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The movies that we have made with OUR DOLLS depicting their many adventures and stories in stop-frame animation have been watched by many people from all over the country. 
Here's what they have to say!

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“Wow!!  I don’t know when I have enjoyed myself so much as I have watching your amazing video.  And I can’t think of anyone who enjoy their dolls as much as you three girls must.


Now the swim team and their synchronized ballet was just too much, but on Television, no less!  And your wonderful perception of people – sometimes we forgot we were watching dolls.  I say “we” because my daughter Shelley and I watched it together first.  Then we were laughing so hard my youngest daughter Julia came in and joined us and then her dad!

Today my housekeeper joined me as I watched the last half hour – she is a doll artist, and like me, she couldn’t believe how professional your video is.  We loved “Anna” and especially her antics when no one would play Tarzan with her.


It didn’t occur to me until I was nearly through viewing the video how perfectly you synchronized your voices to each scene.  Now that had to be really tricky but even the singing of the dolly’s lullaby was never out of step – even though she had a terrible time getting to sleep that night!


Congratulations, young ladies, you have a bright future ahead.”


Rosalie Whyel

director of the Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art in Bellevue, WA

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"The wonderful videotape you made is a treasure!  You have truly helped make it a more beautiful day in this neighborhood - in many ways.


We haven't done much animation for our television program, and I can only begin to imagine how much work you did for your video.  It takes a lot of planning, time, and work to make an animated video with dolls and props.  You all have such rich imaginations.  And you included so many interesting details – you had the dolls take off their jackets and sweaters and hang them up, write at their school desks, eat lunch, play soccer, swim, and do chores at home, like making their beds and ironing and folding clothes. 

We’re proud to be your neighbors!  Each of you is special – just because you’re you."


Mr. Rogers



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“Thank you for sharing your movie, “A Day in Pleasantville” with American Girl.

What can I say except – sensational, bravo and kudos to all of you for producing such a delightful movie!


All of us at American Girl are truly impressed with your work.  I personally viewed your movie with my grandchildren, we enjoyed every minute.  Now my four – year – old granddaughter’s most popular request is to see “the funny doll movie!”  I know Solana’s sweet little voice brought a smile to my face each time I heard her speak!

From props to production you clearly devoted much attention to detail.  You are well adept in the field of expression, presentation, and inventiveness, and hopefully you will continue to foster your creative skills.

We believe you undoubtedly deserve awards for best picture and entertainers of the year – so smile and take a bow!"


Diane Miller

 American Girl


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“Thank you so much for sending me your movie, Anna and the Barn Dance!  It’s absolutely incredible!!  I am thrilled and honored that my music could have inspired three of the most clever, creative girls I’ve ever encountered. 


Throughout your movie, I was amazed at the astute observations of human behavior (especially parent/child relationships and sibling rivalry!).  The gymnastics routines during “Log Jam” were great, and the “mosh – pit routine” during “Orange Blossom Special” was fantastic!  Best of all, the choreography to Tchaikovsky’s music was spectacular!  Bravo!  HOORAH!


Your movie was fantastic – I love it!  Thank you for sending it, for using some of my music, and for playing the violin!  Keep on making music and movies!!"


Kim Angelis

musician for three of the Barn Dances


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“Thank you very much for sending the Official “Our Dolls” Newsletter.  It is very delightful reading and I cannot adequately convey to you how much Mike, Karen [Husband and Daughter], and I have enjoyed reading it.  In your superbly written newsletter you express your creative vision for your films and because you know what you are aiming for and how to reach for it, you achieving your goals.


In your videos you have achieved your goal of the audience viewing the dolls as the actors.  They each live on their own, independent of the three girls who love them so much.  Mike and I enjoy your movies so much we don’t need Karen around as our excuse to be watching them, like my father always needed a child around for an excuse to fly a kite.  We have agreed your movies are much more elevating and entertaining than shows on TV and your movies are much more important to me than any Hollywood film I have ever watched.  You girls and your dolls and their movies are part of the “found treasures” of my life.


I love how you included conflict and resolution with opportunity for personal growth between the dolls in Anna and the Barn Dance.  We can all relate to those struggles.


I hope, in addition to being privileged to view your future movies, I will have many more opportunities to read your insightful and expertly written articles.  It’s so exciting to think about what you will do in the future!”


 Robin Amundson


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“Thank you for sending us your latest doll movie!  I LOVED the dancing!  Jamie [younger brother] watched it with us and now he won’t watch anything but your doll movies!  I also liked the part where they are sledding, and when the cat plays the piano.”


 Caitlin Kelley


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“By the way, we watched your movie, and wow!  My husband and I…we’ve never seen anything like it!  My husband wants to watch it AGAIN!  It’s amazing!  The kids liked it too!  Thanks for sharing that with us.”


   Pamela Pizzichemi


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“First let me say we thoroughly enjoyed the girl’s video!  It is wonderful!  Clarato [her son] got completely caught up in it.  And we loved the cat and the Mexican bedroom/kitchen and scenery.

I can’t believe the attention to detail in the filming and in the props. 


 Wonderful!  Thank you so much for sharing it.”


Beth Anne Mansur

our homeschool correspondence teacher for many years


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We Love Our Dolls!

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