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One lovely day, Suzanne and Cristal were having a lovely chat at Cristal's Hair Salon. 

They had gotten out some nice peppermint candies and poured themselves some cups of tea and were happily telling each other the latest news of town square.


"Did you hear the dreadful news about Angelica?"  Suzanne said nonchalantly, taking a dainty sip of tea.

"Oh no darling, what has happened this time?  Did she finally run out of money?"  Cristal answered, popping a peppermint into her dainty mouth.

"Well, she hasn't exactly run completely out of money yet," Suzanne expanded, "but she has gotten under one thousand in her checking account, (I can tell you as a secret- Lisa didn't notice me listening in to their conversation yesterday) and that means that she is no longer allowed to write checks!"

"Oh what disgrace!  What a horrible thing!"  Cristal said, excitedly grabbing three peppermints.


On the counter display of Cristal's Hair Salon sat her new wig display.  Cristal had just ordered a few wigs to test them out on customers, and so far she had one copper men's wig and one blonde, curly women's wig. 

As soon as there was a lapse in the conversation, she tried to bring Suzanne's attention to them.


"Why, Suzanne darling, have you seen my new blonde curly wig that I am selling?"  Cristal said, crossing her store to the display and pointing it out.

"It's lovely darling, but you know I don't need a wig.  I already have beautiful hair you know, all thanks to you of course!"  Suzanne said, as politely as she could.

"Oh I know that you don't need one," Cristal said, scoffing, "but I did think.... perhaps Polly?"

"Oh yes yes yes!  Polly's hair is absolutely DREADFUL.  Oh if she looked like this, she would be so polite and sweet!"  Suzanne exclaimed.


Suzanne ran to the door of the Hair Salon and called her daughter, Polly from their apartment next door.

"Priscilla Pauleen Wickon!  Come over here this instant or you will not have any shepherd's pie for dinner!"  Suzanne trilled, happily.

"Coming, mom..." Polly answered, sadly


Cristal grabbed Polly's hand and sat her down by the display. 

Stretching the wig out, she carefully placed it on Polly's head and adjusted it so that it looked real.

"Ouch!"  Polly yelled, "no pokey!  That hurts!"


"Ta Da!"  Sang Cristal, throwing up her hands in delight.

"Oh darling it looks so.... darling!  She looks so sweet and nice and well-behaved.  I'll take it."  Suzanne said, whipping out her checkbook.

She wrote out a check for $275 and handed it to Cristal.

"Oh darling, let's celebrate Polly's new look!"  She said, taking Cristal's hand.  "I have some lovely chocolates and cakes and leftover shepherd's pie that we can have with more tea.  Come, Polly!"


Over at Suzanne's house, the two of them got out a large box of chocolates and started celebrating the new wig.

"Oh and now she will fit in just fine at Proper School finally," Suzanne said, sighing with relief and taking a large bite of chocolate, "All of those other -gulp- girls have always had such beautiful curls.  Take Sonja, for example."

"Oh yes, and with a good new uniform, you won't even be able to tell who she REALLY is."  Cristal said, picking up leftover crumbs on her plate with her dainty white paw.


However, one person in the house was NOT as pleased with the new wig. 

Polly looked around at her mother and Cristal, who kept pulling out more chocolates and drinking more tea, and tucking her skirt up a bit, she quietly snuck out the window onto the street.


"I can't believe that they are going to make me wear a WIG," Polly said, burying it deep in the Larson's garden. "That is SO embarassing."

She looked around several times before returning silently to her house.  No one would need to notice it was gone, just as long as she stayed away from Cristal and Suzanne for long enough. 

"I'm NEVER going to wear a wig, or anything fashionable.  Ugggh!"  Polly said, as she entered the house again.


However, avoiding Cristal and Suzanne was harder than she had expected.

"WHAT DID YOU DO WITH YOUR WIG?!"  Cristal squeeked, throwing up her hands in the air.

"DARLING WHERE IS YOUR HAIR?!"  Suzanne yelped.


Back at the Larson's farm, Britta was coming out to do her chores with a bucket to collect all of the tall weeds covering their garden plot. 

Britta had neglected her weeding for a long time because it had been so cold and snowy, but the sun had come out and her mother told her there would be no excuses, she needed to weed the garden or plants wouldn't grow.


