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Dearest Rachel,                          1.20.08
Sonja’s behavior was alright, I suppose, but how she acted at the Nutcracker rehearsal was despicable!!  I was rather outraged and quite lost hold of my temper, I’m afraid!  It’s just so annoying how she treats us as only small and ignorant little girls when I am older than her!  Forgive my outburst, it must have been quite impolite of me, but I knew you, of all people would understand my feelings.  But, I have some delightful news to tell you!  Only a few days ago I had the famous art instructor Fellippe Carravaggio actually come to our small little house to give us a fabulous lesson!  I drew a rather poor self-portrait, a memory drawing of Peder Anderson, and a drawing of my hand. I was rather disappointed when he said that we would not be using color for several more years.  It was extremely exciting though!!
Right now I am sitting in my bedroom and eating the delightful chocolates that you gave me as a Christmas gift, thank you ever so much!!
I got some lovely fabric for Christmas and also a doll-sized perfume bottle to match the one that I received last year.  It looks so sweet with my dolls!!  The paper dolls that you sent me were so sweet.  I like to look at them and fancy myself wearing those beautiful gowns one day when I am older.  I do hope that
Proper School begins soon- then we may see each other more often!  Was William disappointed when he did not receive any chocolate from me for Christmas?  I do hope he wasn’t too glum.  I did not mean to hurt his feelings.  What is William studying?  Mathematics?  Literature?  Oh yes!  The most embarrassing thing happened when Senor Caravaggio came!!  He went up to our bathroom and Elizabeth was dining there since the table downstairs only seated four and she said. “who are you, bozo?”  It was absolutely dreadful!  We were so embarrassed by Elizabeth
!  It was very awkward!  Are you going to make yourself a new dress soon?  I am thinking of making myself a new tea dress.  My purple dress has been worn almost every day so I know that if I made a new one it would be worn quite a lot as well.  I do so look forward to the next sewing circle so that I may get started!  Unfortunately I must go my dear!
 I remain yours always as your best friend forever, Teresa Irene Berg

Dearest Teresa,                          Sept. 17th, 2007
Well what did you think of Sonja’s behavior at the last sewing circle?  (The one at my house.)  I thought it was actually quite acceptable!  Although I did not converse with her for very long, I was enjoying such lovely conversation with my dearest friend for most of the time!  Oh my!  How scandalous!  Polly Wickon really is a nasty piece of work.  Something rather needs to be done about her but I am at a loss to think what.  Luckily she is not our concern, however!  I should dislike being in Suzanne’s position immensely.  Can you imagine having a child who was last chair in
Proper School?  I believe that one’s children reflect upon oneself.  For example, my mother has done a wonderful job on myself and Lissie, but I am afraid her natural tendency to be a little too forgiving has created Nan and William… One wonders what Sonja’s mother is like!  Indeed, I am quite intrigued to know…I believe you did exactly the right thing in extracting yourself from the sticky situation between Polly and Megan.  It would have been rather disgraceful to be found to have been involved in such an affair.  William has been the same ill-mannered pain that I have become accustomed to ignoring as of late.  He does nothing but complain about anything he can think of and study. I have to say that, between Suzanne and Dolores, I generally side with Suzanne.  The only problem that I have with Suzanne is how she has raised and allowed Polly to be so uncivilized!  Aye, Brittany is rather dreadful in her treatment of young Peder.  He is rather a sweet child!  I have always thought her quite blunt and insensitive, and now my beliefs are confirmed!  Well, I must conclude this note as I feel it my duty to supervise Felicity’s cooking and remind her to keep an eye on the directions.  Two eyes if she can spare them!  I remain yours truly, best for all eternity, forever and beyond, your friend always, Rachel Virginia Merriman

Dearest Victoria,                       June 28th, 2007
Sonja’s code name should be Cassandra, and William should be Jeffrey, what do you think? 
Elizabeth has been just as always.  Are you coming to Sewing Circle today?  I do hope so!  Do you believe anyone has found out about us?
Sincerely, your best friend,

Dearest Cordelia,                      June 20th, 2007
I think we should make up a code name for Sonja in case our notes get intercepted.  What should it be?  Right now William is playing chess with himself.  What is
Elizabeth doing?  A code name for William might be good as well… how about Chicken Pudding?  Hehe.
Sincerely, your dearest friend,

