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Angelica and Sonja's House

1. Clothes
Angelica keeps all her clothes stacked in her bedside dresser, but she isn't home much so sometimes they can end up all over the floor.  Angelica takes advantage of her discount at the Clothes Boutique and makes sure that she always has the latest clothes to suit her special style.

2. Bed
Angelica's bed has been host to many a slumber party between her and her friends.  She has a huge comfy mattress and quilt, and together they will all watch movies and drink tea on the bed.  She also does her homework here.

3. Computer
Angelica has a very spiffy computer, which she uses as her TV as well.  She likes renting new (and old) movies from Alex's Electronics to watch while she makes dinner or practices the guitar.

4. Fireplace
The Romanakovs got their fireplace from the Larsons, and it adds warmth and light to the entire apartment.  It took her quite a while to learn how to make a fire from Mr. Larson, but she finally got it right.
Angelica keeps her Russian stacking dolls on display on the mantelpiece.

5. Christmas Tree
Every year as soon as Sonja is out of the house, Angelica has lots of fun decorating their Christmas tree.  Using all of Sonja's fancy wraps, jewelry and purses, she has plenty of sparkly colorful stuff to decorate her tree with!  Sonja never even notices because she spends too much time with Cristal and Suzanne.

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