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Dear Clara,             Septemberly the fourthiest, 2006

Uck uck blaghyucky yuck!  I don’t like sewing either, mother is about to make me sew some corn bags for the store.  BAH humbug.

Francisca seems like she would get on splendiferously with Rachel, dontcha think?  Right now Rachel is crying because she thinks she doesn’t have enough dresses and she just tattled on William for calling her a “silly goose.”  I mean, what’s so wrong with that?  Eh??  And mother still says that she is the most well-behaved in the house.  She (Rachel) buggedies me right to the very core right now!  I love Hippity Hop Happy Day!  But I’m a little scared to do it right now (particularly the dumping milk part) because mother would make me sew lace on those napkins!  I’ll do it someday though.  Get ready for…..

National Froggy Day!

1. You must hop across a bridge 5 times.

2. Then you must catch a frog and ribbit in harmony with it!

3. Whenever Franciscy enters the room, you must go cross-eyed and ribbit loudly while flicking your tongue in and out rapidly!


The Song of the William Fairy
I read, I write,
I play, I fight,
I like rain and I complain
about coffee stains
While everything I do is

to my own gain.

I love to eat,
anything will do,
but if you give me chicken pudding to chew
I will love you forever anew!

I like watching the soldiers
march along the ocean,
and try to copy their

militaristic motions.

Oh give me another math assignment
will you please?
For I can do it
with such ease!
Heaven forbid you ask for an essay though,
for that would be a mighty blow.

Well please write soon buddy old pal!  Your letters are splendiferous!  Lovesies and hugsies,  Nafy Quack M.

Dear Nafy!!!!!!!!!!!!!                 Augusty the twenty-seventhy 2006
Mama keeps bugging me about starting up a sewing project but I mean, who likes sewing?  Francisca, so far, has spent her whole afternoon fixing up her hair.  Sometimes I think that Francisca has quite a few similarities with peacocks!....alright, get ready for……
National Hippity Hop Happy Day!
1. You must hop around the house saying Hipityshnumper until you are all out of breath.
2. Then you must roast a corn and put it on buttered toast and put it on a plate that makes it look yummy and then jump out at whoever eats it and dump a bucket of milk over her/him.
3. Tell everyone you meet to be happy today and sing songs that are happy to all the animals that you meet!
J That was really fun to make up!
The Song of the
Bell Fairy

I ding dong
a merry song

For all those times of prayer
but also for the weary forks
who do not know of floods,
or any other type of such!
A weddings bell
A country spell
Are all I need to know
to hear this song through

Rain or snow and sink through the earth below.

It doesn’t really make sense, but I am not a famous poet or something.  Oh well…
I loved your poem about tea!  You should definitely put it in the Pleasantville Gazette!  Did you finish white-washing your barn?  Well I have to go help the peacock with dinner.
Lovesies,  Clara


Clarzzy!!                6-5-07
Oiks…embroidery?  That’s even worse than sewing corn bags and lace on napkins put together!  You actually have to concentrate on it!  At least you get to use pretty colors of thread though!  No, I don’t think my mommy’s heart melted a single drippy drop when I gave her the corn bags because she immediately assigned me to sewing bean and lentil bags!  Yep, I guess you and I will just have to live with Francy and Rachel.  But Rachel is 2493619831046.222 times worse!!!  Did you know she almost got a perfect score on her proper school exam?  And I didn’t!  Pooey!  And now I’ll never hear the end of it!  At least William knows what a stinker she really is too.  We both know her true nature.  I always feel like snapping my fingers in a Z formation at her!  You should try that on Franciscy sometime!  Heehee!  And tell me what she does!  (next page?  HOLLYDAY!)
*drum roll* drum roll* drum roll*
National Invisible Day
1. You must make it from the goat shed to the watchtower without being spotted by
2. Wear a sheet over your head (preferably white) and hide behind a bush.  Scare the first person who walks by!
3.  Meditate on top of Josefina/Francisca’s clothes dresser!
4. …and…sneak an extra ingredient into food someone is cooking!
The Song of the Paper Fairy
To be completely frank,
I always start blank.
But then the pen sprinkles
and I get crinkled,
and I become the tool

Of many a fool!
Clever, strange,
weird and smart,
I am often used for art!
And now do look.
I have been made into a very fine book!
What is safer
than using paper?
I am made from a tree
and writers completely depend upon me!

Write soon,
Nafy Quack M.