My Dearest Rachel,                    6-28-07
Oh my!!  How rude!  How blunt!  How despicable!  How awful of Sonja to say such horrible words!  I can’t believe it!  To say such things of your lovely handwriting!  I am sorry to say that I was believing her a friend as well!  I don’t think that I shall be speaking to her for quite some time unless it is absolutely necessary.  Do you know what happened the other day to me?  It was quite rude and scandalous!  I shall tell you.  When Megan Ryder was trying to leave work, she found that Polly was puppy guarding all of our door ways just so that Megan would have to talk to her!  Megan asked me to help her escape but through my experiences with Polly I refused.  (Also because it would have been quite a sticky situation if I had been caught, and it would have been rather rude.)  What do you think I should have done?  Luckily I am not penpals with Polly and I hope that I never will be.  Has William been treating you alright?  Sewing circle is at our house today and I do hope that Suzanne and Dolores don’t have one of their scandalous fights!  Which of them do you think has the best point?  I have lately been making sure that Megan does not get the candy that we got from Clara’s sweet shop because she has been staring at them a lot lately.  Do you think that we should speak to Sonja?  Have you seen her since she wrote you that awful letter?  What did you say?  My letters that I have gotten lately from Britta have alarmed me!  She talks about baby Peder as though he was an insensitive skunk or something!  Please write back soon my dear.  For I am very anxious for your reply.
Your best friend forever, Teresa Berg

My Dearest Teresa,          June 20th, 2007
I just received the first letter from Sonja for rather a long time.  ‘Twas so rude!  And so insulting!  I shall quote her exactly:
“Dear Rachel, My dear, you won’t mind me saying this I hope, but you really must work on your handwriting.  I mean, when I opened up your letter to try and read it, all I could see was a great sprawling black mess of lines and splotches!”
Honestly!  What can I possibly say to that?  Granted, that was before my writing greatly improved, but to put it so bluntly and rudely!  I was shocked and hurt when I read that, to say the least!  And just when I was beginning to think she was nice enough to be friends with again!  She also continues to say rude things about where I live!  (I quote her words exactly)
“I would never be able to rest at night whilst fearing for my very life as pirate ships and tsunamis swarm around in my head to the crashing waves full of seaweed and clams.  I should be quite sick, I expect!”
I am sorry to bother you with my complaints about Sonja, but don’t you think it was very rude and insulting of her to say those things?  I can only speak to you, my dearest friend, about it though.  If I were to share this information with the likes of William, he would probably reply with: “Well, your handwriting is a jolly great mess, and what is so wrong with pirates and clams?  I find them fascinating!”  Does not that seem the sort of thing that an insensitive little boy would say?  O my, how rude of Prissy Polly to eat the whole turkey?  I cannot say I am surprised though.  She really is the limit.  Did you hear her sing the national anthem in her exam?  Miss Samantha is probably the only person who resisted covering her ears.  Does Polly write to you?  If so, what kinds of things does she say?  Do tell.
Well, I must set down my quill as my leisure time has ended.  Write as soon as possible, my dear!
Your best friend forever,
Rachel Merriman

My dearest friend Rachel, 2/1/07
I am so happy you can come to sewing circles now!  I am cooking shrimp caponata right now for the sewing circle which is to be held here.  I am very worried about Mrs. Wickon coming today for Rebecca is very angry with her for Suzanne charged ridiculous prices on some noodles and Rebecca said a rude comment and then Suzanne fired back even worse, so I hope nothing goes wrong today!  Why does Mrs. Fox not come to sewing circles anymore?  Do you know that Polly was the one who ate the whole turkey at the New Years Ball?  How rude!  I do hope that when
Proper School starts she can be improved!  I do hope that William stops being so dreadful to you.  Elizabeth is eating breakfast right now.  She made up this recipe by herself called Elizabeth’s Favorite Breakfast which consists of apples, bananas, honey, maple syrup and mushrooms all mashed together and I can’t see how she digests it.  Samantha and Rebecca have gone to the hair salon.
How have you been? 
Love, your best friend, Teresa Berg

Dearest Victoria,                       1/13/07
The New Years ball was so much fun!  Thank you for holding it again, my favorite part was dancing!  And of course the games.  Right now Samantha is writing a recipe for Corn Oysters and going on an idea spree talking about how we will have a bed and breakfast and about having a library.  What is William doing?  What did you think of the latest gossip column?  It was scandalous!  Your best friend always,

