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Yo Laura!                        1/19/06
In the last week a furry white puffy dog has been to my cave three times!  He is really good!  But whenever he runs to me and jumps into my arms (probably because he is so cold) he is always followed by Meg and Ali!  I wonder why that is?  Whenever this dog does this though, Tatlo gets jealous and attacks the furry white blob!  And whenever Alison gets to my cave she always takes Steps High’s blanket of fur to warm her and Steps High always gets mad at her and tries to trample her.  And in this commotion my cave is getting wrecked.  So that is why I am going to try and fix it up today.  You should ask your mom really nicely if you can go and she will say “but you have not done the mail!”  And then you can do the mail and then ask again, then she say “Ya, I guess so.”  And then you can come down here and I will teach you cecarid ceremonies!  Well TTYL!
Love, Kaya

YO KAYA!                      1/14/06
Sure I can def. send U 2 pieces of stat.  I have loads of it.  My mom remodeled our house recently- we got a fridge and a stove which is cool.  You eat bear fur?  Yuk!  On the back of your letter next to a big bear sticker you wrote “Yum!  Bear!  Good fur!”  Sorry if you can’t really read this, I kno the pen is purdy bright but I can’t find NEthing else 2 use rite now.  I would totally come over and learn all
ur kewl ceremonies but my mom is annoying and says I can’t go cuz I have to work.  Uuuugggghhhh…..
Luv, Laura

Dear Kaya,                       9/9/05
I don’t write to Josefina anymore, so I don’t know if she still spells my name right or not.  Maybe I’ll start writing to her again if she isn’t mad and crazy anymore.  Whoa, if I found a bear eating up my food I’d prolly freak out so bad!  I wanna try bear meat, can I have some?  I don’t know who I’ll root for at the horse jumping competition, probably you AND Kirsten.  How about I send you a piece of stat. with each letter so you’ll be able to write back!  My mom gave me some chores. 
L  They’re not too bad, just stuff like sweep the porch and feed Sugar and stuff but I’d much rather them be, like, scrape bear hides and catch salmon and stuff.  Well, I’d probably better go, so WB!  Are you ready for the winter?  Luv, Laura


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