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Hiya,                            May 24th, 2008  -new!
What would Alex have to say about housecleaning?  From what I've heard Alex is kind of messy and SUZI is the one who is the neatnik.  Well maybe even if you're not an expert, you can still write a book about it.  I mean, I don't know anything about, like.... having a tea party, but I could probably imagine up a way to do it and write some decent instructions.
Your art lessons sound like so much fun, I'm kind of jealous.  I haven't had a chance to work on my drawings for a long time now.  Are you doing painting?  Or just sketching? 
Nancy is playing with Peder and right now they're writing down monster definitions on Nan's underskirt.  She sewed a little pocket into it so she can store a pen and write notes to herself on her underskirt wherever she goes.  It's kinda cool, actually.  Really clever.  But Peder's mad because he wants to show me something and I'm busy writing to you and cooking dinner at the same time.
Yeah, maybe I could write a book about how to take care of horses or something.  Right now I'm taking care of all my horses PLUS Kaya's and Speaking Rain's horses that just wander into the barn at feeding time every night.  So I just take care of them and they toddle off the next morning to do something random.
So guess what?  Anna lost Peder again today but nan found him hiding under my bed because that's where we keep the milk.  Hahaha I never thought, when we were going to have another baby, that we'd spend half of his life trying to find him.
Oh, btw Peder says "Hi" and he asked me to send you a tomato, a bowl, a bear slipper, a button and a single knitting needle but they wouldn't fit.  I'm sure you'll understand.  I used the tomato in the beef stew. 
So what's new from Lilac Avenue?
Love, Kirsten

Dearest Kirsten,                    2.1.08  -new!
Well, having a mail-order service is really quite logical.  No one wants to buy the old clothes in the store anyway.  They want to choose their own fabric and style to have it custom made to fit them.  It would be such an excitement to receive a catalogue in the mail, don't you think?
I recently discovered that Cristal Purr has quite a talent for making the most darling bonnets!  I plan to get one for each of my dresses if I can convince her to go into business.
Have you seen the charming yellow one she gace to little Sonja for a Christmas gift?  It is so sweet!  I could almost eat it for dessert!  (Teehee.)
Well, I enjoy sewing, playing piano, writing, taking care of Snowball, cooking, (the maids do most of it, but sometimes I do it for fun) and drawing.  Samantha, Teresa and I had our first art lesson with a famous Italian artist recently.  His name is Senor Fillippo Carravaggio!  Isn't that a romantic name?  He has a very interesting method of teaching.  Not at all like Mrs. Millman's, I assure you!  Hmm, the library...well i've heard (through various sources) that Alexandra plans to write a book about housecleaning, (?) and Mrs. Merriman will be writing one about household management as well.  A compilation recipe book might be forthcoming as well, but as of the present our supply of books is sadly meager.  Would you be interested in publishing a book of some sort?  About horses, perhaps?  What is your favorite thing to cook?
Sincerely, Rebecca

Dear Rebecca!                            1/23/08
Hmmm…I guess a mail-order thingy –magiger would be kinda cool.  What’s that?  I mean, it seems simpler to just leave the store the way it is.  I never shop there though.  I can make all the clothes I need anyway.  I usually save up my money to buy feed for Blossom (I have to pay for her’s myself) and to buy fabric for dresses occasionally.  I don’t make a lot of money so that’s about it for now!  Haha!  I also like buying art supplies but that’s really a once in a blue moon kinda thing.  I haven’t done any art for ages and it’s killing me!  Haha, not really.  But close.
So what kinds of things do you do around your house all day?  I mean, if your maids do all your cooking and cleaning and sewing, what is there left to do?
I’m sorry, but Alison and Megan sound like pretty lousy maids.  Maybe you should lower their pay until they start showing up on time or something?  I mean, cuz that’s everyone’s tax dollars that they’re blowing off there!  Not cool.
So what’s new at the library?  I should go check it out sometime. 
love, kirsten