Clara- P.S. I am sorry that I never sent that wee bit of fabric!  It must have crept out of the envelope on it’s own.  I would send another, but I can’t seem to remember exactly where the fabric is right now…


Dear Nafy,                       Sep. 16, 2007
You are all bruised and bumbled and woozy over at my house right now.  Well Mama isn’t coaxing me into sewing now, she is coaxing me into bordado.  (Embroidery.)  Is embroidery fun?  Did you melt your Mommy’s hear when you showed her the corn bags?  Rachel and Francisca would get along!  At least when Rachel was over here last year during the Masked Ball the only person she wanted to be with was Francisca!  Right now Francisca is looking in her fashion book, her nose has been stuck in it all afternoon!  Why is being called a silly goose bad?  I loved Froggy day!  When I made the face at Francisca she was very confused!  Get ready for…..

National Hat Day!
1. You must run around the house 3 times saying “Peter piper picked some papered pens plus pickled pepper and precise peas.”
2. Then you must (all day) go around wearing all the hats that you have in your house.
3.  You must put all of the hats you were wearing onto your animals.
4.  When you have dinner you must cover all the dishes with hats instead of cloths or linens.
Mwehehehehehehe!  :P

The Song of the Rebecca Fairy
She sneezes she weezes
as long as she pleases
She gardens she harkens
at any small noise!

And praises of beauty
are welcomed with joy!
She weaves very merrily
and acts just like Franciscarie.

Write soon buddy ‘ol chum! 
Lovesies, huggsies and kissies, Clara

Dear Clara!!!!!!!              Augustus the seventeenthus 2006us

I certainly doesn’t like dusting!  Too many hachoos seem to occur when I do!  I like to magicalistically disappear when the subject is brought up and then magicalistically appear again when it has been finished.  *winkedy wink*  :P
Alright, get ready for….

National Fast Day

1.  Set a record for yourself and beat it doing your chores.

2.  Say “Happy Hippos Have Horses” 10 times superbly fast while you water Antonio.

3. Run in and out of your door 5 times each time you go inside and yell “CHOCOLATE!” yummy….


The Song of the Tea Fairy
Spicy and sweet, oh how neat!
Goes well with wheat, oh what a treat!
Wonderful for parties so drink up
me hearties!

There’s no cup o’tea that won’t
satisfy me so send me dozens

So I can feed all my cousins!

Overseas tea, we all must agree,
is the very best tea of all you see,
so bring out your tea caddies
all ye lassies and ladies!

There is enough for all,
come this fall,
so give the Merriman’s general store a call!

Heehee, that wasn’t so good.  Oh well.  Guess what?  We are whitewashing our house and barn!  It is a lot of work.  Bleeaaah!  Write soon!
Lovesies, Nafy Quack M.

Dear Nafy!!!!                   August 13, 2006
Do you like dusting?  Well, Heather is right now and everybody is sneezing like crazy!  Here is my holiday:
National Cell Phone Day
You must make five prank calls, and then make a big shrine for your cell phone and then do a crazy dance for it on a pile of pillows and mattresses, and then go to sleep hugging it!  :P

Here is a poem:
Song of the Camisa Fairy
I am long
I am short
I am something like a shirt!
I am mostly white all day
Till my owner spills to
my dismay!

Hey Nafy, you know how you said you’d send a wee bit of fabric?  Well I never got it.  Mama wants me to start a sewing project but I don’t want to!
Bye buddy!  Writey me sooney, okayie?
Love, Clara

Dear Clara!!!                    June firsty!  06
I’m super duper sorry that my hollyday got you in trouble with your Mama. 
L  I liked your holiday!  It was fun!  Heeheehee!  Here’s mine:

National Whatever Day!
You must splash in muddy puddles when it rains next and sing to the sky, yell “PUMPERSCHNICKLES!”  from the top of your watchtower, have a tea party with a pillow, and wear 5 skirts at the same time.  :D
Here’s a poem:

The Song of the Clothes Pin Fairy:
I snap open, I snap shut
I’m as strong as a nut.
Today I am holding up a skirt
so that it does not fall in the dirt.
When it rains though, I’m afraid,
my owners do no longer need my aid!

Mommy ordered some fabric from
Williamsburg recently and she got some especialitly for me!  I’m spending you a wee bit of it.  Dum deed um deed um… Bye buddy!  Write soon, okay?  Okay.
Love, Nafy Quack M.