My dearest friend Teresa,           Dec. 1st, 06
Sometimes William is so unsensitive!  He doesn’t understand girls in the least.  You would not believe how many times he has rolled his eyes at me this evening.  ‘Twas very rude.  I apologize for the writing, but I have not written for a long time and my quill is not working properly.  We shall be getting our yuletide decorations up soon!  I do love this season, don’t you?  I can’t wait for the twelfth night cake, yule log, and the New Year’s ball!  Speaking of which, mother might make me a new ballgown!  ‘Twill be of silky striped pink and beige fabric.  I might wear my old one though because it matches William’s new vest and waistcoat.  What would you name your next doll if you got one?  I was so overjoyed that I was invited to the masked ball!  ‘Twas so elegant!  I do hope that Suzanne invites me again next year!  How I wish that I could be a part of the sewing circle!  You are so lucky indeed!  You must describe each one you go to to me in great detail.  Such as what everyone was wearing, eating, saying, etc.  That must have been scandalous when Polly said all those rude things!  She would most certainly be in the gossip column if her mother didn’t write it!
Your best friend forever, Rachel V.

Dearest Cordelia,                      Sept. 5th, 2006
I am so glad you find my idea agreeable!  You see, this way we don’t have to wait for the post to deliver these notes!  I already had my tea party and
Nan is having hers this afternoon.  All of my dresses are in the wash!  It is very rude of the Montoyas not to do the laundry!  Sending notes in secret is so romantic, don’t you think?  Your best friend always, Victoria

My Dearest Rachel,                    9.3.06
Today was so exciting!  You were one of the main topics at the sewing circle!  Rebecca and Samantha agreed that if I behaved I could join their sewing circle today and your mother asked if Suzanne Wickon could lower the age of the people coming to the ball, the Masked Ball, the one that I wrote 7 pages about in my letter to you, and your mother told her of how you wished to go and it actually made Suzanne and Cristal cry!!  They felt so bad for you as I felt, and Suzanne consented to you going!  She also said that some of the well-behaved people at
Proper School could go.  Samantha is going to make an announcement at Proper School too.  Also, Polly was very rude at sewing circle and called Kirsten Larson a pinky-face!  Then Suzanne took her out of the sewing circle and back home and then declared that Polly would never come to sewing circle again.  Then she asked if Sonja could join in Polly’s place, and then Samantha asked if I could come.  Lily consented that at the next one we could come on a trial basis.  Unfortunately she said that you could not come to my deep dismay, but you can come to the Masked Ball!  Well, enough about sewing circle, I love your idea about secret notes!  Did you get mine?  My secret name is Cordelia.  When Sonja writes to me she seems obsessed with growing up.  For Christmas I want some new Victorian dresses!  And a new doll.  Why doesn’t David keep the fish he catches?  That is rather silly of him!  What are you going to be for the ball?  Are Nan
and William behaving? 
Waiting in suspense for your next letter, your faithful friend forever be,
Teresa Berg

Dear Teresa,                                        8/28/06
I do hope that this not is not intercepted and that it makes it’s way into your hands safely.  I think we should have code names, what say you?  I shall, henceforth, become
.  Who would you like to be?  Well, I must go, write back as soon as you can!
Your best friend in the whole world,

Dearest Teresa,                          8/23/06
Aye, Lissie was indeed the victorious winner of the checkers match, much to William’s dismay.  You see, he has not yet won a game of checkers with our new checkers board.  I do love sending paper dolls!  I cannot wait until yultetide… I wonder if mother will order me a dress from
Williamsburg this year?  What do you want for Christmas?  I actually think Sonja’s behavior has improved greatly and I would certainly be willing to become friends with her again.  She did write me a letter as well, and her manner was surprisingly agreeable!  I am so happy that I got to see you again down at my father’s General Store recently!  ‘Tis so unfortunate that we hardly ever get to visit with each other in person without being pestered by certain persons such as Rebecca Montoya and Brittany Larson.  Lord, I have thought of such a splendid idea!  How about we send secret notes to each other!  We can hide them in the General Store underneath the fabric trunk.  You see, I will be able to check there every day because I have “tidy fabric at store” on my new chores list!  I do hope you agree to this idea for ‘twould be such fun!  I shall run down and place a note there as soon as I finish this missive.  David is William’s friend and he just fishes for fun and drops the fish back into the sea after catching them.  Vulgar, I know.  I always call William back inside when he is out conversing with David.  I hope Elizabeth has not given you a headache.  Farewell, dearest Teresa.

