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Hi Angel!                                   January 23rd, 2008

I am sooo so sorry!  I haven’t written back to you in two years!  I’m horrible!  I don’t know why it’s taken me so long.  But not much has changed really.  You were talking about how Francisca bosses you around in Trepak, and that’s still the same after two years, lol!  I kinda miss being in the Nutcracker, but I mostly enjoy being home in December.  It’s lonely without all you guys tho!  That’s cool that you and Ali send recipes!  I’ve decided to hold off on making mine until I have a place for my restaurant, cuz I need them to be suited for what I have there.  The menus are gonna be so cool! 
How are your plans for the café going?  I actually do play an instrument- it’s called a Gao-Hu.  It’s like a Chinese violin that you play like a cello.  Cool, huh?  Ok, I’m going to go put the rice on for dinner.
I’ll try and write again before two years go by!
Loves, Alex

Hey Alex!                                   12/31/06
Yeah, December was pretty much a werlwind w/all those Nutcraker rehearsals and everything.  But it was fun besides having to put up with Francisca Montoya.  Did you hear about that?  She was running EVERYTHING, and trying to get me kicked out so Trepak would be a solo with only HER in it.  It drove me crazy.
Anyway, Ali and I are sending recipes back and forth.  It’s pretty fun.  Maybe we’ll put together a cookbook for the library Sam and Becca are going to make.  Do you play an instrument?  I got a guitar for xmas!!
Love!  Angel

Hey Angel!                                 Nov. 2. 06
Wow, I can’t believe it is already November!  Time goes so fast this part of the year because there is so much to do!  Oh awesome, we both have some of Laura and Kaya’s tie-dye stationary!  It is so cool.  I love writing on it.  That doesn’t sound like the funnest vacation ever.  At least you got it over with!  Sometime Suzi and I will have to get our wisdom teeth out but not yet.  (Thankfully.)
Gosh, Sonja really seems to kinda control your life these days.  That sucks!  Mei Mei is…different… but at least she doesn’t try to make me be like her!
The Masked Ball was way fun this year!  You looked so cute as a witch!  I still can’t believe that Mei went as a soy sauce bottle- I totally didn’t believe her when she just told me she was being that.  Haha.  Well text me next time you’re in town and we should have lunch together or something!
Love ya, Alexandra

Dear Alex,                                  9.29.06
Yeah, a sports team sounds like a good idea.  I can’t believe how long it’s been since I played a game of soccer!
I just got off my vacation period that I took for my wisdom teeth (it cost me $350!!) and I’ve got mounds of things to take care of.  The store is a MESS because Cristal and Suzanne have been going thru it (I think Sonja let them in, grrr!) and a lot of bills.
What are you going to dress as for the masked ball?  I am going to be a hippy if I can.  :-P
Love, Angelica

Hey Angel!                       Sept. 7th, 2006
Yum, your spaghetti recipe sounds really good!  I so didn’t know that Mrs. Wickon was a cook, that’s cool!  I always heard that she never gets her full pay or something like that.  I also heard that you and Laura had your wisdom teeth pulled out!  Yikes!  That must’ve been rough.  Was it scary to have Cristal pulling out your teeth?!  I haven’t really done any sports at all lately, other than just jogging around town.
We should have a team with you, me, Laura, Ali, Meg, Suzi and anyone else who is good at sports!
Love ya, Alex

Hey Alex!                         8.6.06
Yeah!  I guess I just kinda lost track of my penpals, but you’d be a great one, so hooray! 
I got a spaghetti recipe from Megan, and Sonja is going to get some from Mrs. Wickon who is actually Mrs. Fox’s cook (I did NOT know that, lol!) so those recipes should be pretty deluxe, I’m guessing.
So do you still do any sports?  We should really organize a team…
Love, Angel

Hey Angel!                       Aug. 1st 2006
Wow, I totally didn’t remember us being pen-pals!  Cool!  That is awesome that you got a stove!  I got one recently, too, from the Larsons.  I love it.  Mei does too, she is cooking us dinner right now actually!  I would send you recipes but I only have 2 right now and they’re pretty complicated, and use a lot of special Asian ingredients that are hard to find.  I plan to make some simpler ones soon and when I do, I’ll be sure to send you a copy!
Love, Alex

Hi Alex!                                     7/18/06
So guess what?!  I got a stove!  It’s so pretty and it works and I just love it kuz it means now I’m completely independent.  Only problem is, I don’t really know how to cook.  Or….WHAT to cook, I guess.  I don’t have any recipes.  Do you have any?  Could you send me some?  That’d be so cool if you could.  Now I can have ppl over for dinner and stuff.  Yay!  How are you?
Love, Angel


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