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My dear little Britta.                   1.20.08
How are you and your family?  I do hope that none of you have caught cold in this chilly season.  How is darling Peder?  Please tell him that cousin Teresa sends her love to him!!  Has your tomato famine ceased?  I just had a wonderful art instructor over the other day, he was Senor Felippe Carravaggio, and it was so much fun to have him to our house!  Well dear please, do write back soon!  Love, Teresa Berg

Hi Teresa,                                  10.4.07
I was not happy with my exam marks.  The food stand is closed for the night.  I have not played dolls yet this fall, but I made them go camping in the forest once.  Bye!  BRITTA

Hello Britta,                      6/12/07
I am very glad to hear from you!  Have you been playing with your dolls lately?  I just finished making my dolls have a tea party.  How is the food stand going?  Were you happy with your exam marks?  Please write back!  Love, Teresa

Hi Teresa,                                  4.30.07
My family is all good, thank you.  And how is your duck?  Why do you always ask me about Peder?  Why don’t you just write to him instead.  Anyway, did you finish your sampler?  BRITTA

Dear Britta,                                8.21.06
I just had a lovely breakfast!  How is your family?  No, I did not know that Kaya wears baskets on her head, why does she?  How is dear sweetie pie darling little Peder?  How are you doing with Irish dancing?  Right now I am listening to Samantha sing!  She has a beautiful voice!
Love, Teresa

Dear darling little Britta,             8/1/06
I think your little brother is the darlingest sweetest cutest little baby boy that I have ever set eyes on!  Why I don’t think he could ever be annoying!  Yes, I do eat quite a few courses for each meal but it isn’t that much!  Do you like cherry pie?  Have you invited your proper lady to tea yet?  Hoping you and your family are well, love, Teresa

Hi Teresa,                                  7/18/06
I’m writing back to your letter even though I didn’t like how you called me little.  I am actually not very lucky to have a little brother, he is mostly very annoying except when he’s sleeping.  Do you eat a lot of food?  Because your maids buy alot.  BRITTA

Hi Teresa,                                  7.14.06
When you call me “dear darling little Britta” it sounds really annoying because it’s just what Sonja always used to call me.
Right now your darling baby Peder is screaming his head off because Mama has to change his diaper.  Did you know Kaya wears baskets on her head?

Hello Brittany,                  May 21, 2006
Wasn’t proper school delightful?  I already did the backstitch on my sampler.  How is darling little baby Peder?  He is so sweet!!  You are so lucky to have a baby brother!!  Especially one like him!  Quite a few times I answered the door, and I enjoyed it!  You had the beer Guinness?  You shouldn’t have beer,
Brittany!  You aren’t old enough!
Love, Teresa

Hi Teresa,                        April 20, 2006
I actually can’t do cursive very well but my sisters and mommy can.  Guinness is not a sweet, it is a kind of beer.  And tastes awful but daddy likes it.  How many times did you get to answer the door?  I haven’t at all but maybe I will at sewing circle.  Bye!  BRITTA

Dear Britta,                      2/23/06
Your handwriting has impressed me so much!  Why already doing cursive at your age!  I would like to jump in hay, but I do not have a haystack.  What is Guinness?  Is it some kind of sweet treat?  Do you want your future sibling to be a girl or a boy?  Why?  How is your cow?  I hope she has not been trampling your vegetable garden lately!  Do you like cherry pie?  I simply love it!  And I am smelling it right now.  I am going to go and taste it!
Love, Teresa

Dear Teresa,                               2/18/06
Well I think that jumping on hay is fun and you should try it sometime.  Um, it gets your hair very messy.  But there’s always something good to eat afterwards.  Do you do dancing at all?  I am starting, maybe I can be in the Nutcracker this year.  Maybe because I’m an Irish dancer daddy says there should be a Guinness dance and I could be the star.  Wouldn’t that be cute?  Love, BRITTA

Dear Britta,                                9/19/05
I am so sorry you aren’t in the Nutcracker anymore!  You were very good at telling Josefina when they were coming.  I would like to jump into hay except it is very unladylike as Samantha and Rebecca keep reminding me.  Well do write soon dear!  Love, Teresa Berg

Dear Teresa,                               8.31.05
Daisy only likes peas so we just pick them all and then she doesn’t come in the garden anymore.  Today is sheet-washing day.  Hooray!  I like to jump in hay.  Do you?  What have you been doing?  I have to do all my chores today.  NO.  Proper school is on Friday.  BRITTA


Dear Britta,                      June 26th, 2005
I hope Daisy doesn’t squish all of your vegetable garden!  What kind of things do you grow in your garden?  Peas?  Onions?  Potatoes?  Yes, I do take lessons from a tutor of mine.  They are very enjoyable!  Are you going to get a fashionable dress when they are ready for orders?  I am already picking out material!  Some time you should see my doll house.  It has doll furniture all the way from
France!  I got it from my Grandmother!  Well, please write back soon, Love, Teresa

Dear Britta,                      January 19th, 2004
How are you?  My favorite food is potatoes with green beans.  Guess what?  I think the fashion is pink!  Have you met William Merriman?  He is very kind.  I got a letter from him today.  Did you like the stationary I gave you?  I really liked the picture you made of me in
Ireland!  Well I must write back to William too!  Love, Teresa

Dear Britta,                      January 5th, 2004
I do not know when proper school starts!  Yes, we have decided what our mansion will look like.  Do you like peacocks?  What did you get for Christmas?  I got a box with the Eiffel tower on it!  Well write back soon!
Love, Teresa Berg

Dear Britta,                      November 14th, 2003
I am quite well, thank you.  But I do not have a mansion yet.  I live in the school house.  I was an angel for Halloween.  Did you know my birthday was about two weeks ago?  I love your stationary, do you like mine?  Who were you for Halloween?  I hope that we can do proper school soon, don’t you?  Today I am going to have a French lesson.  Isn’t that exciting?  She’s coming over from
France!  (My tutor.)  What do you think the school house should be painted?  Have you eaten your Halloween candy?  Have you started on Christmas presents?  Well, goodbye.  Love, Teresa

Dear Britta,

How are you and all your family?  Do you want to be penpals with me?  Because I'd love to be penpals with you!  Do you like my stationary?  Do you curl your hair sometimes?  Rebecca said something about your father's fishernet still not returned.  :(



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