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The Merriman's house fits comfortably into this walk-in closet.  It has three floors, and several outbuildings outside.




The Upstairs

1. Mr. and Mrs. Merriman's bed
Mr. and Mrs. Merriman sleep upstairs in this fine wooden bed that you can't see very well in this picture, but it is very large and well-made. 
Mrs. Merriman has been too busy making her daughters' rooms presentable however, so she still has to make herself a proper comforter and matching pillows.

2. William's bed
William's bed is simply a mattress with a sheet and pillows.  He likes his bed this way, because it makes him feel like a soldier on a camp bed.

3. The dresser
Where Mr. and Mrs. Merriman perform their daily toilettes, this dresser holds all of Lily's hairpins and decorations, as well as the supplies for keeping Edward's wig looking its very best.

4. Books
William is always reading more and more books, as he wants to be as educated as possible. 
His favorite books are the ones about bugs and insects and wars, but he also likes Homer and several of his books that are written in Latin.

5. Soldiers
Every day, the militia walks past the Merriman's house. 
William loves to watch them, because he wishes he was a soldier himself.  Every time he hears the sound of fife and drum, he hurries to the window to cheer them on.



Felicity's Bedchambers

1. Desk
Felicity's desk is where she writes back to letters, fixes her hair, does schoolwork and practices her handwriting.  It is decorated to match her bed, and soon the frame will hold a large mirror for her to see her reflection in.

2. Chores
On the wall is Felicity's
chores list for her to follow every morning when she wakes up.

3. Bed
Felicity's bed is a lovely shade of cardinal red, and it has large curtains on each side for her to close at night to keep out the cold drafts and keep it warm inside the bed.

4. Table
Felicity's bedside table holds her candle, which is reflected in a mirror to make the light fill the room better.  It also holds her diary, which she rarely writes in, and her copybook.


Rachel's  Bedchamber

1. Trunk
This little green trunk holds all of Rachel's fashion paper dolls, which she gets out to look at when she's feeling sad.  It always makes her feel happier to see beautiful girls wearing gorgeous dresses.

2. Bed
Rachel's bed is covered in a nice blue cover, but still doesn't have its curtains yet. 
Edward still needs to improve upon her canopy, as its only on halfway at the moment.

3. Pillow
Rachel's embroidered pillow for proper school says "you are never fully dressed without a smile."

4. Doll
Rachel's doll is named Rose, and it has the same ballgown as Rachel does!  When she wanted to make herself a ballgown, she simply copied the dress on this fashion doll.

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Nancy's Bedchambers

1. Desk
Nancy's purple-covered desk is where she writes back to all her favorite "penny-pals" like Clara and Anna.  She also works on her handwriting for her mother and father, but especially for Miss Samantha. 
This is also where she works on her

2. Bed
Nan's purple bed has a midievial flair to it that helps her out when she's pretending to be a damsel in distress or the knight in shining armor, whatever her mood is on any given day. 
She also likes being able to close the curtains when she doesn't want to talk to anybody, or when she wants to play with her friends in private.
Nan's bed is also stuffed underneath.  She keeps things hidden all through the mattress and has mounds of papers and doodles and chocolates hidden under her bed. 

3. Stuffed Sweetsies
Nan has many little dolls and soft toys, which she calls her "stuffed sweetsies."  She makes all her friends sweetsies for Christmas, and has a large pile of them herself on the end of her bed.  Her favorites are Raggedy "quack" Anne, Timone the smart one, and Mr. Ghostie.

4. Bag
Nan keeps all of her stationary, envelopes, stickers and proper school books in her handy-dandy bag. 
That way she can hide them behind her desk if she doesn't feel like seeing them anymore.


The Dining Room

1. Table
The dining room table is decked out with all of Mrs. Merriman's finest linen, doilies and napkins, as are the chairs. 
It often holds beautiful vases of flowers, and other centerpieces that are pleasing to the eye.

2. Sideboard
When all the food is cooked and ready to be served at suppertime, it is placed on the sideboard in the Dining Room to be served course by course in the meal.  During the rest of the day, the sideboard is used to keep tea handy in case of visitors.

3. Clock
The large clock in the dining room is not just to tell the time for visitors. 
It is a sign of wealth, and it also has a handy compartment for storing linens during the day.

4. Mirrors
The two large mirrors in the dining room help reflect the chandelier and make the room a bright, warm place for visitors and for all the important activities (like supper and dancing) that happen in this room.

5. Chandelier
The Merriman's chandelier was shipped in from France, and includes several lit candles and dangling cristals.  It provides all the light for this room.