Dear Nafy!!!!                   4/19/06
Soooo sorry for the late response but I had to think up a holiday!  I did your holiday, I though it was really clever!  But apparently my Mama didn’t think so cause she made me do my chores, plus ‘Tonio’s.  Oh well… some people just don’t appreciate holidays….
*drum roll please:*
Today is…………………………..

National Backwards Day!
You must do your chores backwards, walk backwards, cook backwards, sew backwards, write backwards, etc.  Then, you must chop five grande bell peppers and sing the National Anthem as high as you can and smell every flower in the garden.
Here is a poem:

Yonder come the hazy days
basking in the warm sun rays

Gently down the path ‘twill soon

Shimmer in the distant noon.
All the earth and we as well
are under summer’s magic spell!

Like it?  It took me forever to come up with!  Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Love, Clara Montoya


Dear Clara!!!                    3/7/06
Heeheeheehee!  I like that spifferdy hollyday!  I can’t wait to do it!!  I’m superdy duperdy glad that
Nancy likes the climate on that side of the stream cuz she didn’t really like it over here.  Today is…*drum roll please!*

National Off the Floor Day!
You must not let your feetsies touch the ground all day!  You have to be adventurous and pretend that it is certain death if you touch the ground.  Not only that but you have to do a ballet dance on the table and howl like a wolf at the fireplace!

Here is a poem:
Nap Time

Honk shoo
Honk shoo
I want to get up
but there’s nothing to do

Conk moo
Conk moo
That’s the sound of
me snoring at you!

xoxoxoxoxo, Nafy Quack M.

Dear Nafy,                       March 5th, 2006

Nancy is doing great!  I think she really likes our climate!  This is our holiday for today:

National Pots and Pans Day
You have to put a pan on your head, two pots on your feet and two skillets in your hands and then you must run down a hill clanging and banging all the way until you can hear all the neighbors pursuing you.


Photobucket  And then you have to take a bath in freezing cold water while you play tic-tac-toe in the sand.

Photobucket   And then you must eat stew at 3:00 PM


And here is a poem!

A Flower
A flower

Has power
if left in a shower
Without rain, wind or sun
Clippety, clippety, clippety clip-

Go the scissors as they snip, snip snip!
And down falls the flower towards the earth-
where it is touched by a person who will love it a lot!
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo, Love, Clara Montoya

Dear Clara,                       Feb. 15.06
What a fantasticle idea!  I am excited about National Corn Day but I haven’t done it yet cuz I need our corn for liberty biscuits and the milk too. 
L  I definitely will do it someday though.  When the time is right… J
Here is our superdy duperdy holyday:

National Feetsies Day!!!
You must do everything with your feetsies!  You have to cook with them, weave with them, eat with them, etc.  You also must give them a bath in tea and wear 3 pairs of socks.  At
3 PM you must do a crazy dance.  J

Liberty Biscuits
Floury sugary,
soft and sweet
very unhealthy

But such a treat!

Corn and milk
all mashed together
makes liberty biscuits
the best bread ever!

Guess what, I have chores now!  Xxxxooooxoxoxxooxxoo
Love, Nafy Quack M.

Dear buddy ol’ pal Nafy!           2.3.06
Hey Nafy!  We can exchange poems and special holidays!  Today I declare is National Corn Day!
You have to heat three corns on the cob, drink a bucket of milk, play in the mud with corn kernels and sew or weave upside down!  Hehe!
Here is a poem:

Frijoles Bueno (good beans)
Chop them
plop them
mix them

Swat them
eat them

Pop them

Pour the onions in the pot!
Stir it till it’s cooked and hot!
Beans they are
Just hit the spot!

xoxoxoxoxoxo Love, Clara hahahahahaha!

Dear Clara,                       January 21st, 2006
Yoikes, Josefina must be really scary when she gets mad!  Felicity has a bad temper sometimes too so I know what you’re talkin’ about!  At least your sisters do stuff though, my lil’ bro Will is always lazing around with nothing to do when he’s finished all his studies for the day!  I made dinner today!  It was liberty biscuits, sweet meats with oranges, and cranberry stew.  For dessert Lissie’s making sweet potatoes with apples!  What is your favorite dessert?  I am using this stationary because Lissie gave it to me to use up.  I sewed myself an underdress recently.  I hope your house is doing great and the rest of your family too.  Teresa just called me for no reason at all.  Isn’t that weird?  How is the sweetsie shop feelin?  Mommy asked me to write a poem about Christmas decorating, do you want to hear it?
It goes:
Christmas decorating comes once a year
and is quite dear
pretty pine boughs

Make you say “oh wow!”
and hollyberries

Make you feel downright merry!
The twelfth night cake
is lovely to eat

But hard to bake

Because it is so sweet.
Merry Hollydays!