My dearest Rachel,           8/18/06
Who won the checkers game?  I have a feeling it was Lissie!  Hehe!  I am waiting for breakfast right now, and I am very hungry.  We are having
Saratoga potatoes, blueberry muffins, assorted fruit, breakfast ham, and lemon tea!  Yummy!  The green dress on your paper doll is magnificent!  I love it!  What do you think of Sonja’s recent behavior?  I believe that we can be friends with her again!  I got a letter from her, did you?  What did yours say?  Right now my dolls are all very flustered because Mr. Bunny is arriving!  It is quite an occasion.  I am shocked and sorry to say that I am not sewing anything at the moment.  Who is David?  How old is he?  Why does he fish all the time?  Elizabeth will not stop playing the Tchaikovsky concerto over and over again right now and it is giving me a fairly bad headache!  When is your father’s General Store going to open?  I do hope that Nancy and William don’t bomb castles anymore!  I hope you are well and in good health; your loving, dearest and most faithful friend with all my heart!  Teresa

Dearest Teresa,                          8/13/06
Your doll’s tea party sounds like it was absolutely divine!  At the moment, Rose is delicately perched on the sofa, avidly watching an intense game of checkers between Lissie and
Nan.  By the sound of it, Lissie seems to be taking lead of the game.  I want to make a fancy evening gown with my new fabric, for I do not have one apart from my ballgown.  The fabric is covered in delicate pastels- pink and blue flowers.  What are you sewing right now?  William seems to have disappeared from the house because I can not find him.  (He needs to fetch water, you see.)  I have a notion, however, that he has escaped down to the wharf to watch the soldiers march past and visit with his friend David, who is always fishing there.  I trust you are well and in good health?  All my love, your dearest and most faithful friend, Rachel

My dearest darling Rachel,         July 31st, 2006
I suppose sewing just the two of us would be perfectly fine!  Right now Amelie, Jane, Sophie, Anne, Marie, Hanna, Eleanor and Alicia are having a picnic and tea with French bread, crackers and cheese, and cookie chocolate creamcheese crumble pie and peppermint tea.  I can hear babbling talk and laughter from here! Your fabric sounds simply wonderful.  I think Rebecca ordered some playdresses for me from Violet’s but I am not sure.  And I saw the material!  One is blue, and the other is pink!  I hope that I get them!  What do you plan to do with your floral print fabric?  Make a playdress, a gown, or a work dress?  Is it fancy?  What color is it?  I am sending you one of my paper dolls and a dress, I don’t have that many though so I will probably run out in a couple of letters.  Right now Samantha is having tea in the parlour, the maids are listening to Mrs. Hawkins, Rebecca is playing the piano, and
Elizabeth is playing with her cat Zongo.  That sounds very vulgar of William and Nancy!  Very childish indeed!  Your poem was lovely.  Your hard practice showed from it.  What did you think of my poem?  You truly are my best and forever faithful friend, Rachel!  We shall be friends for as long as we live and beyond even that!  We are and forever shall be, the very best of friends!  (as you said!)
All my love, Teresa Berg

My dearest Teresa,                     June 1st, 2006
I don’t really know if I want to do sewing circle anymore, I think ‘twould be more agreeable for you and I just to get together and sew.  Oh I have the most wonderful news!  My mother ordered some fashionable, floral print fabric from
Williamsburg just for me!  It arrived recently and I simply cannot stop gazing at it whenever I have a free moment!  I have an idea; I have some lovely fashion paper dolls that I’ll send in each letter so that you can see all of the charming gowns.  Could you send them back each time?  ‘Twill be such fun!  I received them for yuletide this past winter and I have not yet found the opportunity to share them with you.  Right now Nan and William are being quite vulgar and pretending to bomb William’s toy soldiers.  How morbid!  I simply cannot find their childish ways agreeable.  How did you like my poem at Proper School?  When are you going to memorize a poem?  You are such a good friend, Teresa, you must be the only person in town who truly understands me!  We are, and shall forever be, the very best of friends.
All my love, Rachel Virginia

