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What is a "Traveling Doll?"

American Girl travel dolls are a spin-off from the Society of American Girl Doll Collectors. Members from the message board "host" a doll in their home and community, normally for two weeks, and then send the doll to the next host.

This page is for the pictures and profiles of the dolls that we have hosted in Pleasantville.  For more information on traveling dolls, go to the American Girl Fan's Message Board: http://agfansboard.proboards56.com/index.cgi

Traveling Emma

Traveling Emma:
Traveling Emma came to us from California, and has enjoyed a lovely and exciting visit in our town.

She visited Pleasantville in January, 2007, and enjoyed spending time with everyone in the town.  Highlights from her stay included skating at the Larson farm, helping out with the Merriman's General Store and getting caught in a flash flood at the Montoya's Rancho after sewing circle!

Emma visits the Larsons
Click Here!
Click Here!

Emma visits the Merrimans
Click Here!
Click Here!

Emma visits the Montoyas
Click Here!
Click Here!

Emma visits the Parkingtons
Click Here!
Click Here!

Traveling Ruthie
Traveling Ruthie

Traveling Ruthie:

Traveling Ruthie is a pre-Mattel AGT 7 who comes from Virginia and has been traveling around the United States for the last few months, as well as leaving the USA to visit London for a month!
She visited Pleasantville in April, 2006 and enjoyed spending time with everyone in the town.  Highlights from her stay here include a visit to the
Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, B.C., helping the Montoyas cook, dancing with the Merrimans, having tea with the Parkingtons and accidentally getting caught in a twister at the Larsons!  Her pictures are below:

Ruthie visits the Merrimans
The Merrimans
Click Here!

Ruthie visits the Montoyas
The Montoyas
Click Here!

Ruthie visits the Larsons
The Larsons
Click Here!

Ruthie visits the Parkingtons
The Parkingtons
Click Here!

Traveling Cambria

Traveling Cambria: Cambria is an American Girl of Today doll number 23, with blue eyes, brown hair (no bangs) and freckles.  She comes from Ohio and has traveled all over the country.  Her name is pronounced CAM-bree-uh and is the word for what Wales used to be called back during Roman times.
Cambria likes school, traveling, games and animals!  Her favorite color is blue and she loves movies and books and is 11 years old.

Traveling Cambria has completed her visit to Pleasantville and is now on her way to visit a host in Canada!  We thoroughly enjoyed her time with us.  Check out the links below for pictures of her adventures.

The Merrimans
Cambria at the Merriman's

The Montoyas
Cambria visits the Montoya's

The Windmills
Cambria visits the Windmill's!

The Wilsons and Chens
Cambria visits the Wilsons and the Chens!

The Larsons
Cambria visits the Larsons!

The Parkingtons
Cambria visits the Parkingtons!

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