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My dear little Teresa,                  2.11.07
Goodness, hasn’t time just flown by since Mrs. Wickon’s amazing ball in October.  And you and I have gained such privileges since then!  Imagine being real members of the sewing circle already, what fun!  Although I haven’t had much time to sew myself much of anything during the last two meetings.  But I do hope to start making a nice dress for myself sometime soon.  Write back!  Sonja

My Dear Darling Sonja,             9.3.06
Who do you plan to be at Suzanne’s ball?  I still must have a longer time of thought before I decide.  Isn’t it just wonderful that Rachel may come?  I am quite delighted!  Have you had your tea party yet?  My date of birth is November 1st, and my favorite food is very hard to decide.  I believe that anything that Mrs. Hawkins makes is my favorite food.  She is a divine chef!  Do you like to attend operas?  I find it most entertainable.  Suzanne has the most beautiful voice, don’t you agree?  The sewing circle that I attended was lovely and I do hope that you will be able to attend the next one.
Fond regards, Teresa Berg

My dear darling Teresa,             8.29.06
Oh my!  Art lessons do sound so divine- I hope that he is a good teacher and all that.  Maybe one day you will become a famous paintress and have exhibits all over the world.  How glamorous! 
Yes, I am going to take singing lessons from Suzanne as well, she is a dear friend of mine.  Well, even though you may not think about growing up just yet, I think about it quite often.  I need to become a fine lady- refined and accomplished.  I also need to be a hair stylist, opera star, and accomplished Italian chef.  I am working on achieving these ambitions as we speak!
What is your favorite thing to eat?  When is your birthday?  Mine is November 2nd.
Love, Sonja

My darling Sonja,                      8/18/06
My!  What a long time since we last corresponded!  Thank you!  Yes we certainly have a good gardener.  I am very excited for today because Samantha said that we might be having an art instructor from
New York come and teach us!  My life is full of fun and enjoyment right now.  And what is the news with you?  Who do you take singing lessons from?  I take mine from Suzanne Wickon, she is a delightful instructor.  I do not know what I want to be when I grow up, and I think I am not going to think about growing up for a while.
Love, Teresa

My Darling Teresa,          8.6.06
I see that congratulations are in order for your gardener, since he has won the contest!  I heard that it was a very close result, but fair.  I have not seen you for such a long time, but I do miss our chats!  How is your life coming along?  I am happy and busy shopping and taking lessons in fine cuisine, singing, and hair dressing.  What do you want to be when you grow up?
Love, Sonja

Dear Sonja,                                3/17/06
If you will excuse me, I really do not think that Rachel has turned into a pauper.  She just turned into a very kind and very fashionable lady.  Why I am sure that every lady would know that not wearing your ballgown every day and cooking is very fashionable!  Why don’t you cook?  I don’t think that it is kind to talk behind another’s back.  I hope that you are well.
Regards, Teresa

My Dear Little Teresa,                2/18/06
What a coincidence that I should decide to write back to you today!  I am at Cristal’s house getting my hair done for the Valentines party that you are putting on this evening.  I am so excited about it.  I have been very well, spending much of my time learning how to be a fashionable young lady from my darling friends Cristal and Suzanne.
How have you been keeping?  What do you do all day?  Has
Elizabeth been getting into mischief?  Did you know that little Rachel has forsaken her fashionable life and become a pauper?  She has sold all of her fashionable clothes back to the dress shop!  How shocking!
Regards, Sonja
P.S. I must apologize for the ugliness of this envelope.  I’m afraid Laura Windmill has begun selling ugly merchandise!!

Dear Sonja.                                9/15/05
Why don’t you come to my house sometime and we can have a little playdate?  Have you gotten your fashionable dress yet?  I have.  Mine is blue and pink!  It is so beautiful! 
Nancy is so sweet.  I just read her letter and it was absolutely hilarious!  Hehe!  J  We just got a pink shower installed and it looks lovely.  Elizabeth is still the same, as always- spying, doing mischief and stealing tarts from the kitchen.  Well tata darling!
Love, Teresa

My Dearest Teresa,                    8/28/05
Of course I am going to compete in the horse-riding competition if there ever is one.  Besides being top of my classes in school, and the most proper girl of my age in town, I am also a very accomplished in adventurous yet lady-like sports.  What do you do?
It is raining right now and Britta is singing downstairs.  I wish she would learn how to sing in tune, it’s horrible for my poor, delicate ears.  Angelica listens to the most awful music!  I had to put up with that this weekend as well.  Love, Sonja

My Dear Sonja,                          July 18th, 2005
I just had tea, it was delicious!  We had rainbow ice cream from Clara’s sweet shop. Do you have ice cream at tea?  How is Britta and the rest, and how are you?  This afternoon Samantha, Rebecca and I went out to the garden and sketched and drew and wrote back to letters.  Samantha made a lovely painting of a vase of blue and yellow flowers.  Are you going to compete in the horse competition?  Well, I must get my beauty sleep.  Goodnight!  Love, Teresa


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