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The Wilson family and the Chen family live together in a large apartment near Town Square. 
This helps both Alexandra and Suzanna to run their businesses easily.

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The Living Room and Kitchen

1. Stove
Alex cooks all of her Chinese dishes on this stove every day, and you can always find a nice simmering pot of white rice going.  The radio on the stove keeps her busy as she listens to Nafy and Elizabeth V and the local jazz station while she cooks.

2. Clippings
Alex likes to cut out pictures and articles from the newspaper and tape them up to the wall above the stove.  This helps her follow the newest recipes and makes her smile when she looks at the drawings of her friends and family.

3. Chair
Alex uses Feng Shui in her decorating strategies for the apartment.  This corner is the relationships gua, which requires a lot of pink.  She found the perfect squishy couch at a garage sale, and it fits the corner perfectly!  It is also where she practices her special instrument that was purchased in Oyghur, China.

4. Lanterns
To keep the apartment cheery and warm, Alex hung Chinese lanterns everywhere.  These make her feel happy and light up the space.

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Suzanna's Bedroom

1. Dresser
Suzi and Elinor keep their many clothes in their dresser, along with pictures of their family members back in Wisconsin, and drawers full of old school papers and letters. 

2. Table
The Wilsons and the Chens both eat their hurried meals at this bamboo table.  It is also a nice place to sit and read letters or answer bills, since Alex always keeps a nice pot of tea ready for anyone who may want it.

3. Suzi's Desk
This is where Suzi works on the articles for her newspaper, answers letters and bills, does her homework, and puts together her newspaper for distribution.
She also keeps a large black observations notebook and likes to take time to write down everything in the vicinity exactly as she sees it.

4. Bed
Suzi and Elinor both share this bed, which has a trundle bed underneath that Elinor can roll out at night to have her own bed.
Suzi likes to keep it as neat and nice-looking as possible, but Alex always manages to Feng Shui it somehow.

5. Carpets
All through the house are Alex's special Chinese carpets, which she brought back from her Chinese restaurant when she lived in New York.  They were her great grandparents' when they lived in China.

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Alex's Bedroom

1. Dresser
Alex's dresser holds all of her trendy clothes and Mei Mei's funny little dresses, as well as holding her birdcage with her little nightingale in it.

2. Bed
Alex's bed is on the ground, the way she likes it, and holds her cozy stuffed panda bear.

3. Letters
Alex hasn't been home for a while, so she has a huge stack of letters and bills to get on top of. 

4. Chow - Ping
Mei Mei's stuffed orange dragon named Chow Ping has a place of honor in the bedroom.  Mei Mei still prays to him every day to try and fix his broken head, but so far it hasn't worked out.

5. School Pictures
Alex keeps all of her friends' school pictures taped up on her wall to make her smile when she wakes up in the morning.

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