Parlour Part I

1. Piano
Nancy's piano is her favorite place in the whole house.  This is where she spends hours every day feverishly practicing pieces she already knows and writing music about every person in her life.
William also plays the piano, and sometimes he and Nancy will play four-hand piano duets.

2. Model Ship
Since the Merrimans are in the merchant trade and live near a seaport, Mr. Merriman has several model ships that he keeps around the house. 
This is a model of la Nina, one of the three ships that Christopher Columbus sailed on when he came to America.

3. Window
The window curtains in the whole house are Mrs. Merriman's current project, so they are not quite finished yet. 
The windows look out onto the neighborhood, and the curtains match the decor of the rest of the parlour.

4. Violin
William is very accomplished on the violin, and will often get it out to serenade visitors and to do a very convincing imitation of the young Mozart's performance to the queen, in which, legend has it, he asked the queen to marry him.

5. Sewing Chair
Mrs. Merriman's most comfortable chair is her sewing chair, where she sits to work on all of her various projects.  Right now she is working on sewing curtains and a new dress for herself. 
After that she will move on to more jackets and long coats for William and Edward.


The Parlour Part II

1. Fireplace
The main fireplace in the parlour is made of brick and sheds a warm glow over the rest of the room.  It holds another model ship, and several pictures of the family. 
One of William's
chores every day is to make the fire in this fireplace.

2. Chess set
The center of family time in the evening is the chess set that Edward brought back from one of his trips to England.

3. Couch
The big couch in the parlour is very helpful whenever Mrs. Fox happens to visit the sewing circle because it is so luxurious and comfortable that she likes to take up the whole couch in order to speak to Lily about weeding her garden.

4. Cloaks
The cloak hanger is near to the fire so that the cloaks can dry off in the wintertime, and stay warm until they need to go outside.

5. Horse Portraits
Felicity is not the only one in the family who enjoys horses.  Edward is also an admirer of finely bred horses, and inherited these photographs from Lily's father at his plantation.

6. Sword
Edward's sword hangs above the fireplace where it stands ready to defend the family and household should the need ever arise.  William's dearest wish is to be worthy of wielding this sword.


The Kitchen

1. Work table
This nice big table in the kitchen gives the girls a workspace to chop vegetables, sort food and prepare dishes away from the fire.

2. Fireplace
The large brick fireplace in the kitchen is so big that the girls can almost fit inside it when there isn't any fire going. 
The rest of the time, it is busy cooking several dishes at a time, while always keeping coffee and tea boiling and liberty biscuits baking. 
The mantel also holds tea leaves, butter, pepper and lots of different types of tea.

3. Bench
The bench in the kitchen is very handy for long hard days of cooking.  The girls can sit here while they stir, or wait here while something is cooking or baking. 
It also is a nice warm place to sit and read or sew even when there isn't anything cooking.

4. Recipe
The piece of string attached to the mantelpiece is very handy for hanging recipes, aprons, herbs and plants so that they are easy to grab or read while cooking.


The Pantry

1. Desk
The desk near the door is where most of the family's written affairs are handled.  This is where Mr. Merriman writes taxes, bills and state papers, and where all of the girls write back to their letters using a quill and ink. 
It is also where Mrs. Merriman writes her household management columns and even pens market lists in her finest handwriting.

2. Pantry
The pantry holds all of the Merriman's food from the market, pots and pans, plates, napkins, recipes and cups.

3. Clock
The clock on the desk is very important because it is the only one that works in the house.  William's daily duty is to wind the clock so it never stops. 
Without this one clock, the family wouldn't know what time it is!

4. Work Table
The other half of the work table is near the pantry so food can be taken from both ends and prepared in the middle.


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The Barn

1. Horse Stall
The one stall in the Merriman's barn is for Penny the horse.  It opens on the right side by lifting up the little wooden stick. 

2. Fire
The fire in the barn keeps the animals warm during the winter, and is also used for some

3. Sidings
Mr. Merriman hasn't quite finished the sidings on the barn yet, so he keeps the extra pieces in the barn. 
He also still has to shingle the roof.

4. Bridle
Penny's bridle and other things to help hook her up to the carriage are kept on hooks on the wall where William can grab them when he pulls the carriage up.

5. Penny
Felicity's horse Penny is a fine copper mare who enjoys jumping fences.  She likes to eat oats and carrots.

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The Privy

1. Toilet
The Merriman's toilet is in an outhouse, and is a simple hole in a seat of wood. 
The Merrimans can't figure out why strange plants and hay keep ending up in their privy, but they suspect Mr. Montoya of trying to do away with the muck from his goat shed.

2. Toilet Paper
Its another one of William's jobs to always make sure there is toilet paper in the privy.

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