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Yo Kris,                           October 3rd, 2006
Right now my mom is mad at me cuz I keep knocking over the TV.  Ooops.  Haha, yeah, Britta should like, have her own show or something cuz she’s such a drama queen!  Lol.  That would be so cool to havea  lake to go swimming in everyday!  Omgsh!!  Yeah, Paul has 2 deal with the Wickons every 5 minutes on the switchboard, seriously.  Suzanne and Cristal call each other so often!  My surgery was OK, I was just totally out of it for a few weeks.  What about u?  How is
ur arm healing?  That totally sucks.  I hope Josefina knows what she’s doing!  Lol.  I bet u miss riding horses a lot.  Which reminds me- u still haven’t taught me how 2 ride!!  Howz Kaya??  I haven’t seen her 4 a million years.  Ever since her sister came to live with her she never comes in to town.  L
Cyas, Laura

Hey Laura,                       9.1.06
Yeah, I hope Peder grows up to be as nice as he is right now.  Cuz he sure is quiet.  Actually, it might just be that he’s quiet compared to Britta, because Britta has gotten to be a loudmouth!  She just complains or shows off all day, it’s incredible.  :P
I get the feeling she doesn’t like everyone paying so much attention to Peder.
Yeah, I have to go swimming in the river everyday, that’s how I get washed, haha!  We got so tired of finding the soap and bringing it out every day that we finally just plunked it down in an abandoned bird’s nest, lol!
Hope it wasn’t actually some old bird’s retirement nest!  Lol.
That switchboard sounds like it would be fun to run.  Especially if you have a lot of patience.  I don’t know who makes calls, but I’d say any operator would have to deal with the Wickons a lot.  They are ALWAYS using their phones!!
I heard you got surgery!  Are you doing OK after that?  Do you get to relax?  I noticed that Paul’s been doing the mail for you.
Well, write back!  Love, Kirsten

Yooo Kris!!                     8/8/06
ur little bro sounds soo cute!  Better hope that he deosn’t grow up 2 b like Paul though, haha.  JK, Paul is cool.  He is a lot cooler to hang out with than Heath, that’s 4 sure!  Lol.  Gah!  Mrs. W just came over and complained about my new *smaller* envelopes saying her letters won’t fit in them.  I told her to cry me a river, build me a bridge and get over it.  She TOTALLY didn’t get it, hahaha…she was like, “I don’t cry!”  And “Why are you talking about rivers at a time like this?”  and “You are very random, Laura Windmill!”  It wuz supah funniness.  A switchboard connects the different telephone lines 2 each other.  So Paul’s job is 2 connect pplz calls.  Yesss!  I have seen ur waterfall!  It is SO COOL!  Do you go swimming in ur river a lot? 
Luvz, Laura

Hey Laura,                       7/18/06
Yeah, the baby ended up being a boy, but that’s fine because I don’t have any brothers!  I think it’ll be cool to have a boy in the family.  He can do all the boy stuff on the farm so WE don’t have to do it!!!
Prissy Polly MUST be stopped.  She ruins everybody’s lives!  I’m SO glad we aren’t going to school with her at the mo.
What does a switchboard do?  Have you seen my nifty waterfall?
Love, Kirsten

Yo Kris,                           5/21/06
So I totally got ambushed by Prissy Polly 2day, it was like, awful.  I was getting the mail and she chased me into my house and I tried 2 shut her out but she stuck her nose in my door and tried to burst the door down so I ran out and found Mr. Wickon and told him that Polly wouldn’t leave me alone, even when I told her to go away and he just said, “well did you say pleez?”  and I was like, DUDE,
ur daughter is insane.  But NEwayz, ya, that pretty much sucked. 
Sup wit u?  I’m going 2 make Paul a switchboard 2day.  It’ll be cool.  I’m pumped.  What is the baby’s name?  Is it a girl like u thought it would b?  Well, I G2g clean my room now.  BLAHH…cool stat, huh?
Love yas, Laura

Hey Laura,                       4/20/06
HAHAHA!  I won’t name the baby Prissy or Polly or Suzanne or Heather or Paul, don’t worry.  I’d be worried about it’s poor future, haha.
What have you been doing lately?  I’ve been doing absolutely NOTHING because I broke my arm, but there WAS a pretty mild twister while Ruthie was over, so that was exciting!
It hurt to get in the shelter, but once I was inside everything was good.
Write back!

