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Dear Kirsten,                 February 2nd, 2008
I apologize, but I must confess myself more than a little confused by your most recent missive.  Unless I read it incorrectly, you said, (and I quote) "I did manage to finish another [dress] that is pink with brown spots and little floppy ears."  Am I to believe, then, that you have sewn on additional pair of ears on your clothing?
I must admit that I am shocked, not to mention confused.  It seems to me that there has been some matter of miscommunication.  An explanatory paragraph on your part would be most beneficial to the conversation.
There is another matter which I am inclined to address... 'tis that of you and your father making jam of your instruments!  How absolutely horrendous!  I do not know what on God's good earth would induce you to do such a thing.  I thought you always enjoyed playing the violin!  What if it was a Stradivarius, made in Europe hundreds of years ago?  Are not most instruments handed down through generations?  William and Nancy's both belonged to my great-great-grandfather Edward.  I cannot imagine the trouble that would ensue if one of them were to smash it into jelly.
Although I am still bewildered by your last letter, I shall try and compose myself now.  You asked what I do for fun, and I shall answer you.  I particularly enjoy helping my mother run a polished and flawless household, sewing new gowns, and selling goods at my father's store.  I needn't ask what YOU do for amusement.
It would undoubtedly be so shocking as to keep my nerves aflutter for days.  Kirsten, I think I know what must be done.  You must take up more household responsibilities to remedy your bizarre sense of humor!

My dear Felicity,                        10.4.07
Woops, haha your letter almost made me start talking in cursive.  Silly….
Sorry I took so long writing back to your charming letter, I’ve been real busy doing all this stuff around the farm.  I did manage to finish that dress plus another one that is pink with brown spots and little floppy ears.  Can you guess what that one’s for?  HAHA JUST KIDDING.  No really, the first one was a blue long-sleeved dress and I just finished the short-sleeved green and white dress that’ll be nice for the springtime.  Maybe I’ll give it to myself for Christmas. 
Anyway, what’s new with you?  We just put together our costumes for the masked ball and after this Papa and I are going to jam a little bit on guitar and fiddle.  I just figured out a really cool tune so he’s going to make up some chords for it.  Have you had anyone fancy over for tea lately?  What else do you do for fun?  Ttyl!  kirsten

My dear Kirsten.                        June 20th, 2007
It has been far too long since I replied to my letters.  I do apologize!  O how lovely!  What does this “cow milking” dress look like?  I am intrigued.  Does it have black and white spots?  I usually have to prepare tea, practice mandolin, exercise and feed Penny, sew and so on…
I usually enjoy making items for the general store and always enjoy time spent with my beloved Penny.  How are you faring with Blossom?  And Peter?  Has he begun to show any signs of extraordinary intelligence?  Please write soon, fond regards, Felicity Merriman

Dear Felicity,                             3/11/07
Well I think you’ll find that the food stand is well-stocked again after the Parkington’s party.  Actually, its full right now and I haven’t even gone harvesting yet today!  I just finished sitting inside sweating by the fire sewing my new dress.  I worked on it for two hours!  I am so stiff, blah.  But its all done besides one snap on the sleeve.  So I can put it on and test it out milking the cow, haha!
What kinds of things do you have to do every day?  What’s your favorite?  My favorite is prolly buying feed and feeding the animals.  That’s always fun to do.  Wbasap!  Love, Kirsten

My dear Kirsten,                        February 7th, 2007
That is quite good advice!  I shall certainly pass it on to young William.  Particularly the part about soldiers mostly being illiterate!  That should certainly do the trick.  Thank ye for the compliments on my Father’s general store and I hope you continue to enjoy our fine quality products.  Actually, we just got a shipment of fine fabrics that you and your mother might enjoy.  Do come and take a look when you are next in town!
Nancy has become quite interested in playing any fugues she can get her hands on.  It is quite annoying and amusing at the same time!  How are your sisters and brother?  Could you please restock your food stand?  We are forced to eat naught but fish for supper because that is all you had left.  Regards, Felicity

Hi Felicity!                                 9.1.06
Hmm… that’s too bad about Will wanting to join the army.  Maybe you should constantly tell him all the reasons the army is awful.  They stink, they never have baths, they have to sleep in dirty wet trenches, they don’t get shiny uniforms (on the good side at least, haha!) and they have to kill people.  And it’s good to march, bad to run.  (If he likes running, that is.)  You could also tell him that most people in the army are deaf, dumb, missing limbs, and (gasp!) illiterate.  Maybe that’ll help.
Um…you know what, I don’t think your “getting back at the Montoyas” plan was that good, actually.  Because if you dumped it in the waterfall going away from the Montoyas, do you know where it ends up?  HERE!  At our house!  Yucky goo pouring down our waterfall while we’re washing for the sewing circle!  Not good.  Next time, just put it in their laundry basket or something. 
I think your general store IS really cool though, and so far we’re really enjoying the coffee and the chickens sure like their finest quality corn kernels!  Anyway, write back, love, kirsten

