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Hey Gelii!                        1/19/06
What does homie mean?  Is it some kind of slang?  You know what you should do about Sonja?  You should start a separate bank account for her, and absolutely refuse to pay for her!  That way she can’t get fashionable dresses, jewelry, hairstyles, and mirrors!  Then she will have to earn her money!  And I bet she wouldn’t do that!  You’re just so kind-hearted that you let her get “pretty” hairstyles and such.  Right now I am doing a ceremony two weeks long!  It is called “homefiba,” it is a ceremony where you invite all the animals that you can find into your cave and you warm them and celebrate that they are here, and that Hun-Ya-Wat has brought them to you for protection and wisdom.  You should come and join me this week!  Well, TTYL.
Love, Kaya

Hey Kaya,                       Jan. 12th, ‘06
Wassup homie?  I haven’t been around the Sonja-monster TOO much lately mostly because she basically LIVES at Cristal’s house. Aaah!!

You looked great in your pow-wow dress at the New Year’s party!  That’s an awesum costoom.

So how is your winter storage holding up as far as food?  Got enuf wolves?  What’s the next Indian ceremony?  TTYL!
Luv, Angel

Dear Angelica,                 8/22/05
What’s up?  Today I woke up to find a bear eating my winter supplies so I sat on him, skinned him and ate him for breakfast, yum!
Do you like raccoons?  I don’t!  They sneak into my storerooms and eat up all my supplies!  How is your life?  Has Sonja been nice lately?  Have you been with wolfers lately?  He seems lonely, he made friends with Tatlo!
Well, gotta go!  Cya!
Love, Kaya


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