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Hi Becca,           1/23/08
Do you like my new paper?  Mama gave it to me for Christmas and now I’m trying to write smaller.  You need to try too.  We can have a competition.  Haha!  What should these hens’ names be?  Marshmellow, boot and sweater?  Nah.  BRITTA

Dear Britta,                1/22/08
Llama is sloppy as evar!!  He is so coote!  I didn’t do good neither!  We are buddys on that!  Josefina gon to Mexicokity.   Louve, Rebecca

Dear Rebecca,   10.17.07
Yes, I do like animals, especially horses!  My favorite movie is Spirit.  Guess what?!  I watched some of Lord of the Rings yesterday when my mommy wasn’t looking.  It’d be too scary for you, little Rebecca.  Well, write back soon!  BRITTA

Hi Rebecca,               10.4.07
I didn’t do very well on my
Proper School exams but my mommy loves me anyway.  My hay and firewood are almost gone.  What about you?  How is llama?  BRITTA

Hola Britta!                6/7/07
Did you like how you did on your
Proper School exams?  I am really excited for next term!  What do you think we are going to learn?  Trolls sound interesting!  How is your hay and firewood?  Love, Rebecca

Hi Rebecca,               4.30.07
Why thank you about my good handwriting skills.  Orange tea is good with honey but orange juice is better.  Trolls are not rattlesnakes they are like humans, except green and hairy and scary.  BRITTA

Hi Britta!                    4/27/07
What does orange tea taste like?  Have you ever tried devil’s club?  Josefina keeps complaining about how Felicity drones on and on in her letters.  You have really good handwriting, by the way!  No, I don’t have trolls, what do they look like?  Do they look like a rattlesnake?  Those creep around at night up here!  Write back pwease!  Love, Rebecca

Hi Rebecca,               2.8.07
Yes I did have my tea party today, it was a lovely affair of candles and flowers and we drank orange tea.
At the moment I am listening to the beautiful wind chimes outside and the trolls sneaking about.  What are you listening to?  Do you have trolls up there?  Please write back!  BRITTA

Dear Rebecca,            11/7/06
I got your letter last year and I didn’t write back because I’ve be to busy.  How are you?  How are all your little pumpkins?  What r you being for Halloween?  BRITTA

Hola Britta,                9/14/06
Peder is at my rancho right now and the whole household is going ga-ga over him.  I can’t wait to see you on trading day!  Have you had your tea party yet?  I hope your fields don’t frost!  Rebecca

Hi Rebecca,               9/3/06
I like the game class too.  Peder is getting even more annoying because everyone is noticing how good he is and they ooh and aah which gets on my nerves.  Wow good job on your contest.  Your garden is beautiful?  It’s almost trading day, hooray!

Dear Britta,                8/6/06
I like the class when you play a game.  How is you-now-wat?  Still getting the all the attention?  My garden is fine, I got 4th in a contest!  How are you?  Love, Rebecca

Dear Rebecca,            5.28.06
Isn’t my handwriting so nice and small?  I just finished working on my sampler for
Proper School.  What is your favorite class at Proper School?  I like the one where we learn to set tables.  How is your garden and the sticky butterflies?  I tried to make Peder disappear today by covering him all up.  But Mommy got mad.  Anna is really mad at the rooster for some reason,  Write back, BRITTA

Hola Britta                         4/19/06
Yes I do speak Spanish!  Who is your grandma?  Does she speak English?  My abuelita speaks Spanish!
Love, Rebecca

Hello Rebecca,          3.8.06
You know Spanish now?  Wow!  So does this mean you can talk to Spanish people now?  From Spanishland?  Wow!  Since I know some Swedish I can talk to my grandma Mormor because she can’t speak American.  You should push Juan and Antonio around if they are mean to llama!  BRITTA

Dear Britta,                3/5/06
Francisca is teaching Spanish to me and my sisters.  It’s fun!  I only have $5.00.  I LOVE beef!  Is so good!  You’re going to have a baby?  Wow!  I love my llama a lot, he is so cute.  But Juan and Antonio always push him around.  Do you like beef?
Love, Rebecca

Dear Rebecca,            2/18/06
Hi Rebecca, how is your money?  My cow Daisy is doing just fine.  She is kind of sad though because we have to kill all her babies because your Mommy wants so much beef.  But don’t feel bad about it.  We’d have to do it anyway.  At least I don’t have to watch.  I hope you enjoy your beef.  Okay, my chores say:
Britta’s Chores:

Feed Daisy
Milk Daisy
Get mail
Clean room
Feed chickens
Write back to letters
Do homework
Feed Autumn
and that’s all.  So that’s all except, what are you doing lately?  How is your llama?  What do llamas do?  What are they good for?  All my animals have usefulness. Have you ever had a little baby?  Because I’m going to have one.  Hopefully it’ll be a useful little pet.  Love, BRITTA

My Dearest Britta,     9.18.05
I say you are cute because you are!  How is Daisy?  I hope he is doing good!  I have for chores:
1. Feed Llama
2. Water garden
3. Weed garden
4. Wash face
5. Wash
6. Write back to letters
7. Pray
8. Get water
9. Do dishes with Clara
10. Clean room
11. Iron the laundry
Bye bye!  Love, Rebecca Beatriz Moises Montoya

Hi Rebecca!               8.31.05
Your last letter was really weird.  You kept saying “oh you’re so cute Britta” and that was really annoying.  Are you going to
Proper School?  I am.  I wouldn’t miss it for anything.  What chores do you do?  I have to feed Daisy, get the mail, feed the chickens and all kinds of stuff.  BRITTA

Dear Britta,                7/26/05
Oh, you are such a sweet little girl!  My family is fine.  Better not stand under skylights (if you have any) very much because usually if Juan and Antonio do your roof, the roof falls down in a day or two!  Well dear little Britta, I must go have fancy bread with the rest of my family, write as soon as possible, dearest!
Love, Rebecca

Dear Britta,                7/8/04
I’m feeling terrible!  Right now I’m lying in the hospital bed with a terrible fever and a broken arm!  What’s your favorite movie?  Mine’s Peter Pan!  Do you have a bank account?  I do!  Do you like my stationary?  Do you like llamas?  I LOVE them!  Well write back as soon as possible!  Love, Rebecca

Dear Britta,                Jan. 19th, 2004
How are you?  My arm has completely healed!  And now I am learning to ride!  My first lesson is going to be at camp turtle cove!  I am so excited!  I like your stationary.  Did you get it for Christmas?  Guess what?  Clara’s sick!  And she’s been groaning all day.  Isn’t that horrible?  I think it is.  I just did the laundry and I’m tired, so goodbye!  Love, Rebecca

Dear Britta,                12/29/03
How are you?  I am not well.  I’ve got a broken arm.  What did you get for Christmas?  I got loads.  How did you like the cookies?  Have a happy New Year.  Love, Rebecca

Dear Britta,                6/19/03
How R you?  I am sorry I answered your letter so late.  When we go to
Proper School again I was wondering if you would accompany me?  I hope you can read this, my letters are all squished together!  I like writing to you too!  I am looking forward to ice cream at Clara’s shop today!  Maybe we can get together sometime.  And have ice cream.  Well, byebye.  Rebecca


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