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Using Our Dolls, my sisters and I have made the following high-quality entertainment products. 
We have two full-length movies for sale right now, depicting scenes and storylines that come out of our daily doll-play.

If you love dolls, these movies are for you.  People of all ages enjoy these movies!  To see what they have said, please read our Our Dolls video reviews .
We have DVDs for sale of these movies, storybooks, doll clothing and other goodies for sale as well.  Take a look!


The Kitty Kapers:
Case of the Stolen Dress

A valuable dress has been stolen from Pleasantville's fanciest Clothes Boutique.  Nancy Merriman and her friends Elizabeth, Clara and Anna are determined to discover who is behind the robbery and to chase down the thief in order to get the dress back.

Pleasantville, usually a nice quiet town, is suddenly full of suspicious behavior.  Clara's older sister is seen sneaking out at night without telling anyone where she's going.  Nancy's maid is seen admiring the dress even though it is below her station, and a mysterious person is caught stealing food.  Something fishy is going on and more is at stake than just a dress.  Soon some valuable jewels turn up missing as well, and it's up to the kitties to solve the mystery.


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The Doll Nutcracker DVD

The Doll Nutcracker is an exciting, uplifting and thoroughly unique production put on by the Gothard Sisters in their living room every year for friends and family.  Raving reviews of this ballet have called it "so beautiful it made me want to cry," among other things.

Now you can bring the magic of the Nutcracker into your home with this two-DVD set including an entire disc of special features and behind-the-scenes specials on how we have made this production what it is today.


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Doll Nutcracker Sweatshirts

A souvenir sweatshirt from the biggest holiday event in Doll Country! 

Cuddle up in this cozy white sweatshirt during the holiday season.



The Gothard Sisters have finally released their first Celtic recording, "Daughters of Erin."  

Filled with tunes inspired by their favorite artists and performances, as well as winks and nods to their classical roots with such themes as Pachelbel's Kanon and Dies Irae, it also includes several original compositions by Greta Gothard, as well as a tune written by our friend Owen Barrington.

The CD incorporates the Gothard Sisters' talents on multiple instruments:  fiddle, voice, bodhran (the Irish drum), and guitar, as well as their dancing taps on several tracks.
Enjoy the spirit of the Gothard Sisters' inspiring show in this new album! 



"...and to All a Good Night"

Our violin trio's Christmas CD.  This recording is our first, and includes our favorite holiday carols and music we love to listen to during the Christmas season.

Buy a copy to listen to by the fire on Christmas Eve, and while you play dolls all morning by the Christmas tree.


This website and it's contents are in no way officially related to Pleasant Company, American Girl, My Twinn, Magic Attic, Gotz or any of the companies mentioned on these pages. 
These pages are for the display of the private collection of the Gothard Sisters, and for the sale of certain homemade items which we have copyright over.