Yooo!                              2/17/06
Coool!  A new baby!  Here are sum gr8 name ideas:  Chrissy, Danielle, Monica, Sarah, LAURA, Amanda, LAURA, Susan, LAURA, Emily….etc.  Don’t name it Priscilla or Polly, pleeez!!  Don’t name it Heather or Paul either, haha. 
Yeah, I got chores but I never do them cuz I’m always at work.  Hey u never taught me how 2 ride a horse!  U need to do that RIGHT NOW.  Lol J/K.  That ride w/Kaya sounds uber cool.  I want 2 take that trail when I’m good @ riding, yo.  So like, it really sucks that we never c each other NE more.  Oh!  Thnx for the picture u drew 4 me!!!!  I Luv it!
Luvs, Laura

Dear Laura,                      Feb. 7th, 2006
Wow, long time no hear from you!  I got your letter in September.  Oops. 
Well, not much is new besides that my Mama is going to have a BABY!!  In about three months, I think.  So I’m trying to think of a name for her.  Hyacinth?  Lilac?  Tulip?  What names do YOU like?  So how is your home life?  Did I hear you say that you got CHORES?!  Do tell…
Right now Mama says we don’t necessarily have to do our chores because we’re thinking about re-doing the house again, and then we’d need all-new chores to do.  We’ll probably get a lot more land and a new barn as well for all the animals.
I’m about to go ride Blossom with Kaya- she’s been showing me some cool new mountain trails that I didn’t know about.  Some of them go so high that there are huge mounds of snow left, lots of fog, and hardly any trees.  It’s really fun.
Well, write back!
Love, Kirsten

Yo Kris!                           Aug. 16.05
Hey dude wassup?  I’ll totally be the president of your fan club!  Unless Mei Mei beats me to it…lol.  I’m listening to some really weird but kinda cool music right now.  Ever heard of “Bond?”  They’re like a rock group that tries to turn classical music into rock stuff. 
That would be cool to redo my braids!  I don’t know if it would make much difference cuz they haven’t really gotten that frizzy, but it would be awesome to split them in half cuz then I’d have 100 of them!  Hahaha you and Lis are the bad guys?  That’s so cool!  I wanna be in the movie!  Maybe if I get really good at horseriding Mr. Montoya would let me be in it!!  Can I ride your horse and you can coach me?  That would rock!  I can’t believe that summer is almost over!  That is definitely NOT cool!  That means that school might start up!  Wow…now Bond is playing a rocked up version of the Barber Adagio!  Weird!  Lol. 
Well, write back, k?
Luv, Laura

Howdy Kirsten!               Sept. 21st, 2005
Yeah that’s kool that
ur cleaning out ur junk from ur house, I did that kinda recently 2.  Lol, mayB I’ll burn u sum supah kool CDs 4 x-mas.  How’s everythin’ going?  Do u have the Spirit soundtrack?  That’s what I’m listenin’ 2 rite now… “…never gonna give it never gonna give it up no…”
Lol.  Ummm, so y exactly does a lil’ orange dragon need 2 have an operation exactly?
Luvs, Laura
P.S. Um Kris?  That cute little black bear might just b the 1 Kaya squished the other day…

Dear Laura,                      5-9-98
Wasn’t it fun doing the Mother’s day movie?  I thought so.  Do you want to be penpals again?  Let’s eat breakfast together again, ok?
How about you meet me outside at
7:30 AM tomorrow morning at the big stump in the garden.  I won’t tell you what we’re going to talk about though, so see ya there!
Write back soon, Kirsten


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