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Hello Megan,                              11.20.06
does sound like fun, although I am very happy with my life the way it is.  I think I will probably consider finding a job down there like you suggested.  Do you know of any positions that are open?  I can’t wait to get my new textbooks in the mail!  Advanced calculus sounds like it will be fascinating!  Write soon!  Love, Heather

Hey Heath!                       Aug. 1. 06
Wow, long time no….write!  Haha… Oh I’m sorry, that sucks that you had to wait for me by the Parkington’s, I don’t really walk the pets very regularly unfortunately.  Ali is working as a maid at the Parkington’s, which is bringing in tons of mullah.  It is cool.  Actually I have watched a lot of movies recently.  Pink panther just happens to be playing right now! Yeah, the ski trip didn’t work out because
Mt. Pleasant ski lifts weren’t running for lack of snow.  Distance learning colleges sound interesting, but you should try getting a job or something down here in town!  It is totally the place to be.  It is awesome living smack in the middle of everything.
xoxo, Meg

Dear Megan,          May 21st, 2006
I waited outside the Parkington’s house for a few days last week waiting to see you on your pet-walking rounds, but you were a no-show, unfortunately.  I was rather saddened.  But life goes on.  I was invigorated to get out of the house for once though.  I also made good friends with the Parkington’s maids.  How are you?  Have you watched any movies lately?  We are going to watch one today, but I still have to decide what to watch how has life been?  Was your skiing trip fun?  Laura didn’t end up going on one ver.  :P
My mom is going crazy because the house is a mess.  That’s because no one is ever home to clean it.  I am almost done with 11th grade, next year I’m going to apply to distance learning colleges in the area.  That should be very invigorating.  Please write back, I long to hear from you!
Sincerely, Heather

Dear Heath,                      Jan. 14th, 06
Yeah, my life is pretty cool right now, Ali and I started a pet walking business which is…um… pretty successful I guess.  For the most part it’s really easy except when we have to walk Rebecca’s dog Snowball, he’s a demon dog, seriously.  The only person he’ll listen to is Rebecca!  Hey I’m going on that skiing trip with Paul and Laura!  Cool, I’m glad they’re excited about it cuz I am too.  Why aren’t you going?  It’s gonna be awesome.  Hmmm…I’ve never read Jane Eyre.  I haven’t read anything for a while.  What did you get for Christmas?  I got a bottle of coke, some comfy pants, a cell phone and some sunflower stationary.  TTYL!  Luv, Meg

Dear Megan,          1.1.06
Your life sounds very pleasant down in your great apartment.  I am terribly jealous.  My house is so boring; no one ever does anything besides annoy me to death.  What’s a poor girl to do, especially when Laura and Paul team up to annoy me together.  The two of them are planning a silly skiing trip which they talk about with no rest.  Besides that they play video games and dart in and out of the house.  I am taking college correspondence classes in Literature and am riveted by Jane Eyre at the moment.  You must read it, it is very dark but also divine writing.  Anyway, I hope to see you soon, write back!  Love, Heather

Dear Heath,                      Oct. 9.05
I’m doin’ awesome!  It has got to be the #1 kewlest thing eva 2 live in an apartment with friends cuz I’m having, like, the time of my life, lol.  Ali and I are about to play guitar duets because we both have guitars.  R U goin’ to that masked ball thingy?  I don’t think I’m invited, lol, cuz I hear Suzanne and Cristal talking about it all the time next door and they don’t want me and Ali to cum cuz we’re 2 noisy or something not cool like that.  NEwayz, ttyl girlfriend, Meg

Dear Megan,          September 9th, ‘05
How are you?  I am doing good, I have been gardening my windowbox and making the meals when mother is not at home.  She is gone a lot at her job at the bank.  I think that I’ll be able to put up with my siblings more now that mother made us all some chores to do!  I’ve already done them all and now I’m writing to you… Laura left your letter open in the bright sunlight and it all faded so she just finished tracing it all back in for me.  Please write back, your friend, Heather

Hey Heath!                                 April 5th, 2005
Nice to hear from ya!  That’s kool that u’ve been reading a lot of books, I like reading too but I don’t really have any books, lol.  You know, playing stupid video games can be pretty fun, you should try joining
ur siblings at it sumtime.  That would b gr8 if u could start babysitting again cuz Rachel has gotten to be super annoying.  I think ur siblings playing video games all day is annoying but living in a house with extreme fashion victims is a lot worse.  I totally can’t relate to them!  Say hi to Paul and Laura 4 me! 
Luv ya, Meg the non-egg, lol

Dear Heather,                   September 13th, 2000
I am really proud of Lissie for winning the grand prize, isn’t it cool that her and Felicity A. tied for first?  Yes, I am in high school, what are you learning about in homeschool?  I didn’t do very well in middle school last year, but I am going to try harder this year.  Our English teacher talks about spirits getting us if we don’t do homework, it is soooo weird… (some people even believe him!)
Love, Meg

Dear Heather,                             April 29th, 2000
The competition was soooo cool!  Did you go?  Lissie won 2 firsts!  Go Lissie!  Today it is very wet and rainy, and I have to stay inside.  (It’s April 29th) do you like meat pies? 
Nan and Mr. Merriman do, so we have to eat them all the time.  I think they are ok….
Well, I can’t think of anything else to write, so CU!  Meg


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