My Dear Kirsten,              January 9th, 2008
Well, Alison and Megan are good maids at times.  However, they have a habit of either being tardy for work or not showing up at all after they have been given time off.  For the amount we pay them each month, they should certainly be making more of an effort.  Speaking of the dress shop, and how it has become rather dull and lifeless, I heard from Samantha who heard from Cristal who heard from Sonja who heard from either Rachel or Angelica (I am not sure which,) that the dress shop may be putting together a mail-order catalogue!  Isn’t that a splendid idea?  So, Kirsten, if you make your own clothes and do your own hair, what do you save your money up for?
Sincerely, Rebecca K. Parkington

Hey Rebecca!                             4/30/07
I’m actually really surprised that Alison is a good maid, even though you keep saying so.  I mean, she never listens to teachers or parents or other authority-type figures!  Oh well, I guess money changes the way everybody acts.  Well Mrs. Merriman really needs to sew more clothes to sell if she really wants to keep her store interesting.  I mean, she only has old used stuff in there and it’s really boring.  Not that I ever go in there.  I don’t have time for that!  Besides, I can make my own clothes.  :P
Did you know the newspaper is now paying $30.00 per article that you submit?  That’s a good extra source of income.  If you write four articles (she doesn’t say how big they have to be) that’s $120 right there!  I think I’ll look into that next time I’m runnin’ low.
Anyway, ttyl!  kirsten

Dearest Kirsten,               February 17th,2007
Well I think that four months is a good amount of time to tell if Alison is up to the standards that we request.  She gets a healthy sum every month now so I think it was well worth the trial period.  She goes to the food stand, tidies rooms, serves food, sets tables, mops floors, and other chores.  She was rather hard to manage at first but I think she has mostly settled in to the routine of things by now.  Yes, it is so lovely that your food stand is always open!  You’re right, many of the other businesses are quite unreliable.  About the dress shop- for a time Lily Merriman was considering handing the ownership over to us in the hope that we would have more time to sew clothes for it.  In the meantime, however, I believe she realized she was in need of that income and has since decided to keep her ownership.  How are things on your farm?  I had a lovely time at
Brittany’s tea party.  And little Peder?
Sincerely, Rebecca K. Parkington

Hi Rebecca!                     1/14/07
Whoa four months is a long trial period!  I hope that Ali has gotten better at being a maid by now…what are her “duties,” btw?  What does she have to do?  Scrub dishes or clean the porch and stuff?  And what’s going on with shops in town?  I haven’t seen everyone at work in their stores at the same time for a really long time.  Everyone seems like they can take a day off whenever they want, but the food stand always has to be open because then otherwise nobody will eat!
Angelica hasn’t been to work in a long time.  I hear there was some kind of change of management- aren’t you guys in charge of Violet’s now?
Well, I have to go do my chores!  Bye, kirsten

Dearest Kirsten,               September 14th, 2006
Well yes, that is why I often do not pay some of my maids, especially Alison, who only just got her first pay this month after having a four-month trial period.  As of today she has not come to work for about five days.  I am rather concerned.  Oh!  That is so incredibly darling about
Brittany and her fairies!  Teresa is planning on dressing up as a little woodfairy for Suzanne’s Masked Ball.  I am rather looking forward to it, myself!  Although, I have not yet decided on a costume.  At the moment I am quite flustered about some of the stores downtown.  (Not yours, of course.)  I had such a rotten shopping trip the other day!  Teresa is lovely, she just had her first piano lesson!
Sincerely, Rebecca K. Parkington

Hi Rebecca!                     9/1/06
Wow, September already!  Well, I guess it wouldn’t work for your backwards day, but it was a cool idea anyway.  That’s too bad about your uppity maids- you should give ‘em a talking to!  They’re supposed to obey you, right?  So don’t pay ‘em or something.
Yes, Britta has always been able to say exactly what she thinks about everything; sometimes it’s refreshing, sometimes it’s rude, and sometimes it’s downright hilarious!  (You should hear her take Mrs. Wickon’s complaints at the food stand- honestly, we could almost sell tickets to THAT show, haha!)  Yeah, Britta is obsessed with fairies.  She searches for them everyday and makes fairy dolls to play with.  And she leaves food out for them at night.  Sweet, huh?  How’s Teresa?
Love, kirsten

