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Name of dress:  Cow-Milking Dress
Made by:  
Greta Gothard
Made for:
Kirsten Larson
Made with: dark blue plaid and simple lace.

Kirsten was convinced to buy this fabric from the General Store by a very persuasive Felicity Merriman.  (See Felicity and Kirsten's chores.)

Once she bought it, she decided it would make a very nice winter dress, meaning she would put long sleeves on it and make the skirt a little longer than normal.


The bodice is gathered at the top and sewn into the collar, and gathered at the bottom and sewn into the waistband.


Kirsten ran out of dark blue thread, so against all rules of proper sewing, she made her seams in a bright white thread. 

You can see where it shows on her seams near the bottom of the skirt.  The lace she used was her mother's, and came from Norway.

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