While she was digging away at the weeds in the garden, Britta discovered something very strange buried at the feet of the scarecrow.

"This looks like someone's hair!"  She said, taking it out and shaking the dirt off.


"Oh well, maybe the scarecrow would like some hair, he's bald except for all that hay..."  Britta said, and stood up on a bucket to put the curls on top of the scarecrow. 

Standing back to look at the scarecrow from a distance, she giggled and returned inside to the warm fire.


"I didn't like my wig, and I refuse to wear it so I buried it!"  Polly said, trying hard not to be incredibly angry.

"Priscilla Pauleen Wickon!!!  I cannot believe that you did this horrible thing!"  Suzanne shouted, grabbing Polly's ear.

"Take us to the place where you buried that wig.  It was very expensive and fashionable and we must find it at all costs!"


On her way out of the forest to go hunting, Kaya passed a very strange person standing in a large open plot of soil.

"Look at how the scarecrow is so brave a warrior and all of the crows and animals are scared to approach him," Kaya remarked to her dog, Tatlo.

"I wonder if we take a token from this brave warrior, if we will then have a little of his bravery and determination for our hunt today?"


Jumping off her horse and poking the wig with her spear, she removed it from the scarecrow's head.

"What a strange hunting tool," she said, plopping it onto her head.  "It must have hidden magical powers."


Kaya rode proudly through town square wearing her new headdress.  Tatlo trotted along by her side, giving the wig strange looks.

All of a sudden, Kaya was stopped by General John Wickon of the Pleasantville Police Department.

"Young lady, what gives you the right to ride through this public square mounted on a horse and brandishing a weapon?"  He demanded, looking far above him and squinting in the sunlight in order to see Kaya's face. 

When he finally did see her face though, he quickly looked away because it was so fierce.


Steps High, Kaya's horse, didn't like General Wickon either, apparantly.  He reared, tossing Kaya into the back of her saddle. 

She threw up her hands momentarily to try and regain her balance, and the wig slipped off and landed on the ground.

With a great yell, Kaya got back on her saddle, kicked Steps High into action, and together they flew out of town towards the plains to hunt.


"I promise you, it was right here!"  Polly said desparately, motioning to the hole at the foot of the scarecrow.   "I buried it here, i'm sure it was here.  Someone must have taken it or dug it up!"

"Polly, you are in deep trouble."  Cristal said, wailing.

"I wonder if anyone in town saw whoever dug it up?"  Suzanne said.


"Oh that would help a little bit, but that poor wig!  Such a fine quality product!  Now it is probably covered in dirt..." 
Cristal sobbed, flinching and glaring at Polly for her obvious disrespect of fine quality products.


Sonja had been doing some window shopping in the Merriman's General Store, and when she came out the door she found a very strange object lying in town square.

"Oh how dreadful,"  she said, picking it up.  "Paul must have dropped this out of the trash yesterday.  Ick."


Sonja held the wig at arms-length and walked over to the nearest trash can. 

Pinching her nose from the stink, she neatly dropped it in the can and covered it up.


A few minutes later, Paul Windmill rounded the corner to do today's trash rounds. 

The trash can in town square was the biggest one in town, so he headed straight for that one.


Gathering up the edges of the trash bag, he tugged and tugged at it until it came out of the trash can.

Then he tossed the bag over his shoulders, closed up the trash can, and headed off to the dump to sort out the trash.


Back at the dump, Paul sorted through the trash.  He put all the holiday wrapping paper in one pile, all the plastics and trash in another, and all the recyclable papers in another. 

Finally, there was just one object left that didn't fit in any of his categories.

"WHAT is this?  It looks like some kind of wig for the theater or something..." he said, turning it around in his hand.

"Well obviously someone didn't want it.  But I bet Heather would like it...."


Suzanne, Cristal and Polly ran from the Larson's garden into town square to try and discover if anyone had seen the wig being dug up.

They ran into Sonja, who looked slightly disgusted, but not too much more so than usual, and asked her if she had seen anyone digging up a wig in the Larson's garden.

She blinked at them a few times, confused by the strangeness of their question, and then told them about the ugly wig she had found and thrown away.

"Darling, you THREW IT AWAY?!"  Suzanne wailed.  "I paid $275 for that wig, and you THREW IT AWAY?"


