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Hi Britta,                          11/20/06
I haven’t written to you in 9 months!!!!!!!!  Felicity stopped giving me flute lessons a long time ago!  What about you?  How’s Peder?  Can he talk yet???  I just made kung pao shrimp, shish-kabobs, and egg rolls for dinner.  I am so excited to start the Nutcracker even though that means no time at home because I’ve been really bored lately!!!
How are you?  Love, Elinor W.

Dear Elinor,                     2/18/06

Yes, I am learning how to Irish step dancing so I can dance while my daddy plays the accordion.  How are your flute lessons going with Felicity?
My mommy said she’s going to teach me mouth music sometime.  It’ll be fun!  My mommy’s taking dictation now because I can’t write very fast.  Anyway, how’s your money?  Um how’s your sisters?  Um, my sisters are fine and I’m going to have another sister soon!

Dear Britta,                      9/19/05
I have $25.50 and Suzanna may be rich but she certainly does not give me anything I like! Are you crazy?   She only pays for my flute lessons and ballet lessons.  That’s it!  You are the one who’s lucky!  At least you have a lot of stuff to do!  I am always really bored!
Well, please write back!
Love, Elinor.

Dear Britta,                      June 20, 2005
Guess what?  Your last letter was from January!  I don’t know if Suzi reads novels.  How would I know, anyway?  We just finished having chocolate strawberry cake with Angelica.  What have you been doing?  Well I got to go get rid of my chocolate mustache!
Bye!  Love, Elinor.

Dear Elinor,                     1.3.05
Right now I’m sitting on my bed trying to think of what to right to you.  I’m very tired right now and kind of mad at Anna because she said I should start gardening but I don’t want to.  She also said she won’t read any novels.  Does Suzi read novels?  Anyway, goodbye.

Dear Britta,                      9/30/04
How are you?  How come you haven’t written to me?  Do you like my stationary?  It’s new.  Alison’s gift shop has a really neat candle, I checked them out and they sure smell good!  Right now I have a  bad sore throat.  Right now I’m chewing on an apple that I got from busking.  Well got to go drink tea!
Love, Elinor Wilson

Dear Britta,                      Jan. 20th, 2004
How dare you call me weird.  I see!  All my penpals write boring letters except Teresa!  Guess what?  Right now I am practicing flute!  Felicity gave me a flute to practice with, I bet you didn’t get one!
I’m sorry Britta!  I did not mean to write all those dreadful things, I got up on the wrong side of the bed!  And I’m not in a good mood!
I poured all my madness onto you!  You poor little Britta!
Well, I must practice flute!
Love, Elinor.

Dear Britta,                      Dec. 29th, 2003
Thank you so much for the picture, I like my dress!  Guess what?  Suzi gave me this fancy coat and a dress and shoes!  What did you get?  What did Santa get you?  Well bye.
Love, Elinor


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