Can you write a poem and send it to meee?
xoxoxoxoxo, Nafy Quack M.


Dear Nafy,                       1/13/06
I just escaped into my room because Josefina’s in a real bad temper!  Josefina’s temper has always scared me, she can be so scary sometimes and this is one of those times!  I really love this stationary because it has Winnie the Pooh on it!  Does Felicity have a bad temper?  Guess what?  Rose Hopkins paid me for about three months!  I think after I write this letter I will write her a bill.  I loved playing at the New Year’s Ball.  It was so much fun!  And I really liked the meat pie that you made.  I Loovvveeey du Nafyboo!
Love, Clara

Dear Clara!                      12/1/05
It’s December oneth!  And even the better, it’s snowwwwinggg!!! ***
I made a whole bunch of pine and berry garlands for Mommy today and the house smells great! Yum!!  Good enough to eat!  I am sorry I didn’t write sooner but Mommy was keeping all of our letters away from us until we did some housework.  What do you do for Christmas?  Have you decorated and gotten your Christmas tree yet?  I loovvvEEE YOU CLARABOO!!!
Love, Nafy Quack M.

Dear Nancy,                     9/19/05
Yeah, I know about
Cambria, she’s staying with us right now.  Josefina, her and Francisca are making enchiladas and spicy squash for dinner, yum!
Yeah, we went through our house too and I had the same feelings as you!  I mean, some things you just can’t let go!  Yay!  I found some more stickers today.  They aren’t spy stickers but they say
Alabama and Texas and stuff.  So you can sometime just come over and get them from me.  Good thing, too!  I only have two left, two!!  :O  I can’t wait for your boofy too!  It’ll be sooooo coooooool!!  Yay!  Halloween is just around the corner! 
J  Beware of sppoooookaables!
Well, bye bye! Loves, Clara Elena Olivia Montoya

Deary Clara,                     September 7th, 2005
It’s dreadful!  Mommy is cleaning out the whole house!!  I just cleaned my room really thoroughly so it looks like I cleared stuff out.  I can’t get rid of my stuff that is full of memories!  So my Mommy says that someone called
Cambridge is coming to stay with us.  Ever heard of her?  I only have 3 spy stickers left too!  Noooo!  Waaa!  L  My boofy is next month.  I can’t wait for spoolooolookable season where I can SCARE myself!  (And everyone else except Anna!)
Love, Nafy Quack M.


Dear Nafy,                       8/19/05
I have only three more spy stickers!  Nooo!  What is the world coming to?  We must have more spy stickers!  Do you like altoids?  I do.  Right now Rebecca keeps bringing bowls of strawberries into the kitchen from her garden and I keep snitching them.  They are nice and ripe!  Too bad you don’t have a vegetable garden, because then we could have ripe strawberries freshly picked from the garden!  I think if I could design a hat it would be yellow with red and orange fireworks on it and they would be beaded!  Guess what?  I sold Alison’s store to Rose and she put her bottom floor for rent and Alison and Megan bought it!  Yayayay!  Now Alison is gone!  Yay! 
J  You’ll never believe what I heard.  Suzanne Wickon is starting a gossip column.  Watch out for white noses in your windows!  Well, I got to go.  Something’s burnin’ and I think it is my chocolate chip muffins!
Love, Clara

Dear Nancy,                     September 23rd, 2004
Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear MEE!  Happy birthday to me!  Thank you so much for the stationary!  Its so cool!  I am now on speaking terms with you.  You are such a good friend.  Oh I am just so happy.  I hope you will like the cupcakes I am bringing today.  Do you want to come over sometime?  The cupcakes are yellow with sprinkles and a C on top.  Come look at my sweetshop, I’ve got it all decorated for Halloween.  Well, I got to go.  Love, Clara

  Dear Nafy,                       6/10/04
You know what?  I think I’m coming down with the Spring Fever. 
L  And Mama and Papa are so stressed that they are probably getting it too!  Not couting Heather, KT and Alison,  Josefina’s the only one left!  Do you like my stationary?  It’s new!  I got it at the Doll Museum!  I’m worried if I’ll bet better before a scene (filming) that I’m in is shot!  Well, wbasap!
Love, Clara


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