"I'm so sorry, Suzanne!  It might still be there, let's go look," Sonja said hopefully, leading them over to the trash can.

They lifted the lid and all slowly peered in.

"It's empty."  Said Polly, stating the obvious.

"Where IS that Paul Windmill...." said Suzanne, in a rather dangerous voice.


"Hey Heather, look what I found!"  Paul said, leaning out the upstairs window to talk to his sister, who was currently acting on the roof, pretending to be Juliet.

"Look, it's a curly wig!  I figured you could probably play dress-up with it, since your own hair doesn't curl very well." 

"Well of course I can use it!  But Paul, this is not dress-up, this is serious acting practice.  Someday I will be famous."  Heather answered, seriously.

"Oh right, of course, sorry I forgot..." he mumbled, covering his hysterical giggles and leaving the wig with his strange sister.


Heather put the wig on carefully and then assumed a dramatic pose, holding onto the neighbor's chimney for balance.

"Oh Romeo..." she began, turning her head slightly.

No wait, she thought, that isn't effective enough.  Juliet is supposed to be very passionate.  I should be more involved.


"Oh Romeo!!" she said again, this time whipping her head around and tossing her new curls.

Unfortunately, the spin made the wig fly off and sail down the neighbor's chimney.

"Oh Romeo."  She said, completely annoyed.


A soft thump out of her fireplace made Lisa look up from her endless sums and bank books.

"What is that?"  She wondered, looking at the mess of what looked like black, soot-covered.... curls.

"How very strange!"  She said, picking it up.


"Well, I suppose that this town is so varied in cultural time periods and nationalities, if I advertise to sell it somehow SOMEONE will want it for some reason," she reasoned, logging onto the Pleasantville Radio Station website and contacting Elizabeth Cole.

A few minutes later, an advertisement for a small black wig was playing on all of the radios in Pleasantville.

On the other side of town, Lily Merriman heard the advertisement and called up immediately.  Sending a $50 check to Lisa, she requested it be sent to her house as soon as possible.


After crossing town square, catching a bus, walking for a few blocks and getting distracted several times, Suzanne, Cristal and Polly finally reached the Windmills' house.

"I demand to speak to Paul Windmill!!"  Suzanne said, rapping smartly on the front door.

Paul came to the door.

"Have you seen a small, blonde, curly wig recently?"  Cristal asked, frantically.

"Yeah there was one in the trash, but I figured no one wanted it, so I gave it to Heather."  Paul started to explain.

"And when I was wearing it, it accidentally fell down Lisa's chimney."  Heather answered, coming up beside Paul.


Mrs. Merriman was heading out to check the mail when she found her new package from Lisa DeVacamont. 

"Ah, the wig has arrived," she said, lifting it up and carefully carrying it inside the warm house.


"Come, William, your new wig has arrived,"  Mrs. Merriman said, calling her son into the living room and unpacking the box.

"Ugh!"  William said, looking at the blonde curly wig in his mother's hand.  "Mother, i'm not wearing that!"

"But Lisa advertised it as being a small, black wig!"  Said Mrs. Merriman, disappointed and confused.  "And this packing job is horrible.  Look at all the soot on the sides of the box."


Disappointed, Mrs. Merriman dropped the unsuccessful wig into her sewing pile so she could decide what to do with it later. 

Then she sighed and headed back to the kitchen to prepare supper.


"I can't believe she was going to make me wear a curly blonde wig, Pierre," William said to his friend Pierre le Fox.

"Oui, it is very unreasonable and... funny," said Pierre, guffawing politely.


Nan entered the room dragging her feet, unwilling to work on her sewing. 

Picking up the pillowcase she'd been working on, she sewed up three sides, complaining all the way so that Pierre and William could hear how unhappy she was and invite her to study Latin with them.


Finished with three sides of her pillowcase, Nan searched around absentmindedly for some stuffing.

Picking up the bunches of curls, she stuffed the pillow and kept up her constant babble about how unfair it was that girls have to sew and boys get to learn things and that maybe some boys are very very nice boys who like chocolate, maybe?  and would be interested in letting her join them, maybe?


William and Pierre didn't bite. 

Sticking her tongue out at them and finishing up the last seem of her pillow, she walked upstairs indignantly to see what Rachel was doing.


Lisa looked up from her laptop to a persistant knocking on her front door.

"I wonder who that could be," she wondered, "No one ever visits me."

