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Dearest Angelica,                       4/6/06
I hope that everything gets sorted out in the dress shop soon, that does not seem pleasant to be suffocated by clothes.  It’s lovely to be able to ride Penny whenever I please, even though I often do not have enough time because of my many duties.  Chores are so tedious!  How is Sonja after attending the first lesson on proper manners?  I hope, for your sake, that it made a positive influence on her.
Sincerely, Lissie

Hey Lissie!                       3.30.06
What ‘tis up?  Lol.  Sorry I took so long to rite back, I was litrly coverd in a mountan of bills!  I can’t believe how messy the dress shop is now, it’s not even funny anymore…  We got a shipment in from the Parkingtons, which was huge, and now no one can get in the shop, and I can’t breeth!!!
That’s really cool that your horse can live w/u now, that was too sad that we couldn’t see her all the time.
Anyway, write!  Luv, Angel

Dear Angelica,                           January the 15th, 2006
Well let’s see…  I am really looking forward to Spring this year because Father is building a barn so Penny can live with us again finally.  So I’ll be able to ride her all I want!  I am also looking forward to helping mother plant and tend to her spring garden.  I am sorry about Sonja, ‘tis very odd that she should act the way she does!  I wish the winter months would fly past because ‘tis very dreary staying inside all day stirring stews and sewing handkerchiefs.  Pray tell me, how is everything and everyone downtown?  I have not been down there for quite some time.
Write soon!
Regards, Felicity

Hey Lizzy,                                  1.8.06
You’re lucky that Rachel’s getting back to normal, Sonja’s just getting worse.  It’s really irritating to have her around.  Your new year’s party was awesum, I love going there every year.  I liked all the food, it was all realy yummy!  So what are your plans for the spring?  Laura and I and a few friends are prolly going skiing sometimez.  I haven’t skid in ages.
Luv, Angel

Dear Angelica,                           12/1/05
Oh my goodness, I really hope it snows today!  It just might too because it is so cold.  I am quite warm inside right now, Mother is getting
Nan and William to go outside and collect berries and pine bows.  She is making William very hungry by telling him about the twelfth night cake and candied nuts and flower petals.  Hehe.  Thankfully mother would never let Rachel go and live at Cristal’s house.  If she did, she would probably go completely out of control.  She seems to be doing better lately, surprising.  Write soon!
Love, Lissie

Hey Lissie,                                 9/7/05
yes, Sonja said she was going to do the competition.  She used to be really good but she hasn’t ridden for nearly two years so who knows.  :P
Right now Lara is deep cleaning the house and Anders is rebuilding the food stand.  Sonja hasn’t been home for nearly two weeks- she’s been doing things with Cristal Purr and Suzanne Wickon.
Poor you!  It sounds like Rachel has become a Sonja over night!  Make sure she doesn’t start spending all her time @ Cristal’s!!
Luv, Angel

Dear Angelica,                           July 26th, 2005
Rachel changed overnight which made her even worse!  She now has pretty eyelashes and nice hair, so she’s gotten even more vain and obsessed with her appearance!  I’m glad to hear that Kirsten has taken good care of my Penny, it’s so annoying how my mother won’t let me keep her on our estate!  Camping sounds like so much fun!  I would love to go with you, but I don’t know when we’d ever find the time.  Mother is so busy with the new fashions and father is always at the hospital, so I keep being put in charge of the children!  It is quite frustrating.  Is your sister riding her horse in the competition?  Is she any good?  You’ll come watch the competition, right?
Love, Felicity


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