Dear darling adorable Rachel,              5/21/06
Wasn’t Proper School delightful?  What do you think of our sewing circle idea?  Did everyone succeed the test?  The only one I think that didn’t pass is Polly Wickon but it would be cruel to invite everyone but her.  Right now Mrs. Hawkins is writing out some delicious recipes.  I would love to see your paper dolls!  What do their dresses look like?  Do you like flower pressing?  I believe I am going to do somet today!  No, I have never tried to make veal balls or pumpkin pudding!  But I believe I had the veal balls for lunch at
Proper School, it is a pity that you despise them but I also didn’t always like meat.  I am glad that we got in to Suzanne’s fashion show but very surprised that KT got in first!  I have a sneaking suspicion that it was because she was Cristal’s sister……and I was not in the fashion show last year to my disappointment, and Sonja was very cruel to me as well when I wasn’t accepted.  We should get started on our stand soon because it will take a while to embroider all those things.  You are very accomplished Rachel, look you are only ten years old and yet you are already cooking supper for your whole family!!  That is what I call accomplished!  Well I am sorry this is so short, but I must go and press some flowers!  I miss you!
Love, your best friend forever, Teresa Irene Berg

Dear Teresa,                               March 19th, 2006
I love playing with paper dolls!  In fact I got some beautiful fashion paper dolls for Christmas this year, would you care to see them?  My mother does not allow me to wear perfume.  She hardly wears it herself!  I am going to make veal balls and baked pumpkin pudding for dinner this afternoon.  Have you ever tried those recipes?  I do despise veal balls and I sneak mine to Scruffy whenever I can, for he finds them delightful!  I would just love to be in Suzanne’s fashion show again this year!  Were you in it last time?  Oh Teresa!  That is such an elegant idea!  We simply must have a stand at the festival and sell lacey handkerchiefs and embroidered tablecloths and such things.  I am afraid that I am not very skilled at needlework and that you are much more accomplished than I, but ‘twould be such fun!  I’m sure my mother would approve of the idea!  How rude of the Montoya’s horse to eat Mr. Hawkins’ lilac bushes!  I hope that Quackers hasn’t been eaten yet!  Is Samantha going to start
Proper School?  I miss it so!
Love, your best friend forever, Rachel

Dear Rachel,                              3/7/06
I am glad to know that I am not snooty!  For I would be devastated if I was!  Yes indeed, Samantha said that Sonja was the worst example of a proper young lady!  I loved your ball gown at the Valentines ball!  Oh dear, I hope
Nan’s eye is alright!  Maybe she should go to Josefina, she probably has a cure!  Do you like playing with paper dolls?  I do!  J Thank you so much for the Valentine’s gift that you gave me.  It was very thoughtful and kind!  How is Rose?  I just finished eating a lovely breakfast of lemon blueberry muffins.  Mmmm Does your mother allow you to wear perfume?  Rebecca and Samantha don’t let me.  I am so excited for the festival!  I wonder if Suzanne will have a fashion show again?  And I did love the picnic, the auction, the ball, and the booths as well.  Do you have any ideas for a booth?  We could sell handkerchiefs!  Oh Rachel!  We must have a stand with lacey (and very pretty) handkerchiefs!  I am sure that every fashionable lady would want one!  No, I have never tried elderberry tea, but I do hope to try some.  Have you ever seen the famous painting of Mona Lisa?  It was be Leonardo Da Vinci and I got a copy of it in France, you should come and see it sometime!  Elizabeth was very rude this morning.  I was waiting politely outside the bathroom when Elizabeth cut right in front of me.  It was very rude!  Oh dear, the Montoya’s horse is eating up our lilac bush!  Hawkins spent ages planting those.  Oh well…… Suzanne has not given me a singing lesson in quite a while.  I hope to have one soon.  How do you think Sonja acted at the Valentines party?  I am so sorry that you no longer have Juliet!  But as long as you are happy with your decision I will be happy too.  Quackers is doing fine except Zongo and Sunshine have been trying to eat him lately.  I love to come and bake with you!  It would be very fun.  Well, I am so sorry that this letter is SO short.  But I really must go and have lunch.  Well take care, dearest Rachel!  Love, Teresa

