The Kitty Kapers; Case of the Stolen Dress
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The Kitty Kapers; Case of the Stolen Dress  (60 minutes)

     In this exciting video, Nancy Merriman and her friends Elizabeth, Anna and Clara set out to solve the mystery surrounding the theft of a fancy pink dress from the Pleasantville Clothes Boutique.  Along their way they encounter many suspects and another theft.  But in the end, what really matters is the importance of caring for other people's feelings.  Some memorable moments in this movie:

  • Nancy playing her piano concerto while spying on a suspect
  • A bus ride to a bad part of town
  • Nancy chasing a suspect from underneath a dress on a mannequin
  • The Parkingtons going shopping
  • A chase sequence in the wilderness
  • A shocking revelation

   This movie is now available for preorder through paypal using the buttons below, or just send us an email with your order.

Unlike our other videos, this movie is only available on DVD.  The others are on VHS.  Thank you!

Ages 2 and up.*                                                  




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