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The Purr Family and the Wickon Family now live next door to each other in the brand new Downtown Apartments.  Cristal lives in Apartment A, with the downstairs serving as her Hair Salon for customers. 
The Wickons live in Apartment B very comfortably, and Suzanne is very happy because now she and Cristal can visit together every day!

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The Hair Salon

1. Window
Cristal's window is strategically located to draw in more customers.  Walking through town square, they are able to gaze in at the pictures of hairstyles on the walls and the warm, friendly pink glow of Cristal's lamp.  When she really manages to get started on her business again, Cristal plans to advertise in her large window and sew beautiful, luxurious curtains for them.

2. Salon Chair
This chair is where all of Cristal's customers sit to have their hair curled and smoothened and styled in elaborate hairstyles.  They can also get special treatments and facials including cucumbers on their eyes and mud masks.

3.  Vanity Table
Although Cristal actually ends up spending more time at this table than her customers, this seat is where the fashionable ladies can take a look at their new hairstyles in the triple mirrors and admire themselves.

4. Bath
Hidden behind this dreamy curtain is a luxurious bath where Cristal wets her customers' hair or gives them lovely baths with scented soaps and shampoos.  It is quite normal for someone to spend several hours in the bath, since it is so very relaxing.

5. Pictures
Cristal displays pictures on the walls of hairstyle examples for picky customers or customers who don't know what they want. 

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Purr Upstairs

1.  Desk
Here is where Cristal writes many many bills to her customers, and occasionally jots down some juicy gossip to send to Suzanne or Sonja.  She also likes to send complaint notices to the Clothes Boutique, but not nearly as much as Suzanne does.  She keeps a picture of the dear Wickon family on her desk so she can look at them when she is gossiping with Suzanne on her pink phone.

2. Window
Cristal's window is a very good vantage point to survey the goings-on in Town Square.  If there is a horse illegally walking through, she will be sure and report it to Mr. Merriman before anyone else even notices it is there.  She also likes to spy on people entering and leaving the bank, to see if she can hear how much money they have.  Just to make sure that she is still the richest person in Pleasantville, of course.

3. Clothes Dresser
Cristal's many fashionable dresses are kept neatly folded and pressed in her dresser.  It used to have two doors, but she decided to remove one of them after one two many scrapes trying to find the perfect dress when potential customers are making their way towards her salon.

4. The Bed
Cristal's frilly pink bed is just big enough for her to stretch out luxuriously.  Vera and KT are allowed to sleep in it during the day, but she gets it all to herself at night.  That's when Vera and KT get to find nice couches downstairs to sleep on. 

5. Wraps
Cristal keeps all her fashionable wraps hanging  on the wall with her hats so she can pick the best one to go with her outfit.

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Wickon Downstairs

1. Table
Suzanne uses her table to write many notes of complaints to every store and person in Pleasantville, to pen her infamous Gossip Column and also to write notes and letters to her dear friends Suzanne and Sonja.
This is where she serves large Italian dinners for John when he gets back from Mrs. Fox's mansion where he works. 
She also loves to hold tea parties for her best friends with chocolate eclairs and sweets from the sweet shop.

2. Window
Suzanne's window looks out onto Town Square where she can spy on everyone going about their day-to-day activities.  She keeps a wary eye and a pen and paper close by so she can write down anything that would be hilariously funny or scandalous in her gossip column.  She installed a curtain recently so she can hide her nose behind it, otherwise people might know she was watching them.
Outside her window is her prized rose bush, which is growing strong even after being transplanted for her recent move.

3. Kitchen
Suzanne keeps her kitchen well stocked with Italian ingredients, lots of tea, sweets, cakes and more than enough supplies for Shepherd's Pie, which is John's favorite dish.
She also has many pearled dishes, which were made for her by Cristal.

4. Fireplace
Sitting on her mantelpiece are portraits of Polly and John, as well as an eggcup holding the day's eggs from the Food Stand.
Suzanne cooks all of her food on the fire, so she keeps it going all day behind it's iron grate.

5. John's Chair
Taking up nearly a quarter of the downstairs living space is John's enormous chair, where he sits whenever he is not at work and reads his newspaper.  This is also where he likes to sit and eat Shepherd's Pie and have a nice glass of wine whenever Suzanne and Polly aren't around so he can have some peace and quiet

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Wickon Upstairs

1. Bed
The large pink bed in the Wickon's house is identical to the one that Cristal has in her apartment.  Mrs. Wickon keeps her nightgown hidden inside her nightcap at the end of the bed.

2. John's Top Hats
Suzanne got so tired of John wearing the same outfit to work everyday (a black jacket and black top hat) that she ordered him a huge batch of differently colored jackets and top hats.  She keeps them all stacked where he can easily pick a new color for work every day.

3. Sink
Suzanne performs her daily toilette at this sink where she keeps all of her fancy shampoos and perfumes that she either bought or recieved as gifts from Cristal.  The fancy mirror on the wall was a Christmas present from Sonja, and she keeps her phone next to the sink so she can constantly call Cristal for fashion advice while she is getting dressed.

4. Wraps
Suzanne keeps all of her fancy fashionable wraps on display in her bedroom so that she will always be able to find the one that perfectly matches her outfit.

5. Dresser
All of Suzanne's specially tailored dresses hang in her small dresser, which is also covered in all of her fancy hats.
She wants to get a new one, however, because she "needs" more dresses.

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