Cristal, Suzanne and Polly all poured into her small apartment as soon as she opened the door.

"Have you seen a small, curly blonde wig?  Perhaps, did it fall out of your chimney?"  Suzanne said, barely remaining polite.

"Oh yes, I did. Was it yours?  I'm sorry, I'm afraid I already sold it to Lily Merriman on the radio station.  I didn't realize any of you wore a black wig."  Lisa answered, before realizing that the three crazy ladies had already left her apartment on their way to find Mrs. Merriman.


Upstairs at the Merriman's house, Rachel was playing dolls with her friend Teresa Berg. 

They had just made their dolls go to school, and now they were having a tea party before the lady's sewing circle. 

Soon, however, they wanted to make beds for their dolls so they could go to sleep.


Nan walked into the bedroom just as they were discussing it.

"Nan, have you seen anything that would make a good doll mattress?"  Teresa asked, searching the room for squishy small things.

Nan looked down at the new pillow in her hand.  "Sure, you can use this new pillow that I made," she said, feeling happy that she could be of some use to someone.

"Oh thank you, Nan!"  Teresa said, turning the pillow into a lovely bed for her doll.  "This is just perfect!"


"I wish I had a nice simple pillow like this that I could use as a doll mattress," Teresa told Rachel, as they tucked their dolls in.

"I am not allowed to use any of the brocade parlour pillows, I always get in trouble with Mrs. Hawkins."

"Oh well you may take this pillow home, if you would like," Rachel said, picking it up and handing it to Teresa.  "I don't have any further use for it.  And I'm sure your dolls would love it!"
"Oh thank you ever so much, Rachel!"  Teresa said, waving goodbye.


As soon as Teresa got home, she was called into the music room for her harp lesson from Rebecca. 

She quickly placed her new pillow on the green couch and hurried to get to her lesson, smoothing out her white pinafore and straightening out her hairbow.


Mrs. Merriman was surprised by some visitors in her kitchen later in the day.

Suzanne, Cristal and Polly dashed into the large room, obviously very distressed. 

"Have you seen a small, curly, blonde wig?"  They all asked.

"I have," she said, leading them over to her sewing area.  Surprised not to see it there, she asked her daughters if they'd seen it and finally the truth about the wig sewn into a pillowcase came out.

"So you mean that it just went home with Teresa Berg to the Parkington's mansion?"  Cristal squeeked.


Snowball the dog entered the green parlour.  A funny smell was coming from the couch today.  It smelled like food, but also like human.  And kind of dirty. 

Snowball, curious, grabbed the edge seam of the pillow and ripped with his practiced teeth to try and find out where the smell was coming from.

Out popped first one blonde curl, then a few more, until Snowball was holding a very strange object in his mouth.

He didn't like the taste.  It tasted awful.  But he could hear the footsteps of Mrs. Hawkins headed towards the parlour, so he scuttled out and headed towards the kitchen with the strange object.


As soon as he got into the kitchen, he shoved the curls under the stove and left as fast as possible, trying to find some water to get the ugly taste out of his mouth.


A few minutes later, Elsa Maud entered the kitchen and spotted the mess of curls lying at the bottom of the stove. 

Annoyed, she picked it up and put it on top of the cabinet, out of the way. 

She would have to speak to Sunny about the cleanliness of this kitchen.


"Oh dear, darlings,"  Cristal said, looking at the Parkington's mansion.

"It could be in there anywhere!  Where should we look first?"  Said Suzanne.


"I bet it would be up in Teresa's room," said Polly, speaking up for the first time.  "That's the window at the very top."

"Oh dear...." Said Suzanne and Cristal together.


Inside the kitchen, a sudden breeze from the dining room door opening and closing caused the wig to tip sideways off the cabinet and fall onto the stovetop.


Outside the Parkington's house, the three crazies were making their way up to Teresa's room, dangling from a rope tied around the windowsill.

"I don't like heights, darling," said Suzanne nervously, leaving the ground and flapping her wings weakly to help regain her balance.


"Remember, Polly," said Cristal, losing her footing and swinging out to face the street again.

"If you drop me, I CAN SUE!!"


"Whatever, lady," said Polly, watching the two of them make their way up the rope.

"Just pull on the rope and you'll be ok."

To find out what happens, please turn to page two!

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