My dear Kirsten,                        8/13/06
I am glad that you will see to Peder being fed properly, for he will never grow up to be a strapping young lad if he eats nothing but vegetables.  William, although a very healthy young boy, worries me with his constant worshipping of the soldiers whenever they walk past.  It would be Mother’s worst nightmare if he joined the militia instead of going to
Oxford or apprenticing at Father’s shop.  At the moment he is still far too young for his leaving to even be a possibility, but in the meantime this new infatuation with the army must come to an end somehow…
Indeed, William did try to “get the Montoyas back” as you put it, by pouring the privy water in their waterfall, which was a good idea in my opinion, for it will just be swept right down the stream and away from us and them as well.
I am rather excited about my Father’s general store.  He is importing all kinds of things from far off countries all over the world and everything sold there will be of the finest quality.  A fresh, salty breeze just blew through the curtains and calls me to leave the stuffy atmosphere of the kitchen for a ride along the sea on my beloved Penny.  Write soon, Love Lissie.

Dear Felicity,                             7/18/06
OK, I’ll look into the whole meat thing.  We’ll see if it keeps all my bones from falling off or not before I try it on Peder.  That’s pretty weird what the Montoyas are doing with your toilet… maybe you should get them back somehow!  Dump it down their chimney or something, haha!  Cristal just put a hat on her chimney and got smoked out of her house, haha!  Silly lady.  Chimneys are NOT hat posts. 
J  She is SO weird.  Wasn’t that party at the Parkingtons fun?  Kirsten

Dear Kirsten,                              June 1st, 2006
I am glad that you have stopped eating Swedish food any longer if it gives you heart attacks!  Indeed, a heart attack at fifteen is not a good sign!  Perhaps you should consult a doctor?  It may also be poor nourishment that is keeping your arm from healing properly.  It would be good for you to eat dishes heavy in meat content so that your bones can become healthy and strong again.  That is very unfortunate that you are unable to exercise poor Blossom.  I have been riding Penny every day!  The Montoyas have recently started amusing themselves by dumping their muck from their goat shed into Penny’s stall in our barn.  It is so unspeakably rude but I cannot put a stop to it as of yet, because no matter how I try I cannot seem to catch them in the act.  William seems to find it immensely amusing, which I think is quite bothersome.  How is your brother?  You should make sure that he is fed lots of meat so that he’ll grow up to have strong bones instead of weak ones.
Sincerely, Lissie

Hi Felicity!                       April 20th, 2006
My mom still has to get started on making our recipes, since she didn’t like my dad’s box of Swedish ones.  She wants us to eat Irish and German food, cuz it won’t give us heart attacks like the Swedish stuff would.  So on we go to an entirely new palette!  ‘Till then we’ll just live on bread, cheese and stew.  But that’s fine with me. 
Wow, yeah Sonja is just one of those troubled kids I guess, because she is pretty messed up.  Probably because she lives with Cristal Purr and Suzanne Wickon.  That’d turn anyone weird, let alone Sonja.  I actually feel really sorry for her. 
L  I didn’t write for ages because I broke my arm at the Valentines Day Party and Josefina put this really stiff brace on it that I completely can’t move in.  I’ve only just started limping around the house, trying to do my chores.  I won’t be able to ride Blossom for ages!  Waaa!!!  Anyway, write back, Kirsten

Dear Kirsten,                              3/1/06
That’s funny that Josefina asked about food too.  Since mostly everyone in town has gotten interested in cooking, ‘tis not surprising!  The Valentines social was much more enjoyable than I expected.  The Parkingtons did a lovely job of planning games and activities to keep everyone entertained.  Rachel just got a letter from Sonja and her and mother are discussing it right now.  Apparantly Sonja called Angelica and your family the “epitome” of what she “detests in rude, vulgar people.”  Isn’t that awful?  I wish Rachel would stop writing to her.  Love, Lissie

Hallo Felicity!                            2.18.06
That’s funny that you mentioned cooking.  Because both you and Josefina asked me about it now.  Well, I don’t like to cook that much because it’s hard for me to focus on only doing one step at a time, it’s really often that I just want to lump all the ingredients together and call it good.  But I do it when I have to, I guess.  We’re about to get ready for the Valentines social right now as well even though I have no idea what to wear.  I don’t own anything pink!  Maybe I’ll just wear my red dress.
I’m working on a patchwork quilt right now for primrose.  (That’s what I’m calling the baby this week!  Isn’t it pretty?)  It’s going to have all sorts of fun patches with hearts and boats and flowers.  I might make one with a kite, too, we’ll see.  It’s going to take me forever though, maybe I’ll bring it to sewing circle.  Anyway, write soon!  Love, kirsten