Dear Teresa,                     February 17th, 2006
Teresa dear you are not snooty!  I am glad that you don’t wear the fashions all the time anymore, because then I would feel left out!  Did Samantha really say that Sonja is the worst example of a proper lady?  Oh dear, hehe, now we are more fashionable than she! 
J  Lissie just recently finished my new ballgown!  It looks just like Rose’s!  I can’t wait for you to see it!  William hasn’t been inspecting bugs lately because he has been working as an apprentice at the Larson’s food stand.  He also has gotten very excited about learning how to spar with Father.  (Without real swords, of course.)  He is currently beating up some flour sacks in the barn.  Nan tried sparring with Father last night but she ended up poking herself in the eye!  Oh Teresa, what a silly question!  Of course I am going to be a lovely and charming housewife!  Proper ladies should leave a college education to the men.  William has been planning to attend Oxford since the age of three!  My father is indeed well again, I can gladly say, though it took weeks for him to recover completely.  Before bed I have a cup of elderberry tea.  Have you ever tried it?  We have it all the time.  I think that we should only talk to Sonja when she comes over to talk to us, and if she criticizes us for not being fashionable we should pay no heed to her words and think of Samantha’s words instead.  Above all we must be polite to her as any young lady should do and not act snooty towards her just because she is far below us.  We shall see how she acts at your Valentines party.  Speaking of which, when is this party to come about?  My dog Juliet is no longer mine as I gave her away to Suzanne Wickon just a few days ago.  ‘Tis sad, but I realized that Juliet was never very fond of me anyway, she is rather haughty.  Scruffy is my real sweety pie.  How is Quackers doing?  Has Sonja written to you yet?  Well, I must go now as my elderberry tarts need to be taken off the fire.  I do love baking!  And it is very important for a housewife to bake well!  Would you like to come over and bake with me sometime?  Much love,
Your best friend forever, Rachel

Dear Rachel,                              Feb. 2.06
Samantha and Rebecca gave me a talk about what a young lady should be like, and that I should not wear my fashionable dresses except for special occasions, and that Sonja was the worst example of a little lady!  And then after I had talked to Rebecca and Samantha about it, I realized that I have been very snooty and rude lately.  Please forgive me if I have been mean or rude lately!  Now that I wear simple play dresses I can do whatever I like!  I am taking French, piano, art, singing, sewing and cooking lessons.  How is William?  I hope he has not been inspecting bugs lately!  Does he treat you well?  How is
Nan?  Did she like the chocolate I gave her for Christmas?  I hope so.  Lately we have been paying Alison McCann and Megan Ryder to walk Zongo, Quackers, Sunshine and Snowball but they have not come to take them on a walk for quite a long time!  What do you want to do when you grow up?  Go to a fancy college?  Or be a lovely and charming housewife?  I am going to do whatever Rebecca and Samantha prefer me to do.  Sweet potatoes and apples sounds delicious- I remember tasting it at the New Years ball!  Do you know when the next circle is to be?  We got a new part of our mansion built!  And now we have a very nice front door.  Recently I have been very sick, but Josefina Montoya cured me!  I heard from her that your father is not well, is it true?  Do tell him to get well, please!  Do you have something you always drink before bed?  I always drink a cup of hot chocolate.  Mmm!  How is Rose?  Are you working on any sewing projects?  I plan to make bedsheets, pillows and mattresses for my dolls for my next sewing project.  I got a perfume bottle for Christmas, but unfortunately after Rebecca and Samantha’s talk with me I may no longer wear it except for special parties.  Oh dear!  I do believe I have written too much again!  I just start writing and I can not stop.  Anyway, what do you think of Sonja’s behavior towards us?  Do you think we should still be friends with her?  Right now out of my window I can see Suzanne Wickon fussing with one of your mothers’ employees at the dress shop.  I would love to see your brick fireplace sometime, it sounds lovely!  I can’t wait until the photos develop at Hopkins Photos of the New Years party!  I am probably going to get the one of Sonja, you and me framed.  How is your dog Juliet?  I have not seen her for quite a while.  Have you heard any news of the concerto concert?  I am looking forward to seeing Nan play a solo!  Has your mother started her spring garden yet?  How is your daddy’s store in Williamsburg?  I just realized that Williamsburg has William’s first name and my last name!  Well I hope you are fine and well.  Yours till the Niagara Falls!  Xoxo, Love, Teresa