My dear Kirsten,              August 21st, 2006
No, I am afraid I really would not know what to do if we were to switch places with the maids!  Also, I don’t think that a backwards day would do much to improve the maids’ impertinent behavior that they have acquired of late.  Why, this morning I had to ring the bell five times before a maid heeded my call and served the fruit dish.  Oh my, how lovely!  I should dearly love to see the lovely falls and rainbows and moss that you describe!  It sounds just heavenly!  I am glad to hear that Britta has fairy parties and sweet little things like that because sometimes I rather find her behavior to be so blunt and harsh.  Have you noticed that at all, Kirsten?  I play the piano and harp, and I can sing as well, though rather poorly.  We are going to have an art tutor come to our house today!
Sincerely, Rebecca K. Parkington

Hey Becca!                       8/14/06
Do you sometimes let the maids come to tea or something to shake things up a little?  You should do a backwards day when you have to take orders from them.  Haha!  Yeah my arm still hasn’t healed, it’s really weird.  But I’m getting really good at doing stuff w/one hand, so it’s all good.  :P (Until I get it fixed or whatever.)  We just planted some flowers in the upper meadows today- they grow well with moss which is good because there’s tons of it up there cuz of the falls.  It makes everything so wet that all this moss and stuff grew on the rocks.  It’s really pretty.
Britta said she saw a fairy party up there the other day, and you could almost believe her!  Cuz the rainbows bouncing off the mist of the water sort of dance, you know.  So anyway, do you play an instrument?  I kinda forgot…
Love, kirsten

My dear Kirsten,              August  6th, 2006
Oh yes, I am absolutely delighted that you could attend our banquet.  I enjoyed seeing everyone again since it has been far too long since the last Pleasantville social gathering.  Mr. and Mrs. Wickon are excellent performers, don’t you agree?  They are so entertaining to watch!  Samantha and I plan to have another opera evening in the future.  Would it be agreeable for you to attend?  It seems rather odd and unusual that your arm hasn’t healed yet after all this time.  When was it that it broke?  I am glad that you are able to get up and around now, one becomes so bored when one can do naught but lie down!  Of course you could always busy yourself with reading or sewing, but physical exercise is just so invigorating!  Alison is learning to be a good maid, slowly but surely.  At the moment, I don’t see her very often because she has not yet risen from the position of scullery maid.
Love, Rebecca K. Parkington

Dear Rebecca!                            7/18/06
Hey thanks so much for inviting me to your banquet and opera concert.  The dinner was really good, and the concert was funny, too.  It was lots of fun to get all dressed up and see everyone again since I’ve been cooped up so long because of my arm.  I’ve finally just decided to start doing things again, with or without my arm, haha!  Is Alison a good maid? I’m having a hard time picturing this…

Dearest Kirsten,               May 21st, 2006
I do hope that your arm recovers quickly,, it seems that it is taking quite a long time to heal!  Are you excited about your new baby brother?  He is so darling!  He has the sweetest hands and little toes!  I just love little babies!  That is too bad that Britta’s hand gets cramped whenever she writes, perhaps she has an incorrect penhold?  Or she may just need more practice.  Well I do believe that the next big event is the festival.  I do hope that the festival works out this year!  Would you and Josefina have your lavender stand again?  Did you know we hired Alison as a maid?  She is doing a lovely job so far on her trial period.  Well I must write to Britta now and then clean my room because today is Pleasantville cleanup day!
Sincerely yours, Rebecca K. Parkington

