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Ever since we were very little, music has been a huge part of our lives, and part of our dollplay.  Every time we sit down to play dolls, we listen to music as well. 
Over the years, we've come up with very specialized playlists for each of the doll families, which are historically accurate for their time period, and are also based on their nationalities. 

I've compiled a list here of the albums and songs that we listen to in each house, taken directly from the playlists on our ipods.  They each contain a link to the Amazon page for each album, but most of these albums (or similar ones using the title as a general search) can be found at your local libraries.

Music adds such a huge element to making dollplay seem real and making it all so fun.  Enjoy yourselves, and let us know if you have any suggestions to add to the list!




The Montoya Family
(Musical Time Period: Late 1700's to Early 1800's and Spanish/Mexican Cultural Music)

Mario Olivares

Mariachi Tradicional Azteca De Rafael Arredondo
Por Tapatias

The Chiefains

William Clauson
Monitor Presents El Charro Guerro

Gypsy Fire
Various Artists

Mondobeat- Masters of Percussion
Various Artists

Quichua Mashis
El Caminante


Seabiscuit Soundtrack, Selected tracks
"Marcela/Agua Caliente"

Holiday Music:

Charles Sedak
Spanish Guitar Christmas

The American Girl Christmas
Josefina tracks


The Larson Family
(Musical Time Period: Any Irish, Scottish, or German Cultural Music)

The Gothard Sisters
 (that's us!!!)
Daughters of Erin

Dougie MacLean
(highly recommended!)
Inside the Thunder
Marching Mystery
Perthshire Amber
Singing Land

The Best of Altan

Tommy Sands
"There were Roses"

The Best of Clannad

The Thistle and Shamrock
The Best of the Thistle and Shamrock

Natalie MacMaster
Yours Truly
My Roots are Showing
In My Hands

Eileen Ivers
Crossing the Bridge
Eileen Ivers and Immigrant Soul

Liz Carroll
Lost in the Loop

Year of the Dog
Half Tail
This Strange Place


The Parkington Family
(Musical Time Period: Romantic music and popular ragtime from the early 1900's)

A Little Princess Soundtrack
Patrick Doyle


The Windmill Family
(Musical Time Period: Mid- 1900's Rock and Roll)

The Ventures

The Beach Boys

Elvis Pressley

Bryan Adams

Paul's Piano Pieces:

Liszt Totentanz

Rachmaninov Piano Concertos


This website and it's contents are in no way officially related to Pleasant Company, American Girl, My Twinn, Magic Attic, Gotz or any of the companies mentioned on these pages. 
These pages are for the display of the private collection of the Gothard Sisters, and for the sale of certain homemade items which we have copyright over.