Dear Teresa,                     January 15th, 2006
I am so very sorry that it has taken me such a long time to write back to your kind letters!  Things have been changing around here, and in all the kerfuffle my correspondence has become almost non-existent.  Mrs. Wickon’s ball sounds like it was lovely!  I do wish that I had been old enough to attend!  Although ‘tis odd not having a maid, I am actually enjoying learning to cook and clean and sew as every young lady should.  Guess what?  I have a new favorite food!  Sweet potatoes and apples!  It is very sweet because it is covered in maple syrup and melted butter.  Best of all is that I know how to cook it!  We got a new brick fireplace to cook in.  I love it!  We should definitely have a tea party sometime with our dolls!  I am going to try and make myself a dress.  That is just like Rose’s, wouldn’t that be lovely?  Well I am sorry that this letter is not 7 pages but Mother has a need of me in the kitchen!
Love, your best friend,

Dear Rachel,                              10/17/05
It has been so long since I last heard from you, so I decided to write to you again.  I just got back from Suzanne’s party last night and it was lovely!  The dinner was very extravagant with three courses!  The appetizers, supper, and dessert.  We had carrot and celery dips for appetizers and I don’t mean to put this in your face since you don’t like meat, but we had a large turkey for dinner.  Samantha, Rebecca and I spent a whole day cooking it! And then we had various pies and cakes and jell-o for dessert.  We let the Wickons borrow Hawkins and Sunny for the party, and they were very exhausted after the party.  Sonja wasn’t very nice to me during the party, she treated me like I was a little, little child and she was a young lady!  And I am even older than her!  I have to say that there was one thing wrong with the party.  You weren’t there!  Since Sonja had left me to go and talk to the adults, and William was trying to have a polite conversation with Sonja, I was very lonely!  This is a very long letter, don’t you agree?  I danced with Anders Larson, Colonel Cuzin, and Alison McCann at the party.  And I got fourth in the costume contest, but I didn’t get a prize since they only awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  But Samantha got first with Cristal!  Right now I am feeling very sick and tired, and my hair is a disaster!  I just finished supervising Sunny while she cleaned the parlor because she often breaks things.
How is it without a maid?  I could never dream of not having a maid!  That would be so hard!  I feel very sorry for you!  How is Rachel?  Amelie and her should get together sometime!  Does Rachel play an instrument?  Amelie plays the violin.  We should have a tea party sometime!  It would be so much fun and you could bring your doll, too.  Who are you going to be for Halloween?  I am still puzzling over who I am going to be.  What did you do during the Masked Ball?  Did Josefina take good care of you?  Who else was there?  I hope you like long letters because this certainly is one!  Sonja was very mad at the party because Suzanne did not make a toast to her, and she had to dance with
Elizabeth two times.  Elizabeth was a moon for the ball.  Please tell Nan happy birthday!  I just finished a breakfast of blueberry muffins and donuts.  Yum!  I can’t wait for the Nutcracker!  It will be fun.  I really would like it if you could tell your father to please finish our house.  I am very curious about where we are going to go next summer!  It was so much fun going to France.  Well, my hand is starting to hurt, so goodbye!
Love, Teresa

Dear Rachel,                              9/19/05
Oh good!  Now we have matching light pink see-through curtains because I have some too!  You really should come to tea sometime!  Sonja hasn’t been very nice to me lately. 
L  Have you been to the Hair Salon lately?  I haven’t.  Well please do write back soon!  Love, Teresa

Dear Teresa,                               9/7/05
You see, I got that green unicorn stationary as a Christmas present. 
Nan is okay I guess, but she hasn’t really been her usual self lately.  She gets angry easily.  My bedroom is so fashionable right now!  Mommy put up light pink see-through curtains around my bed!  I made apple butter the other day, it was very hard work!  Well I must go change into something fashionable!
Yours truly, Rachel

Dear Rachel,                              8/19/05
I completely understand about your stationary problem!  My duckies are fine!  How was the last sewing circle?  We just bought a bed from Alison McCann for $1, 225.00!  How expensive, it’s just a blue canopy bed and it is very pretty!  It is just unusual Rachel to see a green unicorn you see!
Love, Teresa


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