Hi Rebecca!                     4/20/06
Wow, I’m so sorry I haven’t written for so long.  I definitely would have, but my arm’s broken so I haven’t been able to write anything for ages anyway.  That’s the way the cookie crumbles, I guess. :P
Yeah, Suzanne and Mrs. Montoya really don’t get along very well!  They are both so against every little thing about each other that nothing ever works out.  Good thing they’re so good at avoiding each other, haha.  Britta does have a journal, but she doesn’t write in it very often.  She hates writing because her hand always gets cramped up.  I don’t understand how writing could be uncomfortable!  Of course, after I do right now because my arm is broke, but I mean in general.
Your Valentine’s day party was really fun!  Do you know when the next thing is?
Write back, Kirsten

My dear Kirsten,              March 2nd, 2006
I am sure that Britta will love being an older sister because then she will want to act responsibly and be a good example for the baby.  It is absolutely delightful to be an older sister!  You can dote on your younger siblings and pamper them and play with them all the time!  Perhaps I shall write to dear
Brittany.  How is Auntie Lara?  Tomorrow is the sewing circle at Suzanne’s house.  I am rather nervous about it.  Dolores and Suzanne together in a tiny room for a few hours??  Samantha just gave Teresa a journal so that she can write down all her thoughts.  Does Britta have a journal?
Sincerely, Rebecca K. Parkington

Hallo Rebecca!                           2/18/06
Well see, I just know it’s going to be a girl, I can feel it in my bones.  So I only need girl names. 
We’re all getting ready for the baby right now- my dad built a really nice, sturdy cradle and Mama is busy sewing lots of cloth diapers.  Britta, Anna and I are working on a baby quilt for her as well. I can’t wait for the baby to get here.  Britta’s not too excited about it either, she hasn’t been happy for a while because Mama is too busy to look at her mud cakes that she keeps making.  Oh well.  She just needs to know that being an older sister is actually fun, especially when you get to dress up your little sisters and do their hair!  She’ll like it in the end.  Maybe you could write to her?  Maybe she’d listen to you.  Tell her how great it is to have little sisters like Samantha. 
Anyway, write back, love, Kirsten

My dear Kirsten,              February 10th, 2006
What news!  I am nearly bursting with excitement after reading your letter!  A new baby!  There has not been a new baby in Pleasantville for about eight years now, I am so happy for Auntie Lara and your whole family!  Oh, let’s see, what should it’s name be… well your idea of flowers is a lovely one, but it should be an elegant flower like Rose or Lavendar.  In
France it is all the rage to be named after months of the year, such as April or May or even June.  Flora is a sweet name as well.  You must consider, Kirsten, the fact that the baby may be a boy.  In that case, I suggest the names Alexander and George.
Sincerely, Rebecca K. Parkington

Dear Kirsten,                    October 16th,2005
Why didn’t you go to the Masked Ball last night?  Your parents seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves, they dressed up as a Swedish troll and a Cyclops.  Apparently you’re their little troll who rides around the mountain on your pet donkey?  Hehe.  I am taking French in school.  It is nice because Samantha is almost fluent in French and she can help me out if I am confused.  Isn’t your Mother fluent in German?  Yes I did read Suzanne’s gossip column.  The things she wrote about your family and Josefina’s family were dreadful!  I can’t really do anything about it, though.
Are you ready for the holidays?  I am so excited for them!  Let the shopping begin!  Well I really must change out of my ballgown and have a shower now.  I hope that I am not coming down with something because I have a sore throat.
Love, Rebecca K. Parkington

Hey Becca!                       8/30/05
That’s cool that you get to see your Grandmary’s mansion, how huge was it?  Was it in Europa?  Language class is cool.  I learned how to say “was ist das?” in German.  What language are you doing again?  Did you read Mrs. Wickon’s horrid article in the newspaper?  I think you should have a heart-to-heart with her about it.  :P
Love, kirsten

Dear Kirsten,                    July 18th, 2005
How is your new horse doing?  Have you been riding her every time you get a chance as I suspect you have?  Samantha and I plan to start working on our house soon because we recently visited Grandmary’s estate and are quite inspired.  I am listening to Christmas music for some odd reason and it makes me wish for the holidays because they are so cozy and happy! 
Love, Rebecca K. Parkington


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