Dear Kirsten,                              2/12/06
Oooh!  My goodness, a new baby in Pleasantville!  I think it should be called Prudence or Maybella.  Or perhaps Felix or Primrose or Benjamin or Marcus or James or Margaret or Martha.  (My whole family just gave me suggestions, hehe!)  I am sorry that my writing is so atrocious but I am writing by the light of but one candle and it is rather dark.  There is also a thunderstorm going on outside!  Lighting STRUCK our barn doors and one of them cracked!  Father put in a fireplace in the barn earlier today though so Penny is nice and warm, thankfully.  I finished sewing a ball gown that I’ve been working on for Rachel today, it really is lovely if I do say so myself!  She’ll be wearing it at the Valentines party so you can see it there.  Mother completely changed around my room!  ‘Tis beautiful!  I have been cooking a lot lately.  Do you cook?  What have you been doing lately?  Sincerely, Lissie

Dear Felicity,                   February 7th, 2006
Well, my house is not flat, but it’s pretty messy!  We were all sick with the flu and the fever over here and we’ve just gotten over it.  Now Mama’s running around downstairs putting stuff away and throwing blankets to us in the loft, and Kaya’s yelling at her to stop working so hard, because she’s going to have a baby, see!  I’ve been trying to think of a name for the baby.  Maybe you have some good ideas?  I was thinking of pretty flower names like bluebell or daisy (except “daisy”’s our cow’s name, haha!)  apple blossom, daffodil, lily, buttercup…aren’t those cuuuute names for a baby?  What do you think?  Those crafts you’re doing sound like fun.  I haven’t started any crafts yet because we may be spending the spring fixing up the house or building a new one because there’s a nicer spot on the mountain next to us that Papa found and just rants and raves about.  Are you sure Penny would like to leave me?  Hehe.  Write back.  Kirsten

Dear Kirsten,                    January 6th, 2006
Oh my goodness!  How horrible!  I do hope that your new house did not get flattened by the twister!  It sounds extremely dangerous to live out on the mountains so far from town.  What if you need help?  Thanks for Angelica’s address, I was just wondering what it was recently.  Hmm…let’s see…I’m about to start sewing myself a workdress and I just finished making and painting some pots for mother.  That’s all the crafts I’m thinking about right now.  Oh Kirsten!  We are building a stable so I will be able to take Penny home!  ‘Tis wonderful!  Love, Felicity

Hallo Felicity!                  10.16.05
Well I can’t tell Angelica to write to you because she doesn’t live with us anymore.  Her and Sonja moved out a few weeks ago and they’re living in an apartment over the clothes store now.  Her new address is:
9229 Daisy Street / 55461.
So guess what?  Our house is about to be attacked by a twister that’s heading this way.  Mama is cooking lots and lots of food to take with us into the storm shelter where we’ll go when the twister hits the mountain.  I hope the house holds up this time- last time it completely flattened and we built a new house instead of trying to fix it.  What kinds of crafts are you doing?  I’m working on a lot of weaving and knitting, and we have to make candles for the Montoyas.  Write back, kirsten

Dear Kirsten,                              9/7/05
School is definitely not stupid, it is probably the least stupid thing there is!  How many miles are you out of town?  Perhaps the competition will be in September or October!  I will be so angry if it gets put off until Spring!!!  How come you have to do all of your sister’s chores just because they haven’t woken up yet?  Why can’t the chores wait until they are awake?  Isn’t this old stationary?  I found it yesterday and thought that it is about time to use it up.  Can you tell Angel to write to me?  I haven’t gotten a letter from her in a long time.  Love, Felicity

Hey Lissie,                                 8/30/05
Yeah so I guess we have to wait a while ‘till we get to do our real horseriding competiton.  NOOO!!!  Instead we get to do stupid school.  I get up waaaay too early to last all the way through those classes!  I just go into a sort of daze after a while.  And then I have to do all the family’s chores when I get back because none of them are awake yet.  Erg.  Penny’s good.  Love, kirsten

Dear Kirsten,                    August 16th, 2005
Yes, it is really bothersome that we get beaten by Josefina!!  Everyone will think of us as stuck up rich people after the movie comes out!  Everyone who comes to the Nutcracker will be thinking “how come that stuck-up horserider gets to be Clara?”
Oh deary dear.  Of course I wouldn’t ask Suzanna those questions!  I if I did she would think that I am worried about losing my chair!  Which, of course, I am not.  Is there actually going to be a competition?  It doesn’t really seem like it.  Love, Felicity

Dear Felicity,                             10.23.97
Hi!  Do you like the bookmark that says “friends?”  Do you like the stationary?  Are you going to be at soccer practice on Monday?  I can’t wait until Halloween!  What are you being?  I am being a ghost.  I hope mom shares her candy with me!!  Maybe we can invite Felicity B and Kirsten G over on Halloween to go trick-or-treating and a sleepover, and help with decorating!  Well, gotta go, kirsten


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