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Dear Rebecca,               June 1st 2008
Woops, I accidentally wrote that it is still May!  That always happens to me at the beginning of a new month or year.  :)
Right now we have a huge house full of people:  Lisa, KT, Josefina, Kaya, and Mr. Wickon are all drying off because of the flood.
Kaya drank up all the floodwater though, so the river is back to normal now.  Seals are sea animals that are like mermaids but with kitty faces.  Have you had any floods lately?
Anna L.

Hola Anna!               May 25th, 2008
Tonio makes the fires.  Papa got drunk last night!  Juan is so annoying!!!  Josefina's not at home.  Britta doesn't like Peder, do you?  What are seels?  Have you ever fainted?
Love, Rebecca

Hi Rebecca!                            3/7/08
I don't really play the banjo too much, although daddy taught me how to play one or two things once.  I'm sorry you don't like mushrooms.  They are pretty yummy!
I just had to remake the fire because Mama and Kirsten have been at sewing circle for the last month or so and so the fire went out because I wasn't paying attention.  Who makes the fires in your house?  Do you?
The tomato famine is still going on, isn't that crazy?  I hope that some more sunny days hurry up and get here so they decide to grow again.
Write soon!  Love, Anna L.

Dear Anna,                  2.3.08
Do you not like ants?  Jalepenos grow in my garden where it is dry and sunny.  I don't like mushrooms, they are so bland and yucky.  Do you give your piggy mushrooms?  Do you play the banjo too?
Love, Rebecca

Dear Rebecca,                  1.25.08
Jalapenos and honey taste good together?!  I really never woulda thunk it.  Haha.
Yes, I like mushrooms very much.  They’re good in soups and salads and things.  Besides, its fun to harvest them from the old stump by the waterfall.  They grow all over it there because it’s so wet and misty all the time.  Where do jalapenos grow?  I bet they grow somewhere really happy and sunny, huh?  No, there aren’t any ant farms here on purpose.  :P
Love, Anna L.

Dear Anna,                      1.21.08
Jalapenos and honey tieste goot!!  I don’t think we got non recipysises fore mushrooms do you like them?  Ugghh!!  Do you have an ant farm??
Love, Rebecca

Dear Rebecca,                  5.27.07
Oh my!  Jalapenos and honey at the same time?  That sounds very interesting.  Yes, Britta likes to ice-skate whenever we all do it, but now all our ice is melted, so I guess we can’t skate on it anymore!  Now we’ve got the river flowing again and the baby salmon are hatching and there are little mushrooms everywhere.  Do you have any recipes with mushrooms in them?  How is your weaving?  What colors is it?
Love, Anna L.

Dear Anna,                      2/27/07
Hi!  Jalapenyo soup is made out of halapenos, honey, and lots of oter yummy stuff!  Mmm… I got a wittle cart for Llama to drive for Christmas!  I bet Peder likes the pig you got for Christmas!  I have never tried ice-skating- is it fun?  Does Britta do it?  I have to go, write back please!  Love, Rebecca

Hello Rebecca!                 12.31.06
Mmm… Haljpeinoey sounds really yummy!  What is it?  We made a lot of apple pies over the holidays!  They were really yummy.  Now we’re just trying to clean up and get the food stand up and running so everyone can buy food for the New Year’s party tomorrow!  I’m not sure what we’re making yet.  What did you get for Christmas?  I got a new dress and a skirt and a stuffed piggy that oinks when I squeeze his tummy!  He is so cuuuute. 
J  I also got some ice skates from daddy so I can go skating on the ice by Kaya’s cave!  I haven’t ice-skated for ages so I really want to try.  Have you ever done ice-skating?  I love it.  Wbasap!  Love, Anna L.

Hola Anna!                      10.22.06
Mama is making a recipe for sope d haljpeinoey.  It must be really good because Papa’s really excited!  Why do you think fich stow is so yummy?  I like fich tacos they are buno.  Love, Love, Love, Rebecca

Hi Rebecca!                     9.16.06
Wow!  I like coffee too, we have coffee all the time.  With every meal because my daddy likes it so much.  I like putting cream and sugar in mine to make it taste better, though.  Guess what?!  It’s frosted here already, when I got back from your house the other day there was frost all over the upper meadows!  So I’d better pick all the flowers and herbs for Josefina soon before they die, huh?  Fish stew is yummy.  Kaya catches fish all the time, either with a spear or a trap, and Speaking Rain roasts them with herbs so they taste really good!  We have to get in the hay soon.  Do your animals eat hay?  Love, Anna L.

Hi Anna!                          8/20/06
Mama bought some coffee today!  Do you like coffee?  Eeww!!  You eat fish stew?  How’s your piggy?  I like beef, yummy!!  Haha!
Love, Rebecca

Hi Rebecca!                     8.14.06
My cow is a little better, thank you for your concern!  I love fish.  Especially lutefisk and fish stew.  We have a lot of fish where we live!  They pretty much jump in the basket when we go fishing… yum.  But Kaya usually takes a lot so there’s usually only enough for us and the food stand with none left over to save. 
L  Actually, Kaya’s down there catching fish right now!  Baby Peder really likes eating fish too, it’s really cute.  I haven’t been working on my weaving, but thanks for remind me.  I need to start!  Winter is coming soon!  When is trading week?  Love always, Anna L.

Dear Anna,                      8/6/06
I hope your cow is better.  Do you like fish?  How is your knitting?  Josefina is using my loom write now so I can’t weave.  Do you lik the fashions?
Love, Rebecca

Dear Rebecca,                  May 30th, 2006
Sure I’d like to be your penpal!  I don’t like weaving, I usually just sew or knit or whatever mommy wants and Kirsten does the weaving.  You should see her, she’s pretty good!  My piggy is doing great, but my cow isn’t.  She’s being very very loud right now because I need to milk her.  Do you like to clean your house?  I like to clean.  It’s fun to know where everything goes.
Love, Anna L.

Dear Anna,                      3/5/06
Want to be a penpal of myn?  My weaving is going along fine!  Have you baked any cakes lately?  I would love to try it!  Yum!  How’s your piggy?  Love, Rebecca


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