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News about the latest movie in the OUR DOLLS collection.  Follow movies through their planning stages and filming on this page!

Past Doll Movie News:

The Kitty Kapers Blog

The Nutcracker Movie

Title: The Doll Nutcracker

Plotline: This is a video of the entire Doll Nutcracker performance, as enjoyed by hundreds of people in our living room over a period of six years.  The entire two-hour ballet is uniquely choreographed for dolls, and the costumes, props, and sets are a product of years and years of work.
Cast: Everyone in Pleasantville, as well as appearances by the Gothard Sisters
Scenes we're looking forward to:
This video is going to be released on a two-disc DVD and will feature a wealth of behind-the-scenes features and special extras such as:

 Mrs. Montoya's Ballet Masterclass -finished!
Learn some of the moves used in the Doll Nutcracker to perform with your doll!

 Behind-The-Scenes - in progress
Go backstage with the cast and see how the production works

How It All Started - finished!
Back to the beginning of our dollplay and inclination to put on huge productions, including lots of old videos!

Costumes - finished!
How the costumes were made and what inspired them, with looks at our original costumes.

* Props and Sets - finished!
How the props and sets were made and what inspired them as well as their uses and purpose.

* Rehearsing
Special glimpses into the amount of work that went into the production of the Nutcracker

Nancy Five News Special - finished!
Interviews with the top stars of the Nutcracker, including Felicity Merriman, Andres, Dolores and Josefina Montoya, and Anna Larson.

* Blooper Reel
Lots of hilarious mistakes and blunders during performances, rehearsals, and interviews!

* Christmas In Pleasantville - finished!
A tour of the dollhouses during Christmastime, as the guests of the Nutcracker get to see during the year!

* Getting Ready - finished!
Follow us through a long day of getting ready for a Nutcracker performance.  See what we have to do to make each performance a success.
...and much more!

Release Date: TBD

Title: (working title) The Healer
Plotline: Josefina feels inadequate at home and travels to Mexico City to learn how to be a Curandera from her aunt.  Her small ambition soon helps the entire town of Pleasantville.
Cast: Josefina, Francisca, Rebecca, Clara, Juan, Antonio, Mrs. and Mr. Montoya, Tia Magdalena, Peppers the horse, the Larson Family, the Merriman Family, the Parkington family, various Mexico City residents.
Scenes we're looking forward to: Josefina practicing her remedies at Tia Magdalena's house, Josefina and Peppers running into robbers in the desert, Juan and Antonio play tricks on Clara, the entire Montoya household!  We love playing in there, so a movie should reflect that.

Release Date: TBD

March 28th, 2006

~Willow writes a short story, "Francisca comes to Pleasantville" that we think could make a very good doll movie.

~ Greta and Willow discuss the idea of perhaps doing a "Nutcracker-esque" doll movie instead of stop-frame animation?

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These pages are for the display of the private collection of the Gothard Sisters, and for the sale of certain homemade items which we have copyright over.