls are wearing many different fashionable dresses from all different time periods.  The Parkington girls constantly take them out to study them for ideas when they are making new dresses and fashions.

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The Kitchen

1. Stove
The beautiful stove in the Parkington's kitchen burns wood, so it needs to be constantly fed during the day by the maids.  It has four burners and four small compartments for cooking or warming food.  It also has a large section for baking and cooking in the very center of the warm oven.

2. Garden
The door in the kitchen leads out to the backyard through the pantry where the maids can step out for a breath of fresh air during their hard work days.

3. Linen Storage
In the bottom cupboard of the kitchen cabinets the maids store the linens for the dining room. 
The many tablecloths and napkins used for serving and napkins and frilly lace placemats for teatime are all folded neatly and kept pressed inside these drawers.

4. Tea Set
The tea sets are carefully washed and shined and kept safely in the kitchen. 
Right now the rose tea set is in use in the Green Parlour, but the Christmas set is waiting for the season to arrive and for it to be put into good use.

5. Spices
The Parkingtons have a large book of exotic, faraway recipes that require an odd collection of strange spices. 
These are stored in the upper section of the kitchen cupboard in special spices containers from India.

6. Table
The kitchen table to the side is used for preparing recipes, writing market lists, organizing bell systems, and decorating cakes and pies. 
Sometimes Teresa does her homework in here, because the kitchen is always so busy and warm, and often smells quite good because of all the food being prepared.

7. Jackets
On their way outside or inside, the Parkingtons often dump their warm jackets and hats on the chair inside the kitchen. 
It also helps keep them warmed up for when they need to go out again in cold weather.

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The Bathroom

1. Shower
Among their many modern conveniences is the Parkington's indoor shower. 
It is seperated from the rest of the room by this pretty pink lace curtain.

2. Zongo
Elizabeth's strange cat, Zongo, sleeps in the bathroom when Snowball is not around.  Zongo only likes to eat dog biscuits, so she has to make her rounds when Snowball is away. 
She also enjoys playing with Elizabeth's rubber duck.

3. Pitcher
Even though they have a shower, the Parkingtons haven't installed a sink in their bathroom yet. 
Therefore, they wash their face daily using a pitcher and a bowl of water, as well as some of the Merriman's best facial soap. 

4. Hairbrushes
To keep their hair sleek and shiny (following all of Cristal's good advice) the Parkingtons have several silver hairbrushes so they can brush their hair 100 times before going to bed every night.

5. Mirror
This mirror was a gift to Teresa from her very fashionable friend Sonja Romanakov for Christmas. 
It matches the theme of blue in the bathroom perfectly, although Rebecca and Samantha think it is a little too small and would like to replace it with a larger one sometime soon.

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Samantha's Room

1. Dresser
Samantha has a beautiful white dresser with painted flowers on it that matches the rest of her room perfectly. 
She keeps jewelry, ribbons, books and even her mask for the masked ball in these small trinket drawers.

2. Stationary
Samantha has a large stationary collection, with pretty paper to write letters to all her penpals on.  She also keeps stocked up on envelopes and stamps so she can write back to letters as soon as she gets them. 

3. Vanity Table
Samantha's wooden vanity table holds all of the things she needs to make herself look beautiful during the day, a hairbrush, comb, three cristal bottles of perfume, many bobby pins, earrings, and her strands of pearls. 
It has a nice, big mirror that makes it easy for Samantha to do her own hair.

4. Bed
Samantha's bed is a shiny new brass bed, with five large pillows, wall hangings and such a poofy mattress that when she lies down in it, the sides seem to close in around her. 
It has pink on it, to match the color scheme of her room.

5. Closet
Samantha keeps all of her clothes in her closet.
She keeps her skirts, shirts, bloomers, socks, stockings and other things in the large drawers on the side, and hangs her gowns and dresses on the other side.

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Rebecca's Room

1. Vanity Table
Rebecca's vanity table is where she fixes up her hair and jewelry, but it also doubles as her desk where she writes back to her letters and reads her mystery novels. 

2. Bed
Rebecca's bed is also very comfortable, and is the home of her stuffed rabbit, several pillows, and a luxurious bedcover that matches the purple and blue theme of her room, and the window curtains.

3. Closet
Rebecca keeps all of her clothes in her closet which stands back-to-back with Samantha's in the other room. 
Her longer dresses hang up, while she folds bloomers and skirts to keep pressed in the drawers.

4. Bedside Table
Rebecca's bedside table has a water pitcher, mirror and soap so Rebecca can wash her face when she wakes up in the morning.  It also has a nice matching violet towel.
Rebecca keeps stationary and trinkets in the drawer and the cabinet.
5. Window
Rebecca's window looks out over the top of the bay window of the music room.  It is adorned with nice purple curtains and has a beautiful view of the front yard. 
Sometimes Snowball escapes out the window, but he usually gets stuck on top of the bay window so Rebecca is able to find him fairly well.

6. Lounge Chair
Rebecca's purple lounge chair is where she relaxes to read her letters or rest after a hard day of planning meals and paying the servants.

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Teresa's Room Part I

1. Window Seat
Teresa's window seat is a simple pink cushion in the alcove of her gabled window on the top floor. 
She has a view of the garden and the street far below, but the view she likes best is of the little birds that come and perch in the rooftop.

2. Birdcage
Teresa owns a small birdcage with a real bird inside it.  It is kept on top of her two sets of decorated drawers, where she keeps some of her jewels and smaller toys.

3. Armchair
Teresa's comfy miniature armchair has a secret compartment under the seat where she keeps small little things. 
This armchair is perfect for when she is studying for exams, drawing, or just reading a book.

4. Dolls
Teresa has a very large doll collection, and likes to wheel them around in this handsome doll pram. 
Right now they are all packed up and ready to go to the sewing circle with her.

5. Mona Lisa
Up on her wall is Teresa's copy of the Mona Lisa, which was painted for her in Paris by a street artist that she made friends with.

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Teresa's Room Part II

1. Bed
Teresa's bed is a cute little canopy bed with soft pink hangings and a very nice mattress. 
It was made for her when she was younger, so it is a little bit too small, but she manages to fit in it anyway.

2. Dollhouse
Teresa owns a very large dollhouse that takes up a quarter of her attic room.  It has two floors, a dining room, a bedroom, and a little marble fireplace.  She spends a lot of time every day setting up her dolls and making them look realistic.  Even her dolls have dolls!

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Elizabeth's Room

1. Dresser
Elizabeth has a nice white dresser with pink knobs that matches the rest of her furniture.  Who knows what she keeps in there- Elizabeth is an odd one.

2. Bed
Elizabeth's pink bed used to be Anna Larson's, but the Larsons sold it to the Parkingtons when they moved into their one-room cabin.  The large canopy bed is where Elizabeth spends most of her time, reading the adventures of Robin Hood and playing with her cat, Zongo.

3. Robe
Elizabeth's frilly robe is the first piece of "fancy" clothing that she got when she moved in with the Parkingtons.  She keeps it on display since she is "rich" now.  It also impresses her friends at sleepovers.

4. Phone
Elizabeth has a phone so she can make phone calls.  Not to anyone outside the house, but she'll call the Parkingtons to say goodnight, or call the kitchen to order tea at 4 AM.  Just because she can.

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