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The Larson Farm is situated above the valley where Market Square and downtown Pleasantville are located. 
The cabin and barn are atop a hill next to the river and waterfall that comes from high in the mountains, and there are many forest clearings and wilderness nooks that the Larson girls spend their time exporing and playing in.


The food stand is where the Larsons earn their living.  Selling the crops grown in their fertile soil, they supply the entire town with the food they need for all of their recipes, as well as selling milk, butter, and firewood.

Every day the Larsons take turns hiking down the hill to run the food stand when they've finished their chores around the farm.


The Barn

1. Horses
The Larson's five horses are kept in this double stable, where they feast on a large bale of hay and lots of fresh oats from the Merriman's general store. 
Blackie, Blossom, Soldat, Magenta and Prince all share this section of the barn.

2. Cow
The Larson's cow, Daisy, gets an entire portion of the barn to herself since she is so touchy about other animals. 
She likes to eat hay and beans, and prefers to keep to herself most of the time.

3. Pigs
Anna's pride and joy, her two pigs Beauty and Sunshine, stay in the pig pen where they feast on old apples, rice, and lots of hay. 
Anna regularly cleans them so they are presentable, and Beauty has even won several pig awards.

4. Chickens
The many chickens needed to supply the town of Pleasantville with eggs take up the upper hatch above the pigs. 
They each have a seperate place to sleep, but when it is feeding time they all come down to the barn floor to feast upon their corn kernels.

5. Hay
In the fall the Larsons have to gather enough hay to supply all of their animals plus the town of Pleasantville so they have to store it in the barn to keep it dry throughout the winter. 
Since it is nearing the end of summer in this picture, almost all the hay they gathered last year has been used up and they will soon stock up with more hay for the winter.

6. Sled
The snow sled and ice skates are stored in the barn during the winter as well, waiting for the first snowfall and a season full of fun in the snow.


Looking up the valley from the food stand, you can see how the river winds down from the hills. 
The cabin is set up on a steep hill nearby.  However, the storm shelter leading to a cave underneath the hill is accessible through a little glen near the bottom of the waterfall. 
This is where the Larsons go to hide during bad weather.  In other times of the year it is used for storage.



The Right Side

1. Fireplace
The Larson's river-rock fireplace is the central heating in their small cabin and provides all of the warmth they need to make it through very cold winters, but also serves as their means of cooking food.  The warm bricks near the top also warm Britta's loft making it a very cozy little space.
The mantelpiece is removable, and there is a secret storage compartment underneath it where the Larsons keep important papers and documents. 
The rocks for the fireplace were collected from the Columbia River, where Lewis and Clark journeyed on their way out west to the Pacific ocean.

2. Cupboard
This painted cupboard holds all of the Larson's cups and seasonings, as well as matches, spoons, and other cooking supplies. 
It comes from Sweden, where Mr. Larson was born. 

3. Loft
The loft is where Britta sleeps in her little bed and is nice and warm by the upper bricks of the fireplace. 
She also keeps her clothes nice and close to the bricks so they will be warm in the morning when she puts them on.
In the summertime the fireplace is not usually going during the night so the bricks are nice and cool to the touch.

4. Anna's Bed
Anna's bed is a painted blue bed that also came from Sweden.  It is nestled in a little nok to he side and has bookshelves above it where she can keep her many books on cooking and fairytales. 
It is the closest bed to the waterfall, so Anna often falls asleep listening to the thundering of the falls.

5. Clock
This painted clock came from Germany and works like a charm if it is wound regularly. 
It makes a beautiful tinkling sound when it announces each hour, and the Larsons are very proud of it.

6. Kirsten's Bed
Kirsten has a nice wooden sleigh bed that was made for her by her father. 
It is right next to the warm fireplace and holds several quilts and pillows and dolls that were made by Kirsten.

7. Britta's Bed
Britta sleeps in the loft nearby the fireplace, and her bed is covered by a beautiful quilt that her mother bought at the Pleasantville festival. 
The quilt even has lace on the corners, a fact that Britta is quite proud about.


The Left Side

1. Loom
The Larson's large floor loom takes up a large portion of the cabin.  Kirsten and Lara take turns weaving the projects on this loom, using pretty colors to make horse blankets, wall hangings and small rugs.  At the moment, they are making a saddle blanket for Blackie. 

2. Shelves
The large Irish painted shelves next to the loom hold lots of large balls of yarn and bolts of fabric from the General Store waitin their turns to be included in new clothes, quilts, weavings and knitted scarves.

3. Snowshoes
The snowshoes on the wall make a nice decoration during the summertime, but in the winter they are an important mode of transportation to help the Larsons get down to the food stand over the large snowdrifts outside the house.

4. Firewood
The Larsons depend on their large fireplace for warmth during the winter, so they need to make sure they always have enough wood to keep it going. 
This large stack of firewood is leftover after last winter.  When it was first stacked, it towered over the roof.
The wood is added to the pile from outside, where Mr. Larson chops it with his axe. 
Then it can be grabbed from the inside to add to the fire so no one has to make a trip outside to gather firewood when it is especially cold outside.

5. Couch
One of two Swedish couches, these have multiple uses.  They can be used as seating for guests, or as chairs to sit on at the dinner table.  At night whe the table is moved and the chairs are put up, the two couches are put together to form Mr. and Mrs. Larson's bed.

6. Quilts
The Larsons are famous for their warm and beautiful quilts, made out of scraps of fabric leftover from other sewing projects.  These quilts help keep the family warm during the winter, and also dress up the beds and couches with color when guests are over.

7. Table
The main kitchen table is where the family eats their meals, answers letters, writes and pays bills, plays card games, draws, sews, cut fabric and many other things. 
It is the center of the cabin and everyone's favorite place to relax.

8. Knitting
The Larsons also love to knit, and they are constantly clicking needles together making new warm sweaters, socks, scarves and mittens to use during the winter months. 
Anna just finished making a little sweater for Peder, and now she has started working on a new scarf as a Christmas present for one of her sisters.

9. Peder's Cradle
Peder's cradle doesn't get used as often now that Peder is getting older, but it was made of fine, sturdy wood and painted this handsom dark brown by Mr. Larson. 
It even has a miniature quilt that was made by the Larson sisters in preparation for their little baby brother's arrival.


The Forest

1. Trees
The trees in the forest are the home of many different animals, like Kaya's wyakin, the mouse, and many types of birds. 
The bees also make their nests in the trees and Mrs. Larson has to come up regularly to get honey to sell at the food stand.
During the winter season, the Larsons also sell these beautiful trees as Christmas trees to the rest of the town.

2. Clearing
Britta's favorite part of the farm is the forest clearing up in the hills.  She comes here to be by herself and to play with her dolls.

3. Fairy Village
Britta has built a small fairy village in this clearing, with a little firepit and houses made out of spare firewood and moss. 
She leaves litle pieces of food out for the fairies, and sometimes when she comes back, it is replaced by beautiful jewels, which she keeps hidden away in her loft. 
She has never seen a real fairy, but she knows they are around there somewhere.


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Looking downriver from the cabin, you can see the rest  of the forest, the firepit, the bank, Kaya's cave, and a little of Angelica's house above that. 

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