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My dear Miss Rebecca,             
I would like to thank you for attending my party last week.
I always enjoy talking with you and I liked how you liked my fruit soup that I made just for you!  Hopefully I can have you over again sometime and I’ll make more soup!
Thanks again!  Love, BRITTA

Hi Rebecca,                                9.29.06
My family is all doing good.  I am making wings for my fairy costume!  What are you going to do for a costume?  Is a fairy a proper thing to be?  Anna is going to be a silly scarecrow.  Is that proper?  Peder is rude and noisy!  He is screaming and is trying to eat my wings.

Dearest Britta,                            August 6th, 2006
Oh my!  Did Cristal’s house truly catch on fire?  How dreadful!  I do hope that no one was injured!  How terrible the last time a house caught on fire it burned all the way to the ground!  It was
Elizabeth’s apartment and so she moved in with us, her neighbors.  Did you know that story?  Is the hair salon still standing?  I do hope so, indeed, for I really must get my hair styled in the near future.  I know that sounds rather selfish of me to speak of styling one’s hair after such a tragedy has occurred, but if you could see my hair at this moment you would most readily agree with me on this point.  I have never been fishing before because you see, fishing is a sport reserved mostly for men.  Ladies are not often seen performing such a task, at least to my knowledge.  However, this is just what I have been told from my Grandmary.  There are certainly different points of view on this subject.  Take my Aunt Cornelia as an example.  She is devoted to obtaining the vote for women and would have absolutely no objection whatsoever to ladies fishing!  In fact, I do believe she would readily encourage it!  How is your family?  And Peder? 
Sincerely, your cousin, Rebecca

Dear Rebecca,                            7.18.06
Did you know that Cristal Purr’s house is on fire?  She put a hat on her chimney.  That’s pretty dumb.  Did you know that?  Anyway, it serves her right she has too many hats.
Do you like fishing?  I do.  We have a lot of fish on our mountain even though Kaya eats a lot of them.  She spends all day fishing sometimes getting ready for winter.

Darling Britta,                  May 21st, 2006
I am glad that you are enjoying proper school.  That is really what it is all about you know, to learn proper manners and etiquette, yes, but also to have a good time and make good friends!  How is your new home coming along?  Has uncle Anders started building it yet?  Your baby brother, Peder, is so adorable, don’t you think?  He is so sweet and cute!  Have you been able to hold him yet?  Well, I must go now, Mr. Hawkins just informed me that Celine Windmill is at the bank today and I can’t miss this opportunity to get my checks cashed because who knows when Celine will see fit to return to her job next? 
Yours truly,  Rebecca

Hi Rebecca,                      Apr. 20, 2006
Anna is helping me to write this because my hand is all cramped up from doing my proper school.  I liked the proper school classes we did and I just finished sewing all mommy’s lace onto my sampler!  It looks very proper!  I would be ok with the baby if it would just stay a sweet little baby, but I don’t want a silly annoying little sister following me around all the time.  Hmmph.

My Dear Britta,                March 28th, 2006
Well this is just going to be the most brilliant opportunity for you to show your family what a proper young lady you are becoming!  I know that you will love having a little one to play with and to teach how to do things.  It will be hard to adjust at first because you are so used to being the baby of the family, but you are growing up and you can now take on bigger challenges, such as welcoming this wonderful new person into the world.  Your family will always love you, no matter what happens, so do not worry that they don’t care about you anymore.  In fact, your mother probably needs your helping hands more than ever!  This really is your chance to shine, Britta, because you can show everyone how responsible and proper you can be.  Did you know that proper school is going to start soon?
Love, Rebecca

Dear Rebecca,                                      3.8.06
Well, I’d like a good little sister that’s all grown up but not a little crybaby.  And I hate the smell of diapers and I like being the baby, I thought I was doing a good job, why do they need a new one?
Maybe I should be a better baby and Mrs. Merriman can take the baby instead.  I almost fit in the cradle! I probably won’t get any beauty sleep when the baby comes. 

My Darling Brittany,                            March 3rd ‘06
How are you doing?  Kirsten tells me that you don’t really like the idea of being a big sister and having a younger sibling.  What are you worried about?  Being a big sister can be challenging sometimes because you have to be a very good example.  But it is also very gratifying and enjoyable.  You’ll have someone to play with ALL the time and also someone who looks up to you for wisdom and advice.  Samantha, Elizabeth and Teresa are all little sisters of mine (so to speak) and I don’t know what I would do without them!  Please write back